Alvaro BELLO

Alvaro BELLO


The project of Alvaro Bello is born of the desire to create a bridge between Jazz music and Latin American music and especially the Popular Chilean Music, by integrating certain rhythmic and melodious South-American, africa


Alvaro Bello packs off to come to France in order to perfection himself.
He gets a first prize for Jazz guitar at the Ecole Nationale de Musique de Pantin, participates in the Master Class of Pat Metheny, John Scofield, Mike Stern etc. And then he spends his time in composition
(Jazz, songs, music for theatres, pubs etc. ) and becomes “sideman” and or arranger for various artists like Enzo Enro, Cyrius,
Raul Paz, Barbara Luna, Angel Parra etc. In 2004, he records Paroli of Enzo Enzo and signs two titles of the album. He also records
Revolucion of Raul Paz.
“Meloalegria” is the first personal opus of this Chilean jazzman. Among the 11 titles recorded, only El Pueblo Unido (marche de Sergio Ortega revisited in valse) and Piensa en mi (of Agustin Lara, rearranged for two guitarists) don’t bear the signature of Bello. The reste of his compositions are a deployment of open rhythms in acoustic quartets on which he wrote music thus confirming to us that his “action” is also aimed at arrangement and music direction. For this purpose, he got himself surrounded by musicians like Marc Berthoumieux, Laurent Vernerey, Didier Ithursarry, Laurent Bellante


Meloalegria (2006) Scaena/night&day

Set List

5.Landa para las landas
8.Piensa en mi
9.Cache cache
10.El pueblo unido