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The best kept secret in music


"We Shall Overcome Mixtape review"

The English word civil is derived from the Latin word civilis, which basically means citizen. Therefore, a civil mics movement would have to be a movement that represents the mics of citizens. To me, this means music that represents the common man. Sounds simple enough, doesn't it? Well, ironically enough, it isn't.

Most of us know nowadays that the most visible and marketed hip-hop is anything but civil. It doesn't represent the common man, but some materialistic and misogynistic minority that many to this day mistakenly confuse for the hip-hop generation. Luckily, Civil Mics Movement's "We Shall Overcome" gives the listener an example of socially conscious hip-hop that represents real people.

With laid back soulful production and more than thirty contributing emcees and deejays from all kinds of local and foreign locations, "We Shall Overcome" contains a wide array of styles and influences that all manage to combine in the formation of a comprehensive hip-hop album. With song topics ranging from love and struggle to politics and society, the Civil Mics Movement has created an album that represents the thoughts, feelings and philosophies of everyday hip-hoppers from all over the world.

Of the myriad emcees and deejays featured on this album, most are individual artists working on their own projects and headed in their own directions. For them to come together to work on a project and come out with such a cohesive sound says a lot about their abilities to mesh their skills with those of others. I look forward to seeing where they go individually as well as collectively in the future.
- Hip Hop Lynguistics website

"We Shall Overcome Mixtape review"

Mixed by DJ Q Sak, “We Shall Overcome” is socially conscious hip-hop that has good lyrics and laid-back rhythms. But that’s not what sells in the hip-hop world of course. You have to bring the bling and shout about shooting, drugs, and ‘bitches’. Fortunately this mixtape has nothing to do with that depravity and misogyny. Decent beats, prophetic MC’ing, and thrilling samples make this a damn fine mixtape to own and share with others.

- J-Sin

- J-Sin of

"Soul Sessions Vol 1"

I went to a poetry slam not long ago where not only were there talented poets present, but there were also emcees and instrumentalists who were showcased as well. What I found impressive about the event was how well planned it was and how the event came together and flowed flawlessly from beginning to end. This same feeling is present when I listen to the instrumental presentation of SouthHill Productions on Soul Sessions Vol. 1.

Soul Sessions Vol. 1 is 18 tracks of professionally composed and produced hip-hop music that fuses much Jazz and Alternative flavor within it. The rhythmic nature of this compilation is consistent; heavy bass lines, crisp drums and melodic overtones, the production alone kept my attention from the first track to the last. The production on this album is the type where I can listen to every track with or without lyrics; in my opinion that is classic work, SouthHill Productions truly go above and beyond their craft.

Despite that fact this project seems to be more of a producer presentation, various emcees and vocalist were featured as well. On a select number of tracks there were emcees who really didn’t compliment the production and simply sound amateur with their rhyme structures and deliveries. For the most part, I believe the project would be stronger without any emcees or vocalists or with more seasoned artists featured. Two exceptions are the slower ballad In An Instant that instantly reminded me of a Remy Shand or Eric Benét selection and Soul Lessons for a great mesh between emcee, production and concept.

Other tracks worth mentioning are the Q-Sak Interlude for the head-nod orchestrated loop and Hopeless Apologies for the message. I recommend this product to those who love hip-hop that is influenced by the live jazz feel. This album will definitely meet your expectations providing versatility, originality and most importantly, soul.

- ScholarMan - hip hop linguistics

"Soul Sessions Vol 1"

Soul Sessions Vol.1 is a showcase for Pennsylvania-based Sean Carter, the man behind the “South Hill Productions” moniker. Though not of the same quality or complexity of a more experienced (and therefore more developed) producer, his tracks are varied enough to be interesting and simultaneously distinct enough to be identifiable as the work of one artist. There is an overall pleasantness to their jazz aesthetic that would shine if not for the rather awkward stable of MCs given the opportunity to rhyme over them.

The real weakness of the CD, then, is that so few tracks are purely instrumental. Too often MCs like Thrill (from featured group Repeat Offenders) undermine a decent production like “Walking With Pain” with clumsy lyrics and delivery: “I’m going in circles, with her touch like a slipmat/to get her control, she laid flat on her back.” His desire to pack an emotional punch exceeds his abilities, particularly unfortunate since his partner SL is one of the more able-sounding vocalists to appear. It isn’t until the last third of the album, on “Soul Lessons,” that we hear Compare demonstrate why good delivery trumps lyrical content every time.

You are left wondering what a higher-caliber MC could do with these beats, admittedly a mixed compliment. Sean Carter has surely not yet reached his full potential as a producer, but what potential he currently possesses could surely be better represented. One hopes that the congas and reverberated keyboards of “South Hill Connection” might find their way to us in instrumental form, at least.

- Justin Deremo
- Okayplayer


Compare Discography:
Rare Specie EP (2007)
S.Carter- Soul Sessions (2007)
Civil Mics Movement- We Shall Overcome Mixtape (2006)
DJ Q Sak- Have You Heard Mixtape (2006)
Change Single featuring SL, Compare and Bress frame (2006)
DJ Smitty Mixtapes (2005)
L.I.F.E. (2002)

DJ Q Sak Discography:
Compare- Rare Specie EP (2007)
Civil Mics Movement- We Shall Overcome mixtape (2006)
DJ Q Sak- Have You Heard Mixtape (2006)
Change Single featuring SL, Compare and Bress frame (2006)
Sunlight Single featuring Artists Over Industry(2005)
DJ Q sak- Limitless Artists Volume 2 mixtape (2005)
DJ Q Sak- Limitless Artists Volume 1 mixtape (2004)

DJ Q Sak has also been featured with:
Sun7- Even at the Darkest Hour (2007)
Nelace- Ingredients (2007)
Ridiculous Reeplay (2007)
S.Carter- Soul Sessions (2007)
Repeat Offenders- Extended Family Mixtape (2006)
Phynite- A Coping Mechanism (2006)
Artists Over Industry- Leaps and Bounds (2006)
Artists Over Industry- Research and Development (2004)

Compare and Q Sak tracks that have recieved airplay include:
Change (SL, Compare, Bressframe, DJ Q Sak)
Break it Down (Bressframe, Phynite, Poetris, Compare, Q Sak, Maurice)
Through (SL, CLS, Compare, Q Sak)
Sunlight (AOI, Q Sak)


Feeling a bit camera shy


Altered: adjective
changed in order to improve or made more fit for a particular purpose

Essence: noun
something that exists, esp. a spiritual or immaterial entity

Through their musical expression, Altered Essence attempts to provide the listener with creativity and evoke thinking that goes beyond the normal stereotypes and opinions portrayed in everyday life.

Altered Essence have been playing and performing together for over 3 years. Although, Compare and DJ Q Sak each have been creating music and have been performing for over 7 years.

Compare has been composing original songs and lyrics since 1996 and has been performing around Pennsylvania since 1999 with various other artists.

DJ Q Sak has been producing tracks and djing since 1999 and has been performing at shows along the east coast of the USA since 2002.

They have performed along side national acts such as the Pharcyde, Louis Logic, the Procussions, Time Machine, Insight and Edan, Illy Emcee, The Journalist and others.