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Saskatoon, Canada

Saskatoon, Canada
Band Rock Alternative


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"Altered State - Get Real"

Record Review: Altered State - Get Real - (Indie 2007)
May 18th, 2007

“You come across like a whipped cream top
buy you ain’t nothin’ more than an edible oil product”

So kicks off the first song Get Real off of the brand new CD by Altered State of the same name and it is just a tiny example of some of the wonderfully surreal lyrics from this fine disc. From the fantastic War (”make big balloons out of empty body bags, all of us would wear a happy face toe tag”) to I Need a Vacation which will get you nodding your head in sympatico to lines like “parking spots hard to find, you son of a bitch that one’s mine.”

The band certainly has their chops down pat and are a great counter-point to the vocals of Lorna Dowell who has this fascinating effect on me which is hard to describe. And I mean that literally as every word I come up with to describe her vocals just doesn’t do her justice, she is that original. With a cover of Alice Cooper’s Only Women Bleed thrown in for good measure, Get Real is a great record because it does something that I have always enjoyed by everyone from Frank Zappa to The Tragically Hip. They will chug along locked into a great hooky riff and then throw in a cool left hook with either a melodic change of pace or a strange riff that keeps things interesting. This is not paint by numbers rock and roll and it benefits from repeated listenings for full effect. Another fine export from Saskatoon! And no, that’s no joke.

Have a listen to the song links above. I am sure you will be convinced. If not, get real!



- The Rock and Roll Report

"Altered State - Get Real"

I must say this CD was a delightful treat. Lorna Dowell definitely brings back memories of female rock vocalists with attitude like Pat Benatar or Chrissie Hyndes or Joan Jett. This is a rocking release that hints at influences of punk and metal. The songs are catchy and the lyrics are pretty straight forward. "I Need A Vacation" is one of those fist pumping foot tapping energetic songs that you don't hear so often anymore. This band definitely bears checking out. - RockNet Webzine

"Altered State - Get Real (2008)"

"Get Real" (Self-produced; 2007)

Reviewed by R. Scott Bolton

There's something instantly attractive about Altered State's "Get Real." You'll like this solid rock'n'roll record from the very first track to the last.

Much of the credit has to go to vocalist Lorna Dowell, whose sultry vocals sound like the perfect cross between the jaunty attitude of Joan Jett and the slick, sly style of Chrissie Hynde and Alanis Morrisette. Dowell's singing style is irresistible and she'll grab you from the very first note.

But Lorna's not in this game alone. Equal credit must go to the guitars of Biman Bharadwaj, which run the gamut here from Pink Floyd hypnotic to straight forward KISS-style rock'n'roll, as well as the backbone of bassist Jim Doyle and drummer Dean Walsh who keep the songs running smoothly despite varying tempos throughout. The band gets collective credit for the above average songwriting which is perhaps why it's so balanced throughout. These songs will hook you and surprise you at the same time, a rare feat, but one to savor when you find it.

In addition to a number of great originals (my favorites include "Get Real," "Need a Vacation" and "Skeletons in the Closet"), "Get Real" also includes a cover version of Alice Cooper's classic "Only Women Bleed," given greater poignancy here with Lorna's emotional delivery and the band's warmer performance. - Rough Edge.Com - CD Reviews (2008)

"CD Review: Altered State - Get Real"

It’s a bit tempting to peg Saskatchewan punk rockers, Altered State, as another version of Joan Jett or The Pretenders. With their bouncing melodies revved by choppy pop-punk guitar rhythm and their straight-ahead drumbeats and sassy vocal lines, the bells of familiarity begin to ring left and right. But for some reason, their unapologetic, anthemic sound soon begins to appear much more complicated than yet another clone of good times gone by.

Their upcoming 2007 release, Get Real, is a throwback to ‘80s metal with a bit of punk influence and catchy hooks to boot. It packs a power punch in terms of its ability to say ‘f*ck the establishment, it’s all about me, and I get to make all the choices now,’ thanks to its raw, unabashed lyrics.

In some respects, lead singer Lorna Dowell’s powerful vocals, pays a nod to all the female bands who’ve outwardly stood up to everything on both sides of the equator. Their straightforward compositional approach is linked to the tied-and-true rock and roll themes and structures that have seen a revival in the past few years.

The majority of their songs achieve a purity that is surprisingly original, especially considering that their influences shine through brightly. This balancing act between an obviously familiar sound and a spice all their own, is what gives this release its own distinctive and refreshing flavour. However, the compositions are not without flaws, clichés and stale political themes – which become more evident after the first play.

Dowell’s second-wave feminist cries in Only Women Can Bleed, include lines like: Man got his woman to take his seed / He got the power ohhhh she got the need / She spends her life pleasin’ up her man / She feeds him dinner and anything she can. Whether or not she’s living in the same egalitarian Canada as she’s from, seems to be up to much nauseating debate through her one-sided seethe.

Standout tracks like the AC/DC inspired rock anthem Get Real, and the fist-pumping, I Need A Vacation, are driven by a rhythm section as relentless and efficient as an infantry regiment. Their allegiance to the simplistic party rock bands of the late ‘70s and early ‘80s, with the snarl of tough girl groups is what makes this album seem so earnestly passionate.

Get Real is a collection of driving, intense songs, mixed with a hint of professionalism to make for a well-packaged equation. Altered State’s tight and focused songwriting prompt an avalanche of great rock era memories, but it might just be one of the best reminders for those who want to hold on to some of the most fascinating pop-rock music days gone by.
- The Muses Muse - Alex Jasperse

"Altered State - "Get Real" Review"

If you’re ready to party, Altered State will provide the soundtrack.

In their own words their new album “Get Real,” is made to be heard at Thanksgiving, BBQ’s, staff functions, housewarming parties, New Year’s Eve celebrations, birthdays, during long drives, short drives, long weekends, sex, when school’s out, spring break, graduation, family gatherings and any and all parties. In short, it is music for life and music for living.

From the first note this one makes you feel alive. In a world full of cynicism Altered State provides a breath of fresh air. Front woman Lorna Dowell makes her presence felt. You can tell she probably grew up singing into a mirror to the likes of Chrissie Hynde, Debbie Harry and Joan Jett.

The music bristles with a pop punk energy that, while it may be devoured by younger party goers, it may not go over too well with your relatives at family gatherings. However, if your relatives grew up during the heyday of Alice Cooper, they are in for a treat. Altered State, apparently influenced by the Father of Shock Rock, decided to cover “Only Women Bleed.” For me it is one of the best cover songs in recent memory. With a female lead vocal there is a hint of vulnerability that was missing in the original.

Other highlights on “Get Real” include the title track; the urgent anxiety of “I Need A Vacation”; a novel way to end the Iraqi conflict in “War”; and the catchy punk hooks throughout “It Wasn’t Me.”
Altered State are a perfect fit for college radio. Let’s hope they find their way into the mainstream. This is the kind of upbeat music everyone needs to hear!
- Music - Chris Senn

"The Album "Get Real""

Altered State - Get Real is noted on:

Chuck Eddy's (Senior Editor of BillBoard Magazine) list of albums he likes so far in 2007".

"Album of the Week - Top of The Line" John Shelton Ivany.

John Shelton Ivany is the former editor of Hit Parader, Country Song Roundup, Revolution and Rock & Soul (all national magazines). Formerly editor of On Radio, Electric Village and websites. Mr. Ivany was the President of Titanium Records, a subsidiary of Atlantic Record Company.
- John Shelton Invany/Chuck Eddy

"Canadian indie rock ? You betcha, eh."

Canadian indie rock? You betcha, eh. Well the group employs a more hard-edged rock ‘n’ roll sound and attitude that ZZ Top, AC/DC, and Alice Cooper have. Pumped-up rhythms and powerful female vocals never step aside throughout all of “Get Real”.

- J-Sin
Smother Magazine

- Smother Magazine

"Altered State 'Get Real' #116 on Chuck Eddy - Senior Editor BillBoard - Top 150 Albums of 2007"

Altered State #116 on Chuck Eddy's Top 150 Album list of 2007

2007 PICKS – Chuck Eddy
(Senior Editor BillBoard Magazine)

1. Little Big Town - A Place To Land - 15
2. v/a - Motel Lovers: Southern Soul From the Chitlin' Circuit - 14
3. Trigger Renegade - Destroy Your Mind - 13
4. Flynnville Train - Flynnville Train - 12
5. Aly & AJ - Insomniatic - 11
6. Taylor Swift - Taylor Swift - 9
7. Miranda Lambert - Crazy Ex-Girlfriend - 8
8. Gore Gore Girls - Get The Gore - 7
9. The Sirens - More Is More - 6
10. Kid Rock - Rock n Roll Jesus - 5

1. Lil Mama - Lip Gloss
2. Avril Lavigne featuring Lil Mama - Girlfriend (Remix)
3. Tim McGraw - Suspicions
4. Mira Craig - Leo
5. Aly & AJ - Potential Breakup Song
6. Dragonette - I Get Around
7. Megan McCauley - Tap That
8. Lloyd featuring Lil Wayne - You
9. Toby Keith - High Maintenance Woman
10. Shop Boyz - Party Like A Rock Star

1. Charlie Rich - The Essential Charlie Rich
2. v/a - Goodbye Nashville Hello Camden Town: A Pub Rock Anthology
3. v/a - Dirty Laundry: The Soul of Black Country
4. v/a - Art of Field Recording: Volume 1
5. Culture - Two Sevens Clash: The 30th Anniversary Edition

Top 10 EPs!
1. Jimmie Lee - Layin' Down The Law (Leeco EP)
2. The Fellow Americans - Search For Numb (Big Boom EP)
3 Taylor Swift - Sounds Of The Season (NBC/Big Machine EP)
4. Les Hatepinks - Tete Malade/Sick In The Head (TKO EP)
5. Count Bishops - Rollin' With The Count Bishops (Ace/Chiswick reissue EP '06)
6. Adrian And The Sickness - Adrian For President ( EP '06)
7. The Hot Rollers - Unicornucopia (Flotation EP)
8. The Michael Ray Cain Reckoning - Aztec GTO And Other Boss Sounds (Del Ray EP)
9. DJ Blaqstarr - Supastarr EP (Mad Decent EP)
10. The Boils - The Orange And The Black: Hockey Anthems (TKO EP)

Album List Down To #150!

Ground Rule # 1: I didn't include any albums that I didn't actually get around to sufficiently hearing, including those I've got copies of but I didn't listen to enough to figure out how much I like them yet (Federation, Kim Richey, Dethklok) and those I never even got ahold of copies of partially because nobody sent me any and also partially because maybe they were Really Big Important News Stories and since I had an editing job in the high-powered world of music business journalism tracking down copies seemed like even more work than I already had even though in several cases the tracks I heard off them sounded really good and sorry if that sounds somewhat passive-aggressive but that's the way it goes (Britney Spears, Kelly Clarkson, Hannah Montana, Rihanna, High School Musical 2, the Eagles, Kanye West, Radiohead.) And as for Lil Wayne, I totally love the guy, but sorry, I just can't keep up his deluge anymore.

Ground Rule # 2: I only included "reissues" below if I can subjectively argue that I listened to them the way I would have listened to "new" music, as opposed to the way I listen to say Keith Urban or Paula Abdul or Youngbloodz or Dr. Hook greatest hits records (which were all more or less useful) or even more archival stuff that I've probably mostly heard before except with songs in a different order than they were this year.

So okay, here goes. Market share for unarguably "country" releases within my top 150 is 25.33%, slightly edging out unarguably "metal" releases' 24.67% (though for fairness' sake, both of those numbers discount country-verging rock by people like Kid Rock, Black Angel, John Waite, and Mississippi Mudsharks, and both also exclude punk/glam/garage-leaning titles by people like the Sirens, the Eat, Black Lips, and Crash Street Kids). Market share for albums released on non-major-distributed indie labels (thus, disqualifying imprints like Big Machine, Show Dog, Wind-Up, Shout! Factory, and Blue Note) is a whopping 69.33%--104 albums out of 150. Only a baker's dozen or so of those, though, would be likely to pass muster as Pitchfork-approved "indie rock" (though big-label releases by Lily Allen, M.I.A., Simian Mobile Disco, the Hives, White Stripes, and Modest Mouse probably would, oddly enough), which may well mean I am properly supporting alternative entrepreneurs in the age of cut-throat mega-merger post-capitalism without kowtowing to any widely marketable bohemian subculture per se'. For eight of the albums below, the only "label" I could come up with was a band website, and for probably at least another ten or so, I have serious doubts that any other artists record for the band's label. So who knows--maybe I'm more indie than you are.

Also, I should add the caveat that I will totally disagree with this list five minutes after I send it, and also that I probably spelled some stuff wrong--for instance I just noticed I'd been calling the Modest Mouse CD We Were Dead Before The Sink Even Sank, which would have been a better title but I fixed it anyway:

11. Jordan Pruitt - No Ordinary Girl (Hollywood)
12. Lily Allen - Alright, Still... (Capitol)
13. Bitches Sin - Essential Sins (Metal Nation)
14. Kosmos - Kosmos (The End)
15. (Various) - Now Party Hits! (Capitol)
16. Necrodemon - Ice Fields Of Hyperion (Open Grave)
17. Jack Ingram - This Is It (Big Machine)
18. (Various) - Hyphy Hitz (TVT)
19. Gogol Bordello - Super Taranta! (Side One Dummy)
20. (Various) - The Roots Of Chica: Psychedelic Cumbias From Peru (Barbes)
21. The Bellamy Brothers - Jesus Is Coming (Curb)
22. The Rich & Famous - Like A Superstar ( '06)
23. Blake Shelton - Pure B.S, (Warner Bros)
24. The Eat - It's Not The Eat, It's The Humidity (Alternative Tentacles)
25. Toby Keith -- Big Dog Daddy (Show Dog)
26. (Various) - Hot Rod: Music From the Motion Picture (Sony Legacy)
27. The Birthday Massacre - Walking With Strangers (Metropolis)
28. (Various) - Schultze Gets The Blues (Normal/Filmkombinat)
29. Brooks & Dunn - Cowboy Town (Arista Nashville)
30. M.I.A. - Kala (Interscope)
31. Black Angel - O'California (Outsiders Record Company)
32. Megan McCauley - Better Than Blood (Wind-Up)
33. Dirty Sound System - Dirty Space Disco (Tigersushi)
34. Simian Mobile Disco - Attack Decay Sustain Release (Interscope)
35. Black Angel - O'SantaBarbara (Outsiders Record Company)
36. (Various) - TKO Records 2007 Free Sampler (TKO)
37. George Brigman - Rags In Skull (Bona Fide)
38. Clorox Girls - J'Aime Les Filles (BYO)
39. Bomshel - Bomshel (Curb unreleased promo)
40. Witchcraft - The Alchemist (Rise Above)
41. Cocktail Slippers - Mastermind (Wicked Cool)
42. Cole Deggs & The Lonesome - Cole Deggs & The Lonesome (Columbia)
43. Gentleman's Pistols - Gentleman's Pistols (Candlelight)
44. Joetown - Rock 'N' Roll Man (
45. American Dog - Hard (Colonial Canine)
46. Shooter Jennings - The Wolf (Universal Records South)
47. Dungeons And Drag Queens - Meat N' Potatoes (
48. Ted Nugent - Love Grenade (Eagle Rock Entertainement)
49. Pumice - Pebbles (Soft Abuse)
50. Robert James - Until Now (Kingsway/Angry Lion)
51. John Anderson - Easy Money (Warner Bros./Raybaw)
52. The Flairs - Shut Up And Drive (Pacific Music '06)
53. Gretchen Wilson - One Of The Boys (Epic)
54. Edible Red - Welcome To My Bad Behavior (Select)
55. John Waite - Downtown--Journey Of A Heart (No Brakes/Rounder)
56. Travis Tritt - The Storm (Category 5)
57. Richard Thompson - Sweet Warrior (Shout! Factory)
58. Mustasch - Latest Version Of The Truth (Regain)
59. Divining Rods - Love Letter To The Dead (Divining Rods '06)
60. Gary Allan - Living Hard (MCA Nashville)
61. Sarah Johns - Big Love In A Small Town (BNA)
62. Funny Money - Stick It! (Fizz Donkey)
63. Joy Of Cooking - Back To Your Heart (
64. (Various) - The Kings Of Electro Compiled And Mixed By Playgroup And Alter Ego (Rapster)
65. Hearse - In These Veins (Candlelight)
66. Black Lips -- Good Bad Not Evil (Vice)
67. A.R.E. Weapons - Modern Mayhem (Defend Music Inc.)
68. Halfway To Hazard - Halfway To Hazard (Stylesonic/Mercury)
69. The Hives - The Black And White Album (A&M/Octone)
70. Big Al Downing - XM Satellite Radio Live (Crazy Music)
71. Axel Rudi Pell - Diamonds Unlocked (SPV)
72. Glenn Stewart - Glenn Stewart (Floodzone Ent. Group)
73. Laidlaw - The Foam Box Sessions (Yessir)
74. Benny Reid - Findings (Concord Jazz)
75. Warfare - Metal Anarchy: Expanded Edition (Castle)
76. Big & Rich - Between Raising Hell And Amazing Grace (Warner Bros,)
77. Brad Paisley - 5th Gear (Arista Nashville)
78. Buck 65 - Situation (Strange Famous)
79. Rissi Palmer - Rissi Palmer (1720 Entertainment)
80. Carrie Underwood - Carnival Ride (Arista)
81. The Shop Boyz - Rock Star Mentality (Universal Motown)
82. Tim McGraw - Let It Go (Curb)
83. Supagroup - Fire For Hire (Foodchain/MRV)
84. Stacie Collins - The Lucky Spot (Rev)
85. Tiger Army - Music From Regions Beyond (Hellcat)
86. Baroness - The Red Album (Relapse)
87. David Torn - Prezens (ECM)
88. Crash Street Kids - Chemical Dogs (Hot City Recording Company)
89. (Various) - The Kings Of Reggae Compiled By David Rodigan and Sting International (BBE/Rapster)
90. The White Stripes - Icky Thump (Third Man/Warner Bros.)
91. The Flying Eyes - The Flying Eyes ( '06)
92. Lantana - Unbridled (BGM)
93. Sunny Sweeney - Heartbreaker's Hall Of Fame (Big Machine)
94. Pete Berwick - Ain't No Train Outta Nashville (Shotgun)
95. October File - Holy Armour From The Jaws Of God (Candlelight)
96. Devil Doll - The Return of Eve (Lucky Bluebird)
97. Kekal - The Habit Of Fire (Open Grave)
98. Kenny Chesney - Just Who I Am: Poets & Pirates (BNA/Sony BMG Nashville)
99. Horna - Satahuuto (Moribund)
100. Burning Saviours - Nymphs & Weavers (Transubstans)
101. Korpiklaani - Tervaskanto (Napalm)
102. Modest Mouse - We Were Dead Before The Ship Even Sank (Epic)
103. Maghrebika With Bill Laswell - Neftakhir (Barbarity)
104. Manes - How The World Came To An End (Candlelight)
105. The Greencards - Viridian (Dualtone)
106. Lengsel - The Kiss The Hope (Whirlwind)
107. Chingo Bling - They Can't Deport Us All (Big Chile/Asylum)
108. The Cosmosonics - J.u.n.k. Rock...For Lover$! (Riffhaus)
109. Cruachan - The Morrigan's Call (Candlelight)
110. DHG/Dodheimsgard - Supervillain Outlast (Moonfog/The End)
111. Pretty Donkey Girl - Holly Dolly (Capitol)
112. The Hidden Hand - The Resurrection of Whiskey Foote (Southern Lord)
113. Minsk - The Ritual Fires Of Abandonment (Relapse)
114. Ron Carter - Dear Miles (Blue Note)
115. The Vision Bleak - The Wolves Go Hunt Their Prey (Napalm)
116. Altered State - Get Real (Altered State)
117. Moonsorrow - V: Havitetty (Unruly Sounds)
118. Sarah Borges And The Broken Singles - Diamonds In The Dark (Sugar Hill)
119. Pam Tillis - Rhinestoned (Stellar Cat)
120. Dirty Sweet - Of Mavericks & Beggars (Seedling)
121. Mississippi Mudsharks - Train Rolls On (Double Barrel)
122. Labretta Suede And the Motel 6 - Not Food Hungry (
123. Rich Boy - Rich Boy (Zone 4/Interscope)
124. Daniel Lee Martin - On My Way To You (Chin Music)
125. Einsturzende Neubauten - Alles Weideroffen (Potomak)
126. Tesla - Real to Reel (Tesla Recordings)
127. Chromeo - Fancy Footwork (Vice)
128. Svartsot - Ravnenes Saga (Napalm)
129. (Various) - Jump In! (Walt Disney)
130. Van Zant - My Kind Of Country (Columbia)
131. Looker - Born Too Late (
132. Alvin Lee -- Saguitar (Rainman)
133. The Greatest Hits - For A Good Time, Call... (Desert Island)
134. Renegade Rail - Ragged (
135. Bobby Bowens - The Rump Shakers (T.S.)
136. Alchemist - Tripsis (Relapse)
137. Sear Bliss - The Arcane Odyssey (Candlelight)
138. Necronoclast - The Plague (Moribund)
139. Red Stick Ramblers - Made In The Shade (Sugar Hill)
140. Crime Mob - Hated On Mostly (Crunk Incorporated/G's Up/Reprise)
141. Rwake - Voices Of Omens (Relapse)
142. Group Doueh - Guitar Music From the Western Sahara (Sublime Frequencies)
143. Blue Cheer - What Doesn't Kill You... (Rainman)
144. Monotract - Trueno Oscuro (Load)
145. Finntroll - Ur Jordens Djup (Century Media)
146. The Aggrolites - Reggae Hit L.A. (Hellcat)
147. Little Rachel With The Lazy Jumpers - There's A New Miss Rhythm In Town (El Toro '06)
148. Bonde Do Role - With Lasers (Domino)
149. Boyz Noize - Oi Oi Oi (Last Gang/Turbo)
150. Zs - Arms (Planaria)

- Idolator Pop '07 -



Altered State - available on CD Baby - a work in progress.

Get Real -
also distributed in the US through Morada Music

Chuck Eddy - Senior Editor BillBoard Magazine
Listed "Get Real" in his top 150 list of best albums in 2007

SeX-Factor (CD release party Nov 2009 - album out September 2009 - College Radio Promotion Campaign)

Buy It and contribute to the future of the band :) -



Not since Chrissie Hynde fondled the brass in her pocket has a three-guy group with a fiery and charismatic female lead singer kicked up this much punky pop/rock dust.

Songs like "Consuming Me," "Anticipation," "War" and "I Want It Now" have received spins at over 75 stations from Champaign, IL to Amarillo, TX and Eureka, CA. Altered State is also crossing mediums. A publisher who loved the crunchy guitars and cool harmonies of "Let Me In" placed the song in the Tim Daly TV movie Bereft.

Dick Wagner, co-writer of 'Only Women Bleed', says, “I love the Altered State version of ‘Only Women Bleed’. It’s unique among the many covers of this song that have been recorded over the years. Being a rock and roller, I really enjoy this rock interpretation of the song.”

Stoker, former drummer with Dexy's Midnight Runners whose production credits include Sting and ZZ Top flew to Altered State's hometown of Saskatoon and liked the raw tracks he heard. He produced "Get Real," "I Need A Vacation" and "Only Women Bleed," and mixed and contributed additional production to the other eight tracks. The project was mastered by Chris Bellman at Bernie Grundman Mastering Studio in Los Angeles.

"Altered State - Get Real" is listed as #116 on Chuck Eddy's (Senior Editor BillBoard Magazine) Top 150 albums of 2007.

"Altered State - Get Real" on John Shelton Ivany's Top Line "Albums Of The Week". Mr. Ivany is the former editor of Hit Parader, Country Song Roundup, Revolution and Rock & Soul (all national magazines). Formerly editor of On Radio, Electric Village and websites. Mr. Ivany was the President of Titanium Records, a subsidiary of Atlantic Record Company.

Altered State "I Need A Vacation" - Track of The Day and Week

Attention Radio Stations - Radio Broadcast Quality Tracks are available at:

Altered State has completed a new album, seX-Factor.

Lyrics/music by Altered State/Neil Meckelborg
Engineered and Produced by Kevin Wesley Williams/Neil Meckelborg
Mixed by Kevin Wesley Williams (Optimus Recording)
Mastered by UE Nastasi (Sterling Sound NY)

"My Favourite Distraction" (seX-Factor) peaked at #132 on the Mediabase Top-40 Activator Chart

The CD Release Party is being planned for February 2010 - should be a great time!!!!.....

A college radio campaign will be initiated to support the SeX-Factor album.

Band Members