Always A New Day

Always A New Day


Always A New Day is a positive metalcore band out of Windsor, On. We have a unique style/sound due to the diverse styles background of all members;We combine these differences and make them into what we call our own.


Always A New Day is a five-piece metal-core band hailing from Windsor, Ontario. With every member coming from a different musical background, they manage to blend all of their genres together, to create a unique style of metal-core; ranging from pop-punk to death-core. With members growing up in different environments, they have all been through some difficult times in life; although, they all believe that it is possible to get through any hardship in life, just by looking on the bright-side. With the amount of emotion and heart these guys put into their music, it has motivated them to tackle any obstacle in their path in order to reach their goal; they will not let anything stand in the way of their dreams. In November 2011, Always A New Day recorded their demo at Visceral Sound, which was released on April 16th, 2012 as a free download. Always A New Day is currently in the process of writing their full length album which is set to release in early 2013.


6 Track E.P. - Released April 16th, 2012