Seattle, Washington, USA

Distinct, melodic and carefully crafted guitar driven songs distinguished by their orchestral flourishes, swooping guitar lines and shades of Shoegaze. "With a sound this big, Altspeak won't stay under wraps for long." - KEXP (Seattle/NY) "Buzzworthy. A Stellar Debut!" - WWeek (Portland)


Formed in 2008, Altspeak have quickly established themselves as one of the most promising bands to come out of Seattle. Since the release of their debut album "It's Up To You" in July 2008, Altspeak have received critical acclaim locally for the quality of their album and their live performances. Featured on the cover of local music magazines, and interviewed by many publications, their live performances have been qualified as memorable, and of brilliant drone delivery by reputable publications such as Three Imaginary Girls, and the band has already shared stage with legends such as Andy Rourke of The Smiths. "It's Up To You" has been compared to Oasis' Definitely Maybe, The Stroke's Is This It, and Coldplay's Parachutes by Seattle High Sounds Magazine, and promised to overwhelm all but the steeliest of hearts by Seattle's LPM Voice Magazine. Released as a free download on the internet, the songs from "It's Up To You" rapidly reached 500,000 downloads in less than 6 months. Altspeak quickly caught the attention of one of the leading US indie stations, KEXP Seattle, and the band has enjoyed generous airplay, critical acclaim and performed live at the station, at their best-of showcase in the city and have been featured song of the day in their prestigious podcast. Given their growing success, it's not surprising that KEXP has predicted that with a sound this big, Altpseak won't stay under wraps for long.


7/08 - It's Up to You (13 songs)

Radio airlplay:
Little Things
In Your Eyes
Let It Out
Be a Star
Let it Out
7 Shots
Leap of Faith

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Set List

Usually 35-45 minutes, all album songs except Leave It All behind, Let it shine, Tonight and Living in your dreams.