alysha black

alysha black


Who says as an artist u have to be just one thing? alysha black is much more then just one genre. Loving acoustic, blues and punk rock, alysha mixes up her sound with the love of too many genres to chose just one.


The Next Big thing to come from the beautiful sunny gold coast! With talent rare in someone so young, this gorgeous 17-year-old musician is about to take the world by storm! With fans from around Australia requesting her music, vocal training by the incredible Seth Riggs (coach to the stars) and a voice so beautiful and strong, It’s not long before Alysha Black is a household name.

You don’t come across many this talented and this determined to get to their dreams. Alysha is one in a million and fights strong for her dreams. Vowing to never give up till she’s at the top!

Alysha Black, the seventeen year old Aussie is a sheer force of musical nature. This singer-songwriter packs punchy passionate vocals, a mind for lyrical quality and an uncompromising character. Black isn’t in the business of being a run of the mill bump and grind bubblegum teen musician. She’s in the business of the acoustic power ballad and rock and roll music.

Don’t expect to hear breezy tunes coupled with the lyrical quality on the back of your Cornflakes box. Her style is so very far from the try-hard, pompous poetical moanings you need an English Lit degree to discover.

Black finds that balance of lyrics that are soulfully straight and easily relatable without crossing in the waters of the dull and the angst ridden. All things considered, this is unnervingly remarkable in someone so young.

But then again, it is to be expected from someone whose been making music for sixteen years now, considering common lore states she sang before she spoke.

High lights in the musicians life so far include touring Australia with Moonlighting productions, who Black first recorded with at the age of thirteen. Recording with Big Note productions and being the lead singer in a few of her own bands.

I’m betting on this determined young speech-level trained singer to take the music industry by storm through her ability to obliging deliver acoustically charged, power ballads with sense and purpose.

And I’m not the only one. Seth Riggs, the vocal coach of a certain Christina Aguilera, Kelly Clarkson and Amy Lee from the atmospheric Evanescense claims Black to be singing as well as Lee and predicts black as being bigger and better then Clarkson herself. You have to admit, that’s pretty impressive.

Alysha Black’s career firstly took off at the young age of 13 when she recorded her first song with Big Note Productions. She then went on writing songs and started learning the guitar.

By the age of 15, Alysha was touring Australia with some of the finest young musician’s from Moonlighting Productions (a vocal, performing arts Academy).

She was chosen to perform on the afternoon tv show, Hot Source, singing her own original song.

While touring Melbourne, Alysha was introduced to one of Australia’s finest punk bands, The Living End and soon found herself falling in love with rock and roll music. She placed highly in many different singing competitions and made several TV appearances.

At the age of 16 came her first band.

The band gigged around the Gold Coast and made a huge fan base before going separate ways.

Now, at the age of 17, Alysha has teamed together with 3 talented musicians to form her own band, self-titled and is going for the big time.

Alysha gets guitar lessons with Ram Sefer and singing lessons with Dinah Williams. She also writes with Paul from Big note productions and records with the famous Adrian Stuckey from NZ idol.

Alysha impresses her crowds by wowing them with her strong vocal abilities. Her funny personality and witt is just a bonus and her determination and dedication to her music comes through when she is on stage performing. She was born for the stage, born a performer and her shows leave her crowds speechless and wanting more.



Written By: Alysha Black

How does it feel
to be broken inside?
so much anger,
you're trying to hide
ashamed of the person that you are
a broken excuse, a bleeding scar

how does it feel
to be the one that i hate?
don't say sorry,
it's way too late
a reputation sad and lame,
how can you feed off my shame?

Gonna bring you down
gonna take you down
in your thoughtless pride,
you drown
I won't be bought
won't be over-raught
I'm so much stronger then you thought.

How does it feel
now it's you i ignore
trying so hard
to be hardcore

trying so hard just to fit in
scared of the person lying within

Gonna bring you down
gonna take you down
in your thoughtless pride
you drown
I won't be bought
won't be over-raught
I'm so much stronger then you thought

The only thing that feeds your soul
is causing someone else's pain
now finally your time has come
you've only got yourself to blame

How does it feel?
how does it feel?
how do you feel?

Gonna bring you down
gonna take you down
in your reckless pride
you drown
I won't be bought
won't be over-raught
I'm so much stronger then you thought
yeah, I'm so much, stronger.


Alysha Black self titled Ep released in december 06.
Alysha Black - The hard way November - 07

Set List

how can you eat
you had me
cover by foo fighters - my hero
The hard way
Need me.