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Alter Ego Oddity

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Alter Ego Oddity is an alchemist of sound waves. The tracks that I create stimulate the imagination and take you on a journey to enchanted worlds.I am a very diverse individual who loves to create & I truly believe that my music is a valuable asset.


I am from horse capital of Southern Cali Norco and I have been doing music since I was 11. I watched my brother on stage at a young age and it inspired me to want to make music myslef. I also was raised listening to jazz with my pops. Due to the area that I grew up in and the fact that I love skateboarding I was exposed to many genres of music from metal to punk to drum and bass to reggae and hip hop it all is what has shaped my sound into what it is today. My experiences play a huge roll in the music that I create. I knew at a young age that I was diffrent from the other kids in school because when they followed the trends that were popular at the time I was creating my on trends. I think that has followed me into adulthood. I make instrumentals and I also write my own lyrics. If you decide to do business with Alter Ego Oddity I will provide you with some mind blowing shit. Either instrumentals or tracks with sick verses. I'm not into making music just for the money although it would be great to get paid for doing what I love. Music is my medicine when I lost my mom in 2003 to lung cancer it was my music that kept me from loosing my mind. My life experiences is what makes my music so alive and exciting. I feel that I have reached the level of a master story teller and I want to share my gift with the world!!!!!!!!!!


Currently working on EP Metanoia"(which meansa profound, usually spiritual, transformation; conversion.)

Set List

At Will
Crime Drama
Purification Ritual