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Midnight Solstice

Written By: Alvin Niño Aragon

Here we are alone under a tree
Sitting you are so close to me
Sharing a midnight that is longer than we see

Oh let the night be longer than before
‘Cause I need to let you know
Things I never show
Pulse of my heart that can’t let go

Doubts in your eyes frozen the sea
Fear in your heart dry up the tree
Can you hold it?
Before we lose some more
Oh, the scene upon you come and see
a holiday with this mystery
So my love let it so
Let the moon long shine
Let the wind sings for all
Let this night be ours to enjoy

So let the night be longer than I know
‘Cause there’s a love that needs to grow
A play without a show
Beat of my heart that can’t let go
But you know that I can sit with you all night
‘till the mystery unfolds our eyes

Then I see the stars crying out for me
I hear the wind laughing at me
Cloud offers some help
So I say to it
Cover up the moon,
‘Cause I don’t want to let it see
that all along you see
are just grass, just trees and just me

All alone
Weaving night to looks so long
Folded past is here with me
Bring to life by fantasy
It is glee, Yes I see
Then I reach your hand
Your eyes gaze to mine
Flashes of light faded
Moon has gone

So I left like this
Boasting that you’ve missed
A night with me on my midnight solstice
A night with me