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Written By: Alun Hoggett

This is my conscience, my friend
She tells me she's come to make amends
You know I believe her, God knows I've tried
Always deceiving, she's all lies
We're breaking up this time
She's cruel
Farewell peace of mind

Come back, come back
The ice in my heart won't melt for your sighs.

And everything is gonna be alright
And everything is gonna be alright

This is my conscience, my friend
She's close to me now in every sense
You know I'll embrace her, cascade to her charms
Pain is dissolving, embraced in her arms
We're waking up alive
She's cool you know, but I feel fire

She's back, she's back
The ice in my heart melts for her sighs

Sun in the spring time
Stand in the thaw
Give in to the feeling there's more

There's a cold stream running through the snow
It fills my head releasing my soul
What more could I want now
I feel the blood rise
Standing before me
I tell her that I'm high
Floating in the sky
As I rise, clearing my mind

Everything is gonna be alright
Everything is gonna be alright
And everything is gonna be alright
And everything is gonna be alright

Cult of Comfort

Written By: Alun Hoggett

Crisp sun marches on powder blue sky
Trees are bitten dead, I can't deny
My hopelessness and relentless slide
My chronic complacent convenient life

But it's all too hard let's leave it
Close the door and breathe in
Close my eyes look inward
I can't see outside myself

Forests transform to a jumble of logs
Take comfort at home with my couch and TV
Life is so full, I'm flat out
What the hell does it all achieve?

This surging cult of comfort
Swept along I lean
And feel the breeze and breathe in
I am riding on the tide

Cold winds fail on Antarctic ice
In the light from the fridge that cold beer looks nice
Reaching out but what do I crave
I'm comfortable here I can never never, never be brave

But it's all too hard, I'll leave it
Where's my channel changer
Why's the planet bleeding
I don't feel the danger.

Soothing cult of comfort
Carry me where you're leading
Sunbleached days unbroken
I surrender to your tide.