Altered Essence

Altered Essence

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Altered Essence (Compare and DJ Q Sak) provide an eclectic array of music entertainment consisting of original instrumentals and lyrics. Compare and DJ Q sak does not conform to one genre, but if needed to be categorized, they would mostly fit in the Hip Hop, Reggae, and Down tempo/jazz genres.


Altered: adjective
changed in order to improve or made more fit for a particular purpose

Essence: noun
something that exists, esp. a spiritual or immaterial entity

Through their musical expression, Altered Essence attempts to provide the listener with creativity and evoke thinking that goes beyond the normal stereotypes and opinions portrayed in everyday life.

Altered Essence have been playing and performing together for over 3 years. Although, Compare and DJ Q Sak each have been creating music and have been performing for over 7 years.

Compare has been composing original songs and lyrics since 1996 and has been performing around Pennsylvania since 1999 with various other artists.

DJ Q Sak has been producing tracks and djing since 1999 and has been performing at shows along the east coast of the USA since 2002.

They have performed along side national acts such as the Pharcyde, Louis Logic, the Procussions, Time Machine, Insight and Edan, Illy Emcee, The Journalist and others.


Compare Discography:
Rare Specie EP (2007)
S.Carter- Soul Sessions (2007)
Civil Mics Movement- We Shall Overcome Mixtape (2006)
DJ Q Sak- Have You Heard Mixtape (2006)
Change Single featuring SL, Compare and Bress frame (2006)
DJ Smitty Mixtapes (2005)
L.I.F.E. (2002)

DJ Q Sak Discography:
Compare- Rare Specie EP (2007)
Civil Mics Movement- We Shall Overcome mixtape (2006)
DJ Q Sak- Have You Heard Mixtape (2006)
Change Single featuring SL, Compare and Bress frame (2006)
Sunlight Single featuring Artists Over Industry(2005)
DJ Q sak- Limitless Artists Volume 2 mixtape (2005)
DJ Q Sak- Limitless Artists Volume 1 mixtape (2004)

DJ Q Sak has also been featured with:
Sun7- Even at the Darkest Hour (2007)
Nelace- Ingredients (2007)
Ridiculous Reeplay (2007)
S.Carter- Soul Sessions (2007)
Repeat Offenders- Extended Family Mixtape (2006)
Phynite- A Coping Mechanism (2006)
Artists Over Industry- Leaps and Bounds (2006)
Artists Over Industry- Research and Development (2004)

Compare and Q Sak tracks that have recieved airplay include:
Change (SL, Compare, Bressframe, DJ Q Sak)
Break it Down (Bressframe, Phynite, Poetris, Compare, Q Sak, Maurice)
Through (SL, CLS, Compare, Q Sak)
Sunlight (AOI, Q Sak)

Set List

a typical set for an Altered Essence performance depends on marquee billing. An opening set can range from 20-30 minutes. A headlining set ranges from 30-45 minutes. There is enough collective material to perform an hour set if needed.

During the Altered Essence set, you can expect the following hits:
Gather Round
Humble Man II
Speak Truth
Steady Rumblin

a typical set for djing is three to four hours and flexible. This set includes cds and records from Jazz, soul, reggae, hip hop, drum and bass and down tempo tracks.