al & The Black Cats

al & The Black Cats


We are a neo-rockabilly/psychobilly band with overtones of punk and country music. We cannot be categorized easily. It allows us to successfully bring our unique sound (with it's myriad influences) to diverse audiences all over the world.


After two albums, (including two number #1 cds in the U.K.) , countless shows, (over 300 shows in the last 18 months in 15 countries and three continents), the band has won over tens of thousands of fans on their quest to rock the world, one city at a time.

Influenced by Jerry Lee Lewis, The Misfits, John Cash, Brian Setzer and the Ramones & New York Dolls.

Our work ethic, (see our shows page at, continuous touring, prolific songwriting, great musicicanship and a GREAT LIVE SHOW, sets us apart from the rest.

For a great "feel" for the band please go to

We are the easiest band you will ever work with. Great work ethic and NO egos!!!


We have released two cds in the last 18 months. Our first, was entitled "The Fabulous Rockabilly Sounds Of Al & The Black Cats (4-15-06), and our newest cd, "Shakin' At The Knees" (02/23/07). Both have reached the top ten on the U.K. Rock Charts. Both are STILL in the top ten. "Shakin' At The Knees" reached #1 in June of 2007, and is currently #2. "The Fabulous Rockabilly Sounds Of Al & The Black Cats", reached #1 in January 2007 and is currently #6.

In 18 months we have sold almost 17,000 cds.

The records are being played worldwide on such diverse outlets as Commercial Country & Rock & Alternative FM stations, as well as college radio stations, and internet stations.

We are currently being distributed in the U.S. by Hairball8 Records, and in Europe by Pollytone Records. We are booked in Europe by the legendary MAD BOOKING AGENCY in Germany.

Set List

Our typical set list includes the 34 songs from our two cds. A few covers by Johhny Cash, Jerry Lee Lewis, Billy Lee Riley, The Misfits, Eddie Cochrane and DMob.

We usually play 2 one and a half hour sets in clubs, and a one and a half hour set at Festivals.