Alternate Silence

Alternate Silence


Alternate Silence has a strong progressive influence and the ability to go from a whisper to a complete energy explosion in a single breath.


The story of Alternate Silence almost seems like it was written by the hand of destiny. Sergio (vocals and guitars) and Ernie (drums) have been in each other’s lives since they were classmates in the first grade. Sergio moved during his middle school years to the other side of town so they didn’t see or hear from each other, but destiny would bring them together again.

Another interesting fact is that the three members of Alternate Silence have also been connected in some way even before they had been complete. Alex (bass) and Sergio had been together in a five piece band called Weakened Wrist with ex-Alternate Silence guitarist Leandro Martinez. After Weakened Wrist was separated Alex, Sergio and Leandro formed and Alternate Silence and Leandro called on an ex-band member from a band called Absence to complete the four-piece on drums. And that’s where Sergio and Ernie met again.

Leandro quit the band eight months after it was formed but that didn’t stop the three remaining members. Instead of looking for another guitarist to replace him they went on as a trio only to find that the core and true sound of the band was entirely in them. They scrapped all of the material they had written before and started from point one. And that’s how on October of 2004 Alternate Silence was “Reborn.”


Why Not I

Written By: Alternate Silence

I wish I had know
About the consequences
Of falling in your arms
You let me go
And I hit my head
But my eyes stayed closed

This solitude won’t let me go
Cause even when you’re here
It’s impossible to not feel

Conformed by petty moments
Of affection
I was starving with your love
I was hungry for more
But you denied
And I accepted your left-overs
Over and over again

Chorus (2x)


Written By: Alternate Silence

This feeling inside me
Says I need to break out of this skin
There’s so many things
That scream for the need to change

Waking up to the same old life
Wasn’t how I was planning to live
Making the same mistakes again
Has gotten me nowhere

Tomorrow, today
I’m not waiting
For my life to change

And I know
That I’m the only one
That creates this affliction
I know
That I’m the one who makes me fail
I’m my own enemy


Tomorrow, today
I’m not waiting
For my life to change
I’m craving the need to change

Lies Beneath Your Skin

Written By: Alternate Silence

No one can see what lies
Beneath your skin
The hunger for the poison
Takes over
It becomes stronger than you

You want it more than yesterday
You pray to darkness
To take your life away
Nothing would satisfy you more
Than to feel nothing again

Below the flesh is a soul
Waiting to be saved
Don’t turn your back
Don’t turn your back
On salvation

Some stare while others look away
But no one stretches a hand
Still pity is not what you need
The purpose is lost in you

You want to throw the blame
Well blame everything
If that’s going to save you
Nothing would make me happier
Than to see you live again

Chorus (2x)


Our independent debut album "Reborn" will be released in June.

Set List

Our current set can go up to about 2 and a half hours long including all of the songs from our first album, about an hour of brand new songs, and sometimes even an acoustic set depending on the venue and the crowd.

Set List

Am I Disposable
For Granted
Feared the Most
This One
Why Not I
Lies Beneath Your Skin
The Beginning of the End

Down the Surreal
What Could Have Been
Hearts Collapse
The Stranger
Come Around
Burning Off Dead Skin
Salsa Negra
This Hollow Place
My Blindfold
I Am the Stain

I'll Stay Inside
The Exchange
So Hard to Breathe