BandHip Hop

Classic hip hop spirit with a modern approach. Made by blue collar for blue collar.


Just a kid from the suburbs of Chicago. I've been some sort of musician for as long as I can remember. What I don't remember is how I got into rap music. I was a fan of it after seeing RunDmc on MTV. I was really a big fan of EPMD, and that's what lead me to wanting to make my own beats (that and not being able to afford anybody's rates). I'm a kid from the suburbs of Chicago. I work in Chicago now and have been for the past ten years for a sewer and water contractor. That's become my (sometimes)inspiration and my (all the time) motivation. I make music with the blue collar guy and girl in mind because that's what I know. I try to write songs about what's real to me and what could be. So my songs are about the daily grind getting to you and having a few too many at the bar on the weekend. I try to inspire others to do what they feel passionate about through my passion.


I've independently released "The Myriad Vision E.P." and "The Myriad Vision L.P," under the name MPL.ONE and a single as part of the group Fellowship of the Rhyme entitled "Why Waste It."

Set List

I usually do a 15 to 30 minute set. I pull from "The Myriad Vision LP" songs like "Fuck You," "Calling Down the Thunder," "Soul Music," "Rythmic Rhyme," and "Dumbinout." I'm trying out a few new songs from my soon to be released second L.P. "The Mighty." Lately , I've also been performing as part of the group Wonder Jones with my partner Eloquence who also does background vocals for my set.