A. Lyric

A. Lyric

 Phoenix, Arizona, USA

I am an ingenious songwriter that merges real life with unrestricted imagination. I create an atmosphere that takes you further than your expectations and keeps you longer than you intended to stay. My Motto is "Experience Freedom Through Music."


A. Lyric is a music enthusiast that has become an innovator by using thought provoking lyrics to create a sound of his own. He firmly believes that he has a responsibility to share his talent and profound gift with the world. A. Lyric was always around musicians and music. His father was nationally known as a studio and Church musician maestro. Following his fathers foot steps, he received his first guitar at the age of 3. When he was 9 years old he had to deal with the great tragedy of loosing his father. In coping with this death, he used his ability to create music as an outlet. As a teenager his mother saw his natural gift for music and enrolled him in Arizona School for the Arts to cultivate his talents. Now he is currently attending College to complete a degree in Music Business.
In 2004 after many gigs and building his network of singers and musicians, A. Lyric needed a platform to showcase his song writing and music abilities, so he formed a band called "Freedom Though Music." The band had some success with mini tours in San Diego, Los Angeles and Riverside, CA but never released a commercial cd. With a background in live performance, and experience with many genres of music; specifically Jazz, Christian and Pop; A. Lyric continues to add to his catalog of songs diversity in different styles and genres. As he establishes himself as a successful songwriter, he realizes that the blood line to his success is to Never Stop Dreaming!


One Earth

Written By: Adam Armstrong

V:Its time to educate and , make a change and, teach a generation the earth is God's creation. Its up to us to save it, going green is innovative we need the word to get creative.

Chorus: One earth, one life, one day, today let's unite

We need to be intentional, time to break old habits and start new cycles, we just can't sit back and do nothing we have to pitch in and do something, cuz we're responsible for the planet, lets raise the standard, support the planets immunity , cuz you and I are the remedy.


A. Lyric mix tape debut album will be released May 3, 2011. This album will be a mix of genres from his extensive catalog collection of songs. This album will showcase his ability as a songwriter and producer. He continues to perform live acoustic sets each month. In 2010 he released his first single on iTunes. He continues to writer and produce music that captivates attention and captures emotion of all who hear the sound of A. Lyric.