Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

Bassist/Vocalist/songwriter "AlyCat" exploded onto the scene in 2008 after going solo from jam band “BrotherSister”. She has a boisterous, edgy persona with vocals to match. This “Fock” as it has been coined, is a blend of funk, jazz, rock, soul etc. Catchy grooves topped with power vocals.


Bassist/vocalist/songwriter Alison "AlyCat" Paige exploded onto the scene in 2008 after going solo from jam/funk band “BrotherSister”. Her “Fock”, as it's been coined, is a blend of funk, rock, soul, and more. AlyCat has toured the east coast, shared the stage, and recorded with national acts such as Rusted Root, G. Love, and Special Sauce, Kenny Rogers, Donald Byrd, David Bromberg, Angel Band, Railroad Earth, The Heavy Pets, Schleigo, Townhall and many, many more.

AlyCat has a boisterous, unruly persona, and vocals to match. She has all the tools one needs to catch a crowd's attention and she uses them to stay very connected with it. When she grabs her bass, she always proceeds to play her fingers off. The result is a music that is totally original and fun, that everyone can relate to.

AlyCat & her "Smokin' Section" will guide you on a groove-based tour of various musical terrain. Sections of funk, hip-hop, reggae, and electronica will show up in each set.

The Band consists of 6 talented musicians from the Philadelphia/New York area. John Von Glaubitz concocts a tasty blend of sweet melodies and rippin' guitar licks. Christie Lenee keeps the grooves funky on Acoustic guitar. Drummer Brandon Mulligan's pocket overflows with funky drumbeats that immediately create a head bob. Meanwhile AlyCat straight up grooves the bottom end. And to top it off, the "Smokin'Section horns are..well...smokin'!

No matter where the AlyCat band is groovin, the jams are sure to get you movin'.



Written By: AlyCat

Oh so long
I've been all alone
I've been waiting to find
a cure to this pain inside

When I first met you
I never thought
that you'd steal away my heart
the way you did
the way that you did...


and when you touch me
I get caught up
I get lost
I get free
and I feel
so high!

You're my drug
you're my medication
(Im addicted to you, I fixated on you)
I can't wait, I anticipate you
I'm addicted to you
I'm afflicted by you

Seems to me
that wasted she
her opportunity
to be a part
of this fantasy

She abused you
She did you wrong
she didn't follow directions
she crashed and she burned
so honey now it's my turn
MY turn



DDDDDrugs are bad.


released May 6th, 2010

These songs have been released and have played on satellite radio as well as local stations

Set List

Set List from recent performance:

Fool (AlyCat Paige Original)
Rainy Daze (Classic Brother Sister)
Who (AlyCat Paige Original)
Drug (AlyCat Paige Original)
Spell (AlyCat Paige Original)
Criminal (Fiona Apple)
Funky Bitch (Son Seals)
Anything But You (AlyCat Paige Original)
BS (BrotherSister original)