Altered Perception

Altered Perception


Lead by powerful hook driven songwriting and lead vocals, ALTERED PERCEPTION has a punk meets alternative feel that is truly a sound that you will not forget.


ALTERED PERCEPTION came together in the fall of 2007. Initially myself, (Matt) and Adrienne had briefly gotten together to collaborate on a few ideas, which eventually turned into a much more complex project. The chemistry was there instantly and we knew we had to do more with it. Right there and then began the process of putting together a band that would play well and "gel" together. I knew the perfect guitarist to compliment the music and brought in Scott to fill that role. Adrienne then introduced Freddy who could play an awesome bass. Finally, came the all important task of finding the perfect drummer. Before long, Matt began talking with Matt S. and he came down to play. After that we knew we had found our guy behind the set. The song writing was there from day 1 and everything just flowed so smoothly. The song writing is what sets us apart and really accentuates the awesome voice that Adrienne has. We come up with great hooks that get stuck in your head and you'll be hearing all day. We have a mainstream sound and whenever we play shows, people always tell us that they can hear us on the radio. Our influences stem mainly from 90s alternative/punk such as The Smashing Pumpkins and The Offspring. Everyone in the band also has a great look that fits our style of music. We are all looking to make music our life and with the right opportunity, such as this one, we know we have what it takes to do what we love and make our music be heard.


2 singles released currently on our demo:

"Make up your mind"

Set List

Our typical set list is based around all original songs written by the band. We always prepare for at least a 30 minute set with at least 7 songs ready to go which are all originals. We have the mindset that its always better to be over prepared than under prepared. We hardly ever play any cover songs and if we do it is usually "my friends over you" by A New Found Glory. A typical list will include these songs: 1. No Regrets
2. Scindo Persona
3. On My Own
4. Never Good Enough
5. Make up your mind
6. Tightrope
7. Longshot