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London, England, United Kingdom | SELF

London, England, United Kingdom | SELF
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This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"You really could be looking at the ‘next big thing’ here"

You really could be looking at the ‘next big thing’ here.

Quirky ElectroPop act AlunaGeorge have all the qualities needed to see them in a double page spread in NEM in six months time. Deep Electronic music that takes queues from Indie, BedroomPop, Electro & Dubstep perfectly compliments some of the sweetest vocals you’ve heard in a while. On first listen their forthcoming double A-side 7” ‘Analyser’/’We Are Chosen’ comes across like Crystal Castles, but without all that tedious shouting and some actual songs. That may seem a strange comparison to make after hearing AlunaGeorge, but the duo have the same kind of edge, and could be massive with the same kind of crowd, but with the added bonus of having songs you can actually sing along to.

Both ‘Analyser’, an Indie-ElectroPop track awash with 16-bit sounds and the deep Garagey ‘We Are Chosen’ show the duo have a diverse repertoire of electronic music to draw from while remaining uniquely AlunaGeorge sounding. We’re going to hearing a lot more from these two in the coming year
- Vice/electronic rumours


If you don't immediately fall in love with AlunaGeorge and their track "Analyser" there is something seriously wrong with you. If you are fan of UK garage and RnB you'll really appreciate what AlunaGeorge have done on their track "We Are Chosen" too.

AlunaGeorge are the epidomy of quirky pop and I can't quite stop listening to what they have on offer on their Soundcloud. They have that something really special - kinda like what I noticed with Bim when they first were making their first little waves on the internet.

I'm intrigued and feeling flirtatious with you AlunaGeorge. I've got a bit a tingly feeling all over when I listen to you...
- EQ music blog

"1 boy 1 girl:simples"

When I first heard people chatting about AlunaGeorge (I like to hang round outside record labels and listen into people’s private conversations), I though it was just one girl called Aluna George*. How silly I felt when I realised it is in fact a girl called Aluna and a boy called George. Sometimes the music industry can be so confusing. Just so you all know btw, Bruno Mars is in a fact a chap called Bruno with all the personality of a Mars bar and shall henceforth be know on this blog as BoringBrunoMarsBar.

Anyway, Aluna and this George chap met over the internet. Not in a way, they met when they were both working on separate musical projects, pretty soon they started working together and the rest is history, or will be. Have a listen below, these lot are fucking good….

- My Band's Better Than Your Band

"March's best music from accross the map"

: The Guardian Music Blog AlunaGeorge - Disobey Aluna Francis is the one with the impossibly high, breathy-girly vocals and George Reid is the one responsible for the electronic production that seems to be as steeped in pop mores as it is aware of dubstep and R&B techniques. Imagine a 21st century Dollar if they’d formed in the shadows of FWD>>, if you can picture such an exciting proposition. Disobey is a final mix exclusive, so now you can make your own minds up about the duo described variously in our New Band Of The Day column as "fabulous" and "itchily glitchy". - The Guardian

"Guardian Band of the day"

Well, AlunaGeorge – two characters, one called Aluna and the other, mysteriously, called George – are doing just that. Their forthcoming single, We Are Chosen, reminds us of some of our absolute favourite things of the last decade or so: UK garage at its most gossamer and gorgeous, when it featured seemingly pitch-shifted female voices; the US R&B of Ciara and Cassie; and Stillness Is the Move. George Reid may be a novice when it comes to production but he has achieved just the right sound, with just the right mix of the commercial and the cut-up, his style acquired, presumably, from hours analysing everything from Aaliyah's work with Timbaland to Hudson Mohawke and Chris Clark's recordings for Warp.

As for Aluna Francis's voice, you'll either love it or you'll want to block up your ears with Marmite when you hear it. We can't get enough of it, but then we will never tire of squeaky-voiced girls who seem to have OD'd on helium just as the nation apparently has an endless capacity to enjoy big-voiced belters. We can hardly believe our luck, but Francis's vocal heroes would appear to be, not Shirley Bassey and Lulu, but Noosha Fox, Clare Grogan, Therese Bazaar of Dollar, and any number of cute garage and R&B girls where every atom of passion is removed to leave just the shiny patina of "soul".

We Are Chosen, then. If James Blake and Jamie Woon are blubstep – sorrowful singer-songwriter fare allied to dubstep rhythms – then this is popstep. It is the most rhythmically tricksy number in their ever-growing catalogue and is definitely the direction to pursue, if you're reading this, Mr Reid and Ms Francis. The other track on their single, Analyser, is pure and simple linear 4/4 house pop that, without that fabulous voice, would be quite ordinary. But We Are Chosen is amazing, and we like nothing better than to be amazed. In fact, for your homework, AlunaGeorge, go and repeat We Are Chosen a dozen times, at which point you will have produced the winner of next year's Guardian First Album award.

The buzz: "The fusion of George's clear-cut production style with Aluna's sweet contagious vocal makes this stand out as an enduring pop song with mass appeal" –

The truth: Well, it hasn't endured because it's not been released yet, but we imagine it will.

Most likely to: Sound sweet like chocolate.

Least likely to: Sound sour like Marmite.

What to buy: Analyser/We Are Chosen is released on 18 April.

File next to: Dirty Projectors, Sweet Female Attitude, Clare Grogan, Noosha Fox.

- The Guardian


Still working on that hot first release.



AlunaGeorge is George Reid and Aluna Francis. They met on the internet - while both working on separate projects - and united musically when George remixed 'Sweetheart', a song featuring Aluna's vocals. The track went on to gain love from the likes of Rob Da Bank at Radio 1.

George's busy electronic production and Aluna's signature sweet vocals met physically at George's home studio in Hampton Court, after endless ideas being sent back and forth via email. The first song to be born was 'Make No Mistake', which was originally intended for use by a different band - but Aluna and George were so keen on it, they decided to keep it for themselves. AlunaGeorge had arrived.

Take a listen to pick apart the elements; the unusual megamix of house-style build-ups, vocals that could easily have been the beating heart of of UK garage's poppiest moments and intonations from the finest RnB singers of the '90s. With these facets and the addition of some great big choruses, AlunaGeorge's songs sound fresh and ever-demanding of the repeat button.

'We Are Chosen' mixes two-step and dulcet RnB vibes, bringing memories crashing back to T2, Tina Moore and Shanks & Bigfoot, while the infectious hooks and dancefloor-pop basslines on 'Make No Mistake' aren't easy to ignore; 'Bad Idea' combines sleek hip-hop with rhythmic pizzazz and an in-your-face refrain, and there's plenty more twisted pop to come.