Althea Cunningham

Althea Cunningham


A solo songwriter, who writes soul/ R&B inspired music with influences that incorporate urban flavours. Her soulful sound captures the stories told based on life experience's and inspiration taken from the world. With simular qualities to Tracy Chapman, Nine Simone, and India Arie.


Althea Cunningham Duo, Trio or Group

Born to Jamaican- Canadian parent's music has been at her core since birth. At an early age she began writing poetry and evolved to songwriting in her adult years. It's been a bittersweet journey understanding the world through the eyes of music and the challenges are worth the outcome. Althea creates simples melodies that you'll fine yourself singing too.

With similar qualities to Tracy Chapman, Nina Simone, Stevie Wonder and more recently Jill Scott, India Arie and Me'Shell this emerging artist established a promising future in the world of entertainment. She has an organic talent for blending; soul, R&B, jazz, blues, roots and reggae into her songwriting and conjures up vivid memories of life's experiences.

By night she hangs upside down in trees and when the blood rushes to hear head she crafts poignant songs about; love, relationships and social issues. Often you'd find her playing the rhythm on most things in sight including her mother's behind and she brings that same energy to stage. Her animated presence is sure to leave an imprint on your soul.

This high energy front woman released a successful single "Wake Up" in 2007. This break-through song has seen her appear on: radio, television, music charts and it's caught the attention of the International music community.

Summer of 2006, the band was formed and has worked tirelessly across Western Canada. "On The Verge" offers up a soulful yet romantic journey into the mysteries of love. May positivity and healing be passed along when you listen to it!


Wake Up (acoustic single) 2007
On The Verge DEBUT EP 2010


Wake Up (acoustic single)
Coop Radio/ Vancouver
CJSR /Edmonton

On The Verge EP
Coop Radio/ Vancouver
CJSR Radio/ Edmonton
CKUA Radio/ Edmonton
CBC Radio/ The Key of A/ Edmonton

Set List

Anything beyond a one hour set is mixed with soul and blues cover songs. Please ask if you need to.

One hour set list:

Crush On
Thinkin' Bout You
I'm Yours (cover)
Forbidden Fruit
Stormy Monday (cover)
Outta My Mind
Wipe The Slate
Find Our Way
Boys In Blue
Wake Up (dream mix)
Her Own Blood
Wang Dang Doodle (cover)
Crossroad Blues (cover)