Aluta Continua

Aluta Continua

 Kingston, Kingston, JAM

Reggae the sound of the 70's reborn in the 21st century


"Jamaica has seen the emergence of some phenomenal reggae bands, including Chalice and Third World. Now, one band seeks to match these greats; 'Aluta Continua' is stepping up to the plate. The phrase 'Aluta Continua', is Portuguese and means 'the struggle continues". It was adapted by the band to highlight the need for a shift to a struggle for progress, rooted in community love and family, based on Rastafari principles.  vocalists in Marlon McPherson,  Other musicians . The band found its genesis when Marlon McPherson, initiated a self-produced debut album entitled Revolution, which features 14 tracks of soul soothing roots, rock, reggae, and has released their first single, called Revolution . The single is commentary of injustice in  various communities in Jamaica. In the song, the lyricist calls for equality . The group describes their music as roots, rock, reggae, with a touch of youthful expression.
The band had their first international tour in june 2006 where they opened for Alpha blondie and Ziggy Marley in germany and Andrew Tosh in Italy at the rototom festival the band is currently working on their second album and dvd to be released in Jamaica  2019  .



Set List

1. Don't come to bow
2. small axe
3. belly  full
4. Could you be loved
5. place of  peace
6. Nothing Strange
7. Wrong Place
Set Length: 45 minutes
Covers performed: Bob Marley
Only three songs from the album are currently in the set performed if requested another hour of songs