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The best kept secret in music


"CD Spotlight"

Friday, February 09, 2007
CD Spotlight
Alvin Frazier
"Love & Faith: Volume 1"
(Eastbrook Music Corp.)

There's no denying the Christian themes explored on Alvin Frazier's impressive debut effort "Love & Faith: Volume 1," but what separates this R&B album from others of its kind is a modern feel.

Songwriters are sometimes too bogged down with inspiring audiences with religious themes and intended messages, resulting in musical banality. A Light of Liberty Church leader, Frazier appears to be conscious of this paradox, going the extra mile to make sure the mid-tempo "Beautiful" lives up to its sensual title while "Recognize" employs a gregarious hip-hop vibe.

Ultimately "Love & Faith: Volume 1" comes across more as an R&B album than a Christian release that uses modern sounds for relevancy in the new millennium. Grade: B+
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Press Releases
For Immediate Release:

Can an Album of Spiritually Based Love Songs
Compete in Today’s Music Market?

Cleveland, OH – The question should be… can an up and coming independent “Christian” artist compete toe to toe with his gospel and secular counterparts by releasing an album that explores the connection of love & faith?

“Certainly, if the music, the writing and the production quality is on the level!” exclaims the artist in question Alvin Frazier as he prepares to release his debut CD “Love & Faith: Volume 1” on December 8, 2006.

When asked why he chose a project such as this for his first release, Alvin had this to say… “To be honest, I feel more like the project chose me. I can truly say that the Lord inspired me to do this because I viewed an album like this as being kind of edgy. I had never heard of a “Christian” album or any other album for that matter, refer to the opposite sex in terms of love for one another romantically speaking and still keeping it spiritually focused. I recognize it is a reality, however I hadn’t heard of it being done before in terms of Christian or Gospel music. “Love & Faith” doesn’t totally focus on man and woman, it basically covers relationships in general be it God and man, man and God, man and woman, family, friends and loved ones alike.”

For the past 6 months Alvin has been gradually gaining ground with listeners across the country via the web through his MySpace music page On the site listeners have a chance to hear four full selections from Alvin’s upcoming release therefore increasing his demand, fan base and online presence.

Since Alvin will initially release “Love & Faith” independently he anticipates taking a grassroots approach to marketing as well as traditional marketing i.e. word of mouth, radio, retail in the region and the internet. He plans to launch an official web site in the beginning of 2007 in which his current and future releases will be available for purchase.

Alvin Frazier’s debut album “Love & Faith: Volume 1” has been noted as being one the most uniquely crafted projects to come on the music scene in a long time… Listeners who have had the distinct pleasure of hearing the album prior to its release have given the CD rave reviews. His current single “I Miss You” with it’s smooth old-school feel made its debut on Radio 1000 AM in late August and has been in regular rotation on the “Sons of Thunder” Show and well-received by listeners asking “Who is that and where can I get it?” “Love & Faith: Volume 1” is a project that has something for everyone with music for the heart and lyrics for the soul…

Media Contact:
Alvin Frazier / Lee Hampton
- Lifesdestiny Music, Inc. (Dec 5, 2006)
The month before my wedding I was in Rainbow Family Bookstore, and I heard this music playing. I didn't know who was playing it, but I followed the sound because it was so beautiful. When I walked over to the cafe, I discovered it was Alvin Frazier. His music literally draws you in and makes you feel good. I found myself smiling and my spirit was in agreement with the melodious sounds that came from his guitar. Immediately, I asked Alvin to play at my wedding because I wanted more people to experience what I had experienced on that day. And they did!

His CD Love & Faith:Volume 1 is a must have for those who love good music with a positive vibe. Alvin's messages of hope and faith in God encourage my spirit. It's the perfect way to start your day! I play it in the makeup room at Newschannel 5 before I go on the air and it keeps my spirit smiling!

I love the CD and Alvin Frazier is a perfect example of a chosen vessel being used of God to uplift the kingdom!

Danita Harris

Anchor-Newschannel 5
Danita Harris - WEWS Newschannel 5 (Jan 3, 2007)

Thomas Congress, Jr.
Sound Doctrine Gospel Music
"Edifying Your Spirit Through Music"
Thomas Congress - The Sound Doctrine (Jan 4, 2007)
I was really impressed with how Alvin and his music reaches across all faiths, hopes, dreams and beliefs. He truly touched my heart with the sincerity and depth of his Christian-based music. I am in awe of his musical talent! Yet he is unpretentious in his approach to making this a bigger part of his life and in sharing it with the rest of us. Thank you, Alvin, for opening my eyes to another side of you, and the thankfulness that we all owe when we can come to understand the power of God!"

(Even through music are we encouraged in the Bible to "Let all creation praise Jah - Psalms 147, 148, 149")
Gail Bowen, CFO - Richard L. Bowen & Associates (Jan 4 - Various (listed below)


"I Miss You" (single)
"Love & Faith: Volume 1" (album)
Yes, "I Miss You".


Feeling a bit camera shy


Gifted, talented and versatile are just a few words that best describe singer, songwriter, musician and producer Alvin Frazier.

Born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio, Alvin has been singing since the age of two and pecking at the keys since the age of three. Both of Alvin’s parents were involved in music at some point in their lives. “My dad was a singer who had his own group, and my mom was a drummer for her church when she was young. As you can see, the combination of singing and musicianship was in the blood.”

Through watching and listening to his father rehearse and work out harmony arrangements with his group, Alvin would begin to imitate what he heard. “My Mother saw the potential and started buying me toy instruments (i.e. pianos and guitars) and it wasn’t long before I started to hear ideas as early as three years old, believe it or not, and I’ve been going strong ever since.”

Over the years, and without formal training, Alvin would go on to learn to play the piano, guitar, bass and drums. Outside of being a singer and self-taught musician, Alvin had a love for writing and storytelling. He would eventually use that talent for songwriting. Alvin’s musical journey has been extensive and that journey has been instrumental in Alvin’s understanding of the various aspects of music to which he has been involved and is the key to his versatility as a producer. “Of course like any of the people who do what I do, I have many musical influences. Artists like Steely Dan, Earth, Wind & Fire, Pat Metheny, George Duke, Stanley Clarke, James Taylor, Sting, Sade, to Deitrick Haddon, Fred Hammond, Commissioned, The Winans & Israel Houghton to name a few. However, I am very selective about the things that I choose to listen to.”

Alvin attributes his success and rapid development as a songwriter / musician / producer to his faith in God. “It would be foolish of me to think that all my abilities are a result of own my doing. Being brought up around music helped, but I recognize that I am blessed with a gift and have been assigned a work to do, and I know that with the Lord’s help I will be able to complete it successfully one person and one melody at a time.”

Known as “the one man band”, Alvin receives countless calls from mentors, peers and clients seeking his services and advice as a musician, songwriter or producer. Alvin says, “I feel that creating music is part of my life’s destiny, and I am certain that it is my life’s calling, so I desire to be excellent at it by learning as much as I can.”

As of December 8, 2006 Alvin released his debut offering Love & Faith Volume:1. Be on the lookout for this awesome project.

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