Always In August

Always In August


Have you ever heard of a band you couldn't fit into one genre? Have you ever spent hours singing a song you just couldn't get out of your head? With Always In August's debut EP "Only In Time", you'll get exactly this. Music that melt the guys' faces, lyrics that melt the girls' hearts.


Always In August began, like many bands, in the backroom of someone's grandparent's house. Grant Taylor and Phillip Sparks began playing guitar together during their sophomore year of high school in 2007 after signing up for a local school's talent show.

Recruiting Drew Shingleton as their bass player, the three (alongside former drummer Jordan Taylor) went on to write their very first song. The band went onstage for the very first time at the talent show. In front of over 600 people, they wowed both the audience and the judges with their original material.

Almost three years later, fresh out of high school and with two new faces, this band continues to wow the crowd. After three years of local recorded demos, the group finally hooked up with producers Kevin Sharpe and Matt Dalton at Metro 37 Studios in Rochester Hills, Michigan to begin producing their first professional project. With their debut EP "Only In Time" releasing in late summer of 2010, Always In August is giving it everything they have to win the hearts of their fans once more.


"Only In Time" EP. Produced by Kevin Sharpe of Metro 37 Studios (I See Stars, Chiodos, Craig Owens) in Rochester Hills,MI. Unreleased /2010.