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Alyssa Sequoia

Nyack, NY | Established. Jan 01, 2000 | SELF | AFM

Nyack, NY | SELF | AFM
Established on Jan, 2000
Band Pop Folk


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ALYSSA: Sultry, smoky and sexy are three words that come to mind when thinking about this gifted artist and her 5-song self-titled debut CD. Alyssa is a compelling mixture of blues, pop, an hip-hop with a touch of classic rock and psychadelia thrown in for good measure. On this CD you'll hear uniquely crafted sounds that were created by combining Indian and African percussion, sitar, cello, steel guitar, funky keys, and more. Alyssa draws from her wide-ranging influences that include - Sarah Vaughn, Tracy Chapman, Bryan Ferry, Paul Simon, Peter Gabriel, Seal, and Ziggy Marley - among others, to create a tasty and tempting tease of things to come. We're looking forward to hearing more from her soon!

• Recommended Tracks: (2002 CD Review by Richard J. Lynch for -

"LA Weekly"

"Alyssa's unique musical style is as diverse as the city that she grew up in. Here in her 5 track EP this indie artist shines as she uses a variety of exotic instrumentation to create a pop/crossover CD/EP that is filled with songs destined to be the next hymns on the street." - LA Weekly


This 5 song EP is somthing special. It's a real treat for listeners. Alyssa brings a fresh, ethereal sound that is hypnotic at times. I absolutely love the track "Beats" with its international flavor, spliced with a great techno/hip hop sound that is not overdone. Another stand out track is "Fade From Me". Alyssa brilliantly shines on this CD!

-Madalyn Sklar - GoGirlsMusic.Com


Alyssa, "AlyssA"

Defining Alyssa's self-titled debut EP is no easy task. It's apparent that her style is influenced by styles as diverse as gospel, jazz, hip-hop and folk, but on many of the songs it comes across more like poetry with a beat than traditional music.

That's not a bad thing as the songs are still catchy and have solid melodies. It's just that the flow of the songs is so smooth that it's almost hypnotic. Supposedly, all music is art, but Alyssa's songs seem to be in a different league artistically than most bands today.

The EP's opening track, "No White Dove" is a great example of that. The song is extremely simple and features very little instrumentation other than Alyssa's voice, but her vocal delivery is incredibly smooth and rhythmic.

The same can be said of "Beats" and "Getcha Groove On", though "Beats" has more of a hip-hop feel, while "Getcha Groove On" has more of a tribal feel and "No White Dove" is closest to gospel.

The tribal fel on some of the numbers is caused not only by the rhythms but by her exotic use of instrumentation like Indian and African percussion. "Endless Search" and "Fade From Me" are both mellower numbers that have a folksy feel to them.

Alyssa's beautiful voice is like icing on the cake. The songs are strong enough that just about anyone with a passable voice could make them palatable. Alyssa's voice is much more than that.

She has a nice upper range and tenderness to her delivery that makes it seem like she is singing just for you.

Music lovers who are looking for somthing different would be doing themselves a favor by checking her out. - PC Gazette


2016 Queen Anne's Lace Full Album

2008 "within" Full Album

2002 'AlyssA' 5 Track EP



Alyssa Grew up in Westchter County NY - She was deeply inspired by the music found in her family record collection with its extreme diversity from Simon and Garfunkle to Sarah Vaughn to stand-up comics and so much more it became her world. With no formal music education Alyssa's earliest memories are of writing songs. She began singing her originals, and jazz standards in cafes and clubs in NYC when she was nineteen and began to explore her sound - an eclectic mix of jazz, folk, rap, world and soul. Alyssa has continued preforming in NY and beyond and s still exploring her sound today - She has recorded 2 full length albums "~within~", "Queen Annes Lace", and two five songs albums, "Flow With Me" and "Alyssa Live" along with various singles and re-mixes. Alyssa's music can be heard on radio stations across the country and Europe.