Alternative Electro Synthpop with a Rock edge. Depeche Mode meets Nine Inch Nails with some Alice Cooper theatrics. The AlterRed live show is very visual, involving character performances including The Clockwork Doll, the Patient and the Mechanic.


Formed in the Spring of 2008, AlterRed has made a dramatic and impressive impact on a wide variety of audiences, from the EBM crowd to the Electro/Industrial crowd. The flamboyant and theatrical live shows have earned AlterRed a reputation as a one of the most original and energetic new live acts playing in the UK at the moment. With his debut album, “Mind-forged Manacles” AlterRed has created a sound that lies somewhere between the hard-rock, spooky-kid sound of the mid 90s and the hard electro of the late 00s. Essentially setting out to create dark and atmospheric songs then remix the whole lot with a harder electronic sound, the result is a new, dynamic and original sound that identifies him as a new face on the UK Alternative/Electro/Industrial scene.

AlterRed’s debut album “Mind-forged Manacles” will be released on the 2nd May 2011 on Red Electric in the UK and on Ionium Records in Europe.


June 2010 - Bind Until it Breaks ep.
Feb 2011 - Fleshbind (Schroff Mix) single.
May 2011 - Mind-forged Manacles album.