Altered is Cleveland's newest upcoming rock band that quickly developed a large following and created noticeable buzz in the local scene. Their catchy melodies, profound lyrics and powerful music attract a very broad and enthusiastic audience.


"Do you fall like you should? Or do you pick yourself up, wiping off all the dust on your knees?"

Altered has been winning over fans from a wide variety of musical genres with poetic lyrics, powerful guitars, and strong personal convictions.

Based out of Cleveland, OH, Altered is a hard rock group comprised of band members Mike Sebestyen, Brad Henry, Dan Laszlo, and Josh Shaffer.

"There are scars on my face, from the wind that blows where nobody goes."

Lyrically, Altered delivers a message of hope through despair, victory over defeat, lessons learned, and a strong sense of individuality. Musically, Altered speaks softly through its verses and reinforces its message through pounding and catchy choruses. Every song has a unique twist and through live performances, they all connect to contribute to an overall story.

Altered has come very far very fast and hopes to continue to succeed in its quest to bring some light into a darkened industry. Each of the four band members feels that this is his calling and is determined to master whatever obstacles may lie ahead.

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Dreaming Awake

Written By: Altered

The wind outside is strong/ I’ve seen this all along, but still I keep moving on/ I’ve got my sights on you, so tell me what to do now/ I’m caught in the rain and it falls like ice/ There are scars on my face from the wind that blows where nobody goes

I’m not awake, and I’m not dreaming/ I’m not afraid, and I keep on screaming/ I want to walk where the sun is shining/ It’s all inside me, but I can’t see the light

I show the best of me, but you see the rest of me and the person I really am/ I try to run so far, but don’t know where you are/ This may be the last time that I can breathe while saying the words that I want to say/ While wasting away in the light that I’ve been so scared of trying to hide behind inside of my mind

You always see the best of me/ I call out, and you shine down on me/ Don’t ever let me go again

Now I’m awake, and I’m not dreaming/ I was afraid, but I stopped the screaming/ Now I can walk where the sun is shining/ It’s all inside me, and now I see the light


Written By: Altered

Go inside and dig out all the pain/ Bring it out/ Break it down into pieces/ Clear away the stone that hides your heart/ Come away, far away from the dark

Cause I, for the life of me, cannot remember you/ I'm breaking through all the thoughts I knew/ And it falls away when I forget my yesterday/ And, to think of it, I don't remember anything

Fall back down and make your peace with it/ Let it go, let it show you your weakness/ Find a way to step into the light/ Blinding you, shaping you, breaking you/ And I know in time you’ll hear what I want to say

And I know that you will see all the hate I keep inside of me/ And I know the light will shine so my eyes will remember

Go inside and dig out all the pain/ And remember


Written By: Altered

Something has come over me tonight/ I’ve been afraid and scared to try/ Nothing about my life feels right/ Am I a fool for asking why?

I can’t think, I can’t feel, I can’t even move/ I can’t hear your voice/ I can’t sleep, I can’t eat, and all I want to do is find a way out

You were always there but I could never see you/ All of the arrows that pierced me have left me scarred/ My own enemy was what I couldn’t defeat/ Now I am standing on my own reflection

Everything’s twisted in this life/ Every one feels a pain inside/ Will there be something in the end that I can believe in?

I can’t think, I can’t feel, I can’t even move/ I can’t hear your voice/ I can’t sleep, I can’t eat, and all I want to do is find a way out

Maybe my heart will lead the way/ Maybe I’ll learn the answers/ Maybe I’ll wake up in your way/ And you will break me, break me down

Your Lies

Written By: Altered

She can't remember why she loved you/ It wasn’t for your selfish pride/ How can she explain the endless bruises she can't hide/ What you did, what you are, what you're not/ Everything you took/ Every single look of hate is telling her that you don't care about what you devastate//
And I write these words so she can feel something but pain, something but pain/ Cause she needs some hope in your heartless world where she has to live out your lies//

She doesn’t know where she can run to/ She doesn’t have a place to hide/ She used to have someone in whom she always could confide/ Now it’s gone/ She’s alone on her own, cold to the bone from the endless attacks/ She cannot fight back as she gasps again for the air that you stole away//

Does it hurt/ Do you cry every time you drink and you think to forget your mind/ Cut off your hands so her bruises won’t show up again


Written By: Altered

I’ve seen this place before/ One time in a dream, I could feel so perfect and real/ I put on my happy face and say my grace so my week can waste, waste and peel
But have you ever woken up Sunday/ And wished it was Monday cause you don’t care at all/ And have you ever waited for Sunday/ One day in the week where redemption breaks your fall/ And now you fall….
This is the way that it goes/ These are your friends among foes/ Six days where faith isn’t real, and then the church doors open/ I’m not a perfect man, but at least I don’t get caught up in these games/ These people are all the same
Pass the plate around one more time/ Put in your tithe and return to your ugliness/ Sing you happiest song for Jesus/ You’re singing a different one for every day of the week


Breaking the Silence - EP released May, 2005
Dreaming Awake- Full Length enhanced CD with music video- Released January, 2007

Altered's music has been featured on the largest radio stations in the Cleveland area, 92.3 K-Rock and 100.7 WMMS. They have also recieved airplay on various satellite radio stations. Currently they are working with a promoter who is distributing their new single "Dreaming Awake" to Rock and Christian radio stations nation wide. Songs such as "Sunday," "Blind Man's Eyes," "Breaking the Silence," and currently "Dreaming Awake" have already hit the airwaves.

Set List

The Road Home
Blind Mans Eyes
Forgotten Heroes
Falling into Place
Breaking the Silence
Dreaming Awake
Your Lies
Tearing it Down
Altered’s primary set is 45 minutes long in which they perform all originals. It can be modified to accommodate shorter or longer set times according to the venue.