A Lucky Day Later is a sensual-sexual, all-punked-out, epic rock band, destined to be signed in 2009, because of the honest lyrics and catchy melodies, that will no doubt leave you wanting more.


A Lucky Day Later is a lifestyle; as any of our 50,000+ fans would tell you, we are dedicated to them, even through our own misfortunes, since we started the band in December of 2006. A Lucky Day Later is just that, it’s making it through the hardest day of your life, no matter how much you want to give up and just put an end to all the hurting, it’s finding the strength to keep going when you feel like your about to break.

In late 2007, we left Olive Street and moved to LA to work with Grammy Nominated Producer, Curt Cuomo (KISS, Edgar Winter, Eddie Money). In January of 2008 we started recording of our first full-length album with Curt at Woodland Ranch Studios. By the end of the summer the first six songs of the record were complete.

Recently we finished season one of our daily benefit show, that streams live online called, “The A Lucky Day Later Show.” It supports two organizations very close to our fans and us: To Write Love On Her Arms and Stand Up To Cancer. Everyday our fans come to the show to listen our music and help raise money. We give acoustic performances, play cover songs, and are there to support our fans who are dealing with depression, suicide, and cancer in their own lives. Recently, we put on a 46-hour benefit show, in which we broadcasted two days straight, to raise money for TWLOHA and Stand Up To Cancer. With the support of our fans, we raised over $38,000. We have a dedicated fan base who support us completely and can’t wait to buy our album, because they relate to our story and are thankful for the time and love that we offer to them unconditionally.

Our target audience is preteens, teenagers, and young adults. Alicia.Nancine has a fresh image that will easily attract corporate sponsorships and help the band initiate cross marketing campaigns with their sponsors. Our broad commercial sound covers all facets of the rock realm from soft acoustic rock, to hard rock, to heavy metal, and will undoubtedly top Pop and Rock charts. We have a wide range of songs that can cross over to different genres. We want to work with a label that shares our vision of building the band as a brand. We already have several tunes in our catalog that would be perfect for television, film, and video game placement. To quote an unnamed source, "If it looks good, you'll see it. If it sounds good, you'll hear it. If it's marketed right, you'll buy it. But...if it's real, you'll feel it." This quote defines us.



Written By: Alicia.Nancine

Heart pounds
nerves race
about to get my first taste
then it happens
hopes collapse
confusion soars
I'm not scared anymore
as we run for the door

I hope you understand why I cant stay,
why I don't want to live my life this way
I deserve more than teenaged poverty
so long cuz I'm gone.

It's another day,
another lucky day,
like any other day
but I'm gone, but I'm gone.

Cut thin,
breathe deep,
I don't want to sleep,
I'm gonna be awake all night
Pack up and leave
I don't want to be here to see
another sunrise


Olive Street (which was later unreleased.)

Set List

Gone (3:00), Without You (4:15), Really Good Time(5:00) Endless(4:23), So Much Better(3:35), It Ends Tonight(3:37) -Average set list-