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New York City, New York, United States | INDIE

New York City, New York, United States | INDIE
Band EDM Singer/Songwriter


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"Monday, 5/15: Machu Picchu, Alyson Greenfield @ Mercury Lounge"

A very talented multi-instrumentalist who rocks the glockenspiel, percussion, guitar and haunting vocals that leaves a lasting impression. Kind of like a TuNe-yArDs meets Enya meets Beach House in a supremely listenable package. This is some breakthrough sunrise overcoming adversity shit. Check it out. - What The Musk

"MC Frontalot Brings Nerdcore to the Masses"

The show started off with a quirky Alyson Greenfield, her glockenspiel, and some adorable raps about the Canadian border patrol....Unlike most other self-aware scenes, there seemed to be an active welcoming of anyone....The players realized that behind the fashion and the obscure shout-outs is that small-but-important matter of the actual music. - Gothamist

"SXSW 2011: Alyson Greenfield Exclusive Acoustic Set"

South by Southwest wouldn't be South by Southwest without an exclusive (and outrageous) performance by Brooklyn’s Alyson Greenfield. Alyson is a singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and all-around genuine human being. Her music is both timeless and cutting edge, while at the same time being difficult to pigeon hole or fit into a cookie-cutter molding supplied by the last 25+ years of the music industry’s stonewalling.
Our readers may remember Alyson’s impromptu SXSW 2010 performance of Coolio’s “Gangsta’s Paradise” … if not, we recommend clicking HERE for the full experience. This year Alyson pulled no punches on original and inventive content; and as the video below portrays, she is a multi-faceted artist in every sense of the word.
Discover more insight into Alyson’s life as a musician, festival creator and “young girl in the music world” faced with the daunting task of filtering the good, the bad and the riff-raff which make up both professional and personal relationships in today's industry.
Ms. Greenfield also shares a couple exclusive and unreleased songs, the first of which is titled, “Uncharted Places”, a song that reminded us instantly of lifetimes worth of unspeakable knowledge along with a collective experience of life as seen through the eyes of virtually each and every possible element contained within this world.
Alyson soon traded in the Casio for a tabletop as her choice instrument during our session, and she totally ROCKED it folks; while at the same time reminding the listener that no matter what it is that one should desire in this world … the first step to acquiring it is to declare, out loud, your intent.
“You can’t expect to get anything if you don’t clearly communicate that you want something.” –Alyson Greenfield
- Women's

"Alyson Greenfield: Girls Rock!"

Satiating and seductive songs... original and inventive... definitely becoming a serious solo artist to keep an eye (and ear) on. - L.A. Examiner

"Tinderbox Music Festival Review"

For starters, Greenfield owned the crowd during her own set. The tiny-framed singer- songwriter rolled on stage with beat-boxing extraordinaire Masai Electro. The couple piqued curiosity with apparently very different styles, but made a progressive Tori Amos–backed–by–Doug E. Fresh sound. And when Greenfield performs solo, the stage becomes her playroom. Promising to play a song on any instrument that was given to her, she received a rainbow glockenspiel made for kids and played her own version of "Gangster's Paradise." She finished with her hilariously on-point first rap effort "Border Patrol."
- Venus Zine

"Alyson Greenfield Gets Her Glock(enspiel)"

Multi-instrumentalist Alyson Greenfield divides her time between organizing the Tinderbox Music Festival, playing energetic live shows and honing her eclectic sound. After releasing three albums on her own, Alyson teamed up Brooklyn label Roc-elle Records for her latest EP. We met up to chat about the album, Rock Out With Your Glockenspiel Out, on which she reinvents hip-hop and pop songs, using the glockenspiel. Really.

What made you decide to make a covers record?
Originally, I never thought I would do covers, but one night I was walking home from the train and I just started singing “Bad Boys” by Inner Circle. I do that a lot in New York; my steps are like a metronome and they give me the beat, and I try things out. So, I performed “Bad Boys” at Pete’s Candy Store and it went over really well. Once I did that, I started thinking of other songs to cover. I have always liked “Gangsta’s Paradise,” and I tried it on every instrument I have–I have many instruments–and then the glockenspiel came out. I realized that I had a theme there: I’m taking these hip-hop and pop songs, and making them my own sultry, singer-songerwriter-y ballad type of thing.

What was the process of getting permission from the artists like?
It’s pretty easy. There’s a company called Limelight which is really artist-friendly. You just type in the song, and you say how many copies are you making, and how long is your version is.

How long did it take you to make the album?
It took a full year, almost. I recorded it once at a friend’s home. Then I took it to an engineer and we decided that the recording quality wasn’t up to what we wanted, so then I re-recorded it. Then we mixed, mastered, and released it last July.

How did you get into playing the glockenspiel?
I was actually given three glockenspiels, at different times. I started off just playing piano and guitar, but since moving to New York, people have given me drums, glockenspiel, toy piano, melodica … The glockenspiel that I used for “Gangsta’s Paradise” was my friend’s glockenspiel from when she was a little kid.

What direction do you see your music going in the future?
Right now I’m working on a lot of dreamy, synth-y and dance things. So, I’m definitely looking for a bigger sound, maybe a little bit more produced, with lots of synths and strings, and some good percussion.

Catch Alyson and a female-centric line-up of performers at the Tinderbox Music Festival, which she organized, on Saturday, September 10 at Brooklyn Knitting Factory.
- Brooklyn Based

"AM NY Picks: Alyson Greenfield"

"This singer/songwriter relies on glockenspiels, synthesizers, and autoharps among other instruments to create the eclectic sound." - AM New York

"Alyson Greenfield Pares Down "Gangsta's Paradise" on Glockenspiel"

While some cover artists re-interpret known songs, Alyson Greenfield is one who goes for full on re-inventions. Her new EP of glockenspiel and piano-centric hip hop covers, entitled Rock Out with Your Glockenspiel Out, offers exercises in juxtaposition that work on many levels. Not only is she using an instrument straight out of third grade music class to play songs with adult lyrical themes, but her shimmering, simple sound and inflected vocals oppose almost every convention of hip-hop. This version of Coolio’s “Gangsta’s Paradise” shows her angle, putting such an unexpected twist on an otherwise fairly conventional track that it even transcends appeals to novelty.

Beyond the first impression, the performance and musical aspects of this cover are all really solid. Greenfield has a dramatic, powerful voice and handles the faster rapping sections impressively. She’s also developed some double-handed skills on her tiny rainbow glockenspiel that make “Hot Cross Buns” look even more like child’s play than it already did. The music video also has its strong moments, focusing once again on thematic juxtapositions like Alyson in a sundress leaning on a grimy chain-link fence. Watch the video and check out her entire EP below. - Cover Me

"Five Artists You Might Have Missed at the CMJ Music Marathon You Should Check Out"

Last Tuesday through Saturday the College Music Journal hosted their annual music marathon and film festival.

Even if you missed the marathon you can find your new favorite band from the CMJ line up. Here are five artists, uber underground to the oxymoronic mainstream indie who made appearances at the marathon you should definitely be listening to.

Alyson Greenfield
Alyson Greenfiled is far from a new name, having founded the Tinderbox music festival and cranked out four albums. Her latest tracks are covers, some hip-hop songs like “Milkshake” and “Mama said Knock You Out” treated to expansive piano chords and Alyson Greenfield’s vocal style, a cross between Regina Spektor and Jewel.

You should check her out if you always knew what “Gangster’s Paradise” was really missing was the xylophone. - The Faster Times

"Alyson Greenfield Live on 6th Street"

While surfing the streets of SXSW this last week Hunnypot's Hot Tub Johnny stumbled upon Women's Radio artist pick ALYSON GREENFIELD. The Drip Cam caught Alyson to a sporadic live freestyle of her song 'Border Patrol' with beatboxing by the guys from OxyMorrons. After wowing the crowd with her flow, Alyson gave a wicked rendition of Coolio's "Gangsta's Paradise." - Huunnypot Unlimited

"SXSW 2010: Alyson Greenfield Live and Unplugged on 6th St"

Alyson's reinvention of the massive hit song, 'Gangsta's Paradise' may not have had a full band, amplification, or Stevie Wonder, but her ambitious and mesmerizing voice coupled with no more than a glockenspiel and two mallets, set the streets of Austin on fire late in the afternoon on March 17th, 2010. - Women's

"Alyson Greenfield's Tuscaloosa"

Her tracks are mesmerizing.... she's also launched her Dear Lilith Fair blog, complete with title song to highlight all of the reasons why she should be selected for this year's line up. Even without the blog, they're pretty damn clear. - The WILD Honeypie

"Sugar and Sound: Alyson Greenfield"

It’s impossible to categorize her.... Her most recent album shuffles between your pleasant female singer-songwriter sound, almost harder folk edges, and even occasional electro sounds. And then she also raps and is starting a side project to showcase it. - Caketease

"CMJ 09: A Crash Mansion Affair"

She mixes poppy electro-beats and melodies with her unique voice and psychedelic lyrics. Alyson has the rare ability to change styles from song to song while maintaining a high quality sound. - Music Dish

"Concert Picks"

Alyson Greenfield | Friday, August 14 | 7:00 pm | $7 | Public Assembly, New York NY – Map | The saucy new wave-sounding vocal cousin of Natalie Merchant [okay, maybe not literally] will be playing in the back room of the venue with Soldier On Dear Friend and The Fearsome Sparrow. For more info, call (718) 384-4586. - Beatcrave

"Alyson Greenfield: Unique and Genuine"

"Alyson Greenfield is unique and genuine. Everything she does is honest. From her passionate, multi-layered piano playing, to her Spanish-style guitar strumming, sultry voice, deeply intelligent and humorous lyrics, and charismatic stage presence---this girl's got it all. I've never heard anything quite like her, and I can't wait to hear more."

--Dave Merenda, Grammy Award Winning Songwriter/Producer (Sarah McLachlan)
- Dave Merenda

"Six Songs Review"

Alyson Greenfield - "Six Songs" EP (2006)
by Brian Ball, Music Editor

When listening to Six Songs, the amount of talent exerted by Alyson Greenfield far exceeds the threshold of involvement demanded of the listener, therefore making it impossible to fathom the idea of skipping to the next track. Although Six Songs makes no claim to be anything other than what it is, it plays like a full length release, in a sense that the listener is taken on an expansive journey through sound and emotion. Albeit the EP finishes in just under twenty five minutes, the distance traveled, and peace of mind gathered, is far greater than one would have anticipated. Alyson displays her classical training and devotion to guitar and piano through the Six Songs EP, all while keeping her writing skilles honed, but not overpowering on songs like “My Honey” and “Good Looks”. Fans of Sarah Machlachlan, Tori Amos, Thom Yorke and Caroline Downie (to name a few) will be in for a seductive and satiating morsel of soundwaves when they stop by CDBaby to pick up their very own copy of Six Songs, the prelude to an upcoming full-length debut by Alyson Greenfield.


"Alyson Greenfield: Support Your Local Prodigy"

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Alyson Greenfield: Support Your Local Prodigy

When it comes to describing levels of talent, there are a few different descriptors that are commonly used: "Talented"; "Multi-talented"; and a third category, which Alyson Greenfield falls into, called "OK, now you're just showing off."

True, that last one is mainly used by insecure hacks like myself, but as I've pointed out before, one of the most reliable measurements of talent that I have is how lame I feel in comparison to the artist in question.

Of course, it's not Ms. Greenfield's fault that I'm insecure, so let me apply a much more positive descriptor: "Renaissance Woman". I'm not exaggerating here -- just read her bio. She started playing piano at age 11, and has been a fountain of creativity ever since. She's in the process of composing music and lyrics for an upcoming musical, and she also co-wrote the screenplay to a short film that was based on a story by, yes, Alyson Greenfield.

Most recently, however, she's been in the studio recording her first full-length album, while also touring the East coast, including some of NYC's most notable Indie venues. But you don't have to wait for the album: Ms Greenfield's EP, Six Songs, is out now.

An Ohio native, Alyson Greenfield's core musical genre could best be described (by me, at least) as Americana; but there are two cool piano ballads on the EP ("My Honey" and "Good Looks"), which I was naturally thrilled to find. Ms Greenfield is not averse to a little Rock & Roll as well, and I wouldn't mind seeing her explore more of that territory.

That is, when she's not pursuing a MFA in Creative Writing. In fact, she already looks a little like Sofia Coppola, and based on her creative talent, it's only a matter of time before Ms. Greenfield is directing too.

Like all intelligent people, Alyson Greenfield is an enthusiastic supporter of internet radio, and of the mission of ESTROGENIUS; so I told her that I would return the favor by sending some traffic her way (in case you missed the link above, that's Help me accomplish this one thing, and maybe I'll feel a little less inferior.

- Female Front Radio (

"Alyson Greenfield: Welcome to NYC"

Alyson Greenfield, recently transplanted from AL to Brooklyn, has just released her first full-length album entitled "Tuscaloosa" - name of the town she left in Alabama. Recorded with Denise Barbarita (David Byrne, Mary J Blige, Herbie Hancock), the album features Jason Mercer (Ani DiFranco, Ron Sexsmith) on bass and Geoff Hug (NYC Smoke) on drums. Alyson's music combines passionate piano, gutsy guitar, dreamy electronics, and often bold and feminist lyrics. The Deli welcomes Alyson to the NYC music scene. To check out this spunky, multi-genre performer, head to keep checking her myspace page for upcoming shows. - The Deli Magazine


Let's talk of unforgivable human interaction. Interesting metaphors, musing in solitude, eloquent examples of lyrical buoyancy and sensibility; minimalist serenity, serio-comic sensationalism, luminous production, spiky observation, roots rhythms; fresh melodies of substance, which are occupied by a grounded, rounded and articulate voice; take all of this into account and you will almost certainly get an idea of what this album conveys. Phew…

Opening track, Tuscaloosa is a stark, dark but appropriately augmented affair considering it's topic of choice. Song two beautifully glides and weaves in and out of variable vocal, instrumental notation and tempo. Stand out track - Human Behaviour is hauntingly uplifting and manages to fill an infinite mind space. Listen to this while night driving and you will understand what I mean. Do pay attention though; the song has the ability to relax the listener a little too much!

Offering number four cleverly borrows from unfortunate siblings - Jack and Jill. Intrigued…take a listen, empathise then tumble unhurt into song five, get up onto your feet and dance for 'The Young Girl in the Music World'. 'Sometimes I' would like to become an instrument, Alyson has chosen to be a Glockenspiel, join her folks and lose 'yourself' in intensity and brooding expectation.

Understand the Sky is sublime, the sky is sublime and so is the sea. I will never really understand them but from now on, I will attempt to consider their meaning more carefully. Final songs, 'Johnny' and 'Chiapas' appear to be contemplative explorations of wants and needs. They are audio-visual and lyrical journeys of regret, longing and human decency, which in terms of emotional, human value systems; the songs sit somewhere between a deep sense of what is right with and what is not across the broad spectrum of human values and relationships.

Overall, this is a genuine and thoroughly engrossing piece of artistry that smacks of good things to come.

- La Zine

"Tuscaloosa Review"

The strangest thing is her songs remind me of how The Simpsons are written. How… the beginning of a song and the end to a song sound completely different, and only in hearing the whole thing at once will you be convinced it’s the same song....I can think of a pretty wide collection of friends of mine who would really love to give a listen...I’m thinking of the people who are a little bit hippy-ish, and those who always have had a penchant for all things "on the strange side of normal." - Big Rock Finish

"NYC Artist on the Rise: Alyson Greenfield"

Alyson Greenfield treads in the footsteps of female powerhouses like Tori Amos, Joni Mitchell, Ani DiFranco , Annie Lennox, and even Sinead O’Connor—a group diverse enough to reflect Greenfield’s versatility. Her recent album Tuscaloosa, named for a town she once called “home,” showcases Greenfield’s unharnessed creativity from piano driven alterna-rock with octave hopping vocal twists to 80s-style synth backed pieces and even occasional sidesteps to a verse or two of poetic spoken word. Greenfield’s earthy, liberal lyrics hint at her literary and academic background and penchant for telling a story. –Erin O'Keefe - The Deli

"Concert Picks"

Time to stop working for the weekend and start enjoying it. Here are some great shows for you to check out East and West coasters…

Alyson Greenfield | Friday, August 14 | 7:00 pm | $7 | Public Assembly, New York NY – Map | The saucy new wave-sounding vocal cousin of Natalie Merchant [okay, maybe not literally] will be playing in the back room of the venue with Soldier On Dear Friend and The Fearsome Sparrow.
- Beatcrave

"Must-See Comfest Set"

Columbus Alive June 22, 2006

Local Music Overload
One of the best things about Comfest is the incredible amount of great music being created all over Goodale Park, all at the same time. But it's also frustrating-- there's just no way to catch it all. To help maximize your fun this weekend, June 23-25, the "Alive" staff has come up with our lists of must-see Comfest sets.

Alyson Greenfield
Friday, 10:30p.m.
Solar Stage

Fans of Tori Amos or Sarah McLachlan might suppose Alyson Greenfield to be merely a piano-driven chanteuse with a sultry voice, but a closer inspection of her resume reveals a local renaissance woman of sorts.

Composing contemporary classical piano music since age 11, Greenfield picked up the guitar at 14 and has since split her time between touring, graduate studies in creative writing, becoming an award-winning independent screenwriter, composing a full-length musical and appearing in several music videos, most notably "Lyric" by Zwan. This Friday, you can decide for yourself if she's worth the buzz she's garnering from independent critics and podcasts.

- Columbus Alive

"Tuscaloosa Inspiration: Alyson Greenfield Launches Her New CD"

By Erica Crabtree Mossholder

“The trees look like bones here,” sings Alyson Greenfield, an Ohio native transplanted to Tuscaloosa to obtain her MFA in Creative Writing. Greenfield, a writer, musician, teacher, and personal friend, says that Tuscaloosa has deeply influenced her in the three years that she has been here.

I found Alyson on Myspace … or rather, my husband did, when looking for local musicians to feature in our gallery at upcoming art shows. My husband, a self-proclaimed unmusic person, was instantly drawn to Alyson’s passionate piano melodies and sultry voice. He called me over to listen to the songs, and I was fascinated by her lyrics and the messages they conveyed. We contacted Greenfield and she agreed to play our grand opening.

I remember the first time Alyson came into the store. I had undoubtedly told her to come by via Myspace but forgot, so when she flung open the door and said, “Erica! I’m Alyson!” I was slightly confused. Now, mind you, Alyson was wrapped in two jackets, jeans and boots, and had on a large, colorful knit hat and I had only seen her in Myspace pictures. I stammered, “Which Alyson?” knowing several, and in what I consider a telling statement (and a cool personal affirmation) she said, “Alyson the musician.” We connected over conversation and began planning her performance at the art opening.

Since then, my husband and I have spent a lot of time with Alyson, developing a true friendship and working on creative collaborations. One reason I love Alyson is because I feed off of the energy she brings to the room. She is always upbeat and enthusiastic, and even in my grumpiest moods, Alyson can make me smile. Sadly to me, she is moving to New York City at the end of this month, but I know the future holds amazing opportunities for Ms. Greenfield.

ECM: So tell me a little bit about yourself pre-Tuscaloosa.

AG: I received my undergraduate degree from University of Wisconsin in English, with a focus on Creative Writing, and a minor in Women’s Studies. After that, I lived in Chicago for a year, where I was on the Board of the National Organization for Women, implemented a creative writing program in a local public elementary school, and ran a young woman’s empowerment resource project. Then I lived in Ohio, where I am originally from, and taught several subjects including French and dance, at a charter school for the arts. I decided I wanted to focus more on my writing, so I applied to MFA programs in creative writing and selected UA as the best fit for me. However, a month after I accepted the offer at UA, I started playing shows with a back-up band. I had been writing songs since I was about 12, but I had never felt comfortable to perform publicly, until that point – the month immediately preceding my move to Tuscaloosa. I played shows all summer before moving here and really enjoyed playing live. It made me realize I wanted to get serious about my music. Finding myself in the MFA program at UA, I had to learn to balance my music and my writing, since I was trying to do both professionally.

ECM: How has the atmosphere of the University and the community of Tuscaloosa influenced you?

AG: I found it difficult at first to find a music community here, being a female singer/songwriter. I hadn’t met many others female musicians here. I tried playing at several local venues and was repeatedly asked if I played covers. I told them I did more of an original set and it wasn’t really working out … so I was a little disappointed to not be able to locate a venue that encouraged my style of music.

Then, thankfully, I met David Allgood, Manager of the Bama Theatre, and we started a conversation about his idea to host singer/songwriter nights. He had also noticed the lack of a local venue that offered a “listening room” feel, where the audience focused more on the lyrics and music that the musicians played. He decided to start the Acoustic Music Series at the Bama Theatre in the Greensboro Room. I played the first Acoustic Night and then helped David to find other local and national acts to play future nights. Performing at the acoustic nights helped me find a comfortable venue to play in Tuscaloosa.

This year, however, has been really different in Tuscaloosa. I found One Night Only (or they found me), and through Facebook and Myspace, I’ve been invited to play at community music events, like Tuscapalooza, the Fountain Music Series at the Ferg, Earthfest, and the Bandit Magazine Launch Party. This year, I felt like I have started to become a part of the Tuscaloosa community and music scene. I am always seeking to be a part of a community with my music, so playing events that bring people together has been really fun and rewarding to me.

ECM: Tell me a little bit about your upcoming CD and your CD release party at the Bama?

AG: I am really, really excited about this CD. It is my first full-length CD, entitled Tuscaloosa, because I wrote a lot of the songs here and living in Tuscaloosa has been a big influence in my life these past three years. I started recording it by myself in true DIY fashion, but became really overwhelmed, so I started working with Denise Barbarita , a producer/engineer in New York City. I have been going back and forth to NYC to record the rest of the CD. I had a local drummer, who now lives in NYC, Geoff Hug, and Jason Mercer, Ani DiFranco’s former bassist, play on my CD. It was really great to get to work with Jason. (Alyson makes this comment starry eyed!)

The CD release party will be May 21, at the Bama Theatre. The doors open at 7:30pm. My fellow MFA student in creative writing, musician, and friend, Jeremy Hawkins, will be opening the show at 8pm. It will be my last show in Tuscaloosa before I leave to move to NYC.

ECM: How has your music evolved on this project?

AG: I am working with a few different genres on this CD. My last project, “Six Songs,” was mostly piano and voice. I am excited for people to hear this CD because I am featuring electronic sounds, as well as jazz and folk influences.

ECM: What do want to accomplish with this CD?

AG: I want to put my music more out there in the world. That’s why I am moving to NYC – to find and grow in a music and art community there. I am not sure what is going to happen, but I am definitely pursuing my career in the music industry passionately and professionally.

ECM: What do you mean by “The trees look like bones here?”

AG: Have you seen them? They do.

Make sure to attend Alyson Greenfield’s CD Release Party May 21 at the Bama Theatre.

--Erica Crabtree Mossholder

- Planet Weekly


Rock Out With Your Glockenspiel Out (2011) EP
Only Silence (2011) EP
Tuscaloosa (2008) LP
Six Songs (2006) EP



ALYSON GREENFIELD experiments with pianos, synthesizers, glockenspiels, chord organs, drums, autoharps, strings, and beatboxers to create her "eclectic sound" (AM NEW YORK), chock-full of "satiating and seductive songs" (LA EXAMINER). As well as having shared the stage with indie-folk favorites Jenny Owen Youngs and Holly Miranda, Greenfield is no stranger to the electro and hip hop scenes. Future Rock's remix of her song "Understand the Sky" was released on the Chicago-based electronica trio's recent album "Live at Wicker Park," and the original version of the song currently appears in Josh Stolberg's (Good Luck Chuck, Pirhana 3D) newest feature film CONCEPTION. Greenfield's most recent release, ROCK OUT WITH YOUR GLOCKENSPIEL OUT, an album of hip-hop covers has gained media attention, especially for her "re-inventions" (COVER ME) of Coolio's "Gangsta's Paradise" on a glockenspiel and L.L. Cool J's "Mama Said Knock You Out" on a baby grand piano, which has led her to share the stage with hip hop acts including Rahzel, Raaka (Dialted Peoples), and DJ Johnny Juice (Public Enemy). In addition to being a songwriter and performer, Greenfield is also the Founder/Director of the TINDERBOX MUSIC FESTIVAL, an annual Brooklyn-based event showcasing emerging female musicians, and giving back to local non-profits empowering young women through the arts. The festival has grown quickly since its formation in 2010, garnering press from the NEW YORK TIMES, TIME OUT NEW YORK, BILLBOARD, BROOKLYN VEGAN, and more.