Energetic, sweaty, exhausted, happy, a little buzzed but still very respectable and great role models.


Formed in the summer of 2002 when four teenagers decided they needed something other to do then take up snowmobiling or hunting. Going against the grain of the small rural Manitoban town of Beausejour, Alverstone was born. Undergoing a few line up changes over the last two years, we now consist of Kevin Desjarlais, Bobby Desjarlais and Chris Peluk. Warren Massey was added and has been with us for the last eight months, taking care of everything percussion, except Kevin's precious tambourine. Fusing the different influences of all four members in the song writing process, we achieve a sound distinctly our own, with hints of our inspirations throughout our music. The Pixies, the Ramones, the Strokes, Hot Hot Heat, Lou Reed, the Sex Pistols, Blur, Radiohead and Franz Ferdinand to name a few. Think of it as garage punk meets dance rock with a slight pop undertone. Catchy songs and a high energy/high emotion stage show are staples of the Alverstone experience that always keep people comming back for more. Cited as one of Winnipeg's Uptown magazine's bands to watch in 2006, Alverstone is ready to make some waves in the Canadian music scene.


We are currently working on a full length album at Unison Studios here in Winnipeg. Scheduled release is hopefully sometime in the summer of 2006. Independantly recoreded a demo in the fall of 2003.

-We have 4 songs at

-we've had airplay on CKUW 95.9, UMFM 101.5 and KICK FM 92.9 with various recordings.

Set List

love affair
into ourselves
daytime daze
funeral roses
i can't say no
i know
jump start it
evening friends

We usually play 45-60 mins. 60 mins if its one set and two forties in a night depending the gig. Covers are added every once in a while to spice things up, something by the pixies, radiohead or the libertines.