Alysia Wood

Alysia Wood

 Buffalo, New York, USA

National Lampoon Comedy Radio calls Alysia Wood "Hysterical!" Her ADD-fueled, unpredictable stand-up comedy is original, smart and relatable to all audiences. College audiences agree, "Wood can turn anything into a joke." She was selected by Campus Activities Magazine for Hot Comedian 2009.


Alysia Wood is one of the bright new faces to come out of the strong Seattle comedy scene. The Louisiana native has settled in Los Angeles, quickly becoming a regular at Hollywood comedy hot spots.

She was selected as a Hot Comedian of 2009 by Campus Activities Magazine. The Daily Eastern News agrees, "Wood can turn almost anything into a joke."

National Lampoon Comedy Radio on XM calls her Hysterical! and constantly airs her sound bites. She debuted on the prestigious, nationally-syndicated show "Bob & Tom", where her material was complimented as well-written well-structured.

In addition, Alysia was a finalist in numerous competitions, including the California's Funniest Female Competition. says, I love it when Alysia comes back to Seattle--she brings a little edge back to the Kingdom of Polite and always manages to have something surprising and very funny to say.

Another review from says, Be sure to watch this girl!


Alysia Wood Live at Comedy Underground

Set List

45 minutes of ADD-fueled, unpredictable stand-up comedy

"A spindly coil of energy" says the Daily News of Oregon

"caffeinated enthusiam" says Go Magazine