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Alyssa Baker

Toronto, Canada | Established. Jan 01, 2016 | SELF

Toronto, Canada | SELF
Established on Jan, 2016
Solo Pop Singer/Songwriter


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"Lost & Found Music Studios stars perform pitch-perfect Ariana Grande medley"

Kurt Hugo Schneider recruited the stars of Netflix’s Lost & Found Music Studios for his latest collaboration, an Ariana Grande medley so sleek that it would be perfectly at home on the pop star’s upcoming record.

Along with Schneider, Alex Zaichkowski, Levi Randall, Maranda Thomas, Alyssa Baker, and more Lost & Found stars ran through Grande’s “One Last Time,” “Break Free,” “Love Me Harder,” “Bang Bang,” “The Way,” “Focus,” and “Problem” as they made their way through the YouTube star’s home, weaving seamlessly from track to track.

According to a behind-the-scenes clip posted by Schneider, the music video was indeed shot in one take as it appears — but it took five hours to get it right.

Schneider’s recent collaborations include a cover of “Piece By Piece” featuring Sam Tsui and Kirsten Collins, as well as a cover of Justin Bieber’s “Sorry” that has topped a whopping 7 million views.

Meanwhile, Lost & Found Music Studios is a Degrassi-style teen soap that first debuted in Canada and is now streaming on Netflix as of April 1. According to a network description, the series follows “Teen singer-songwriters in an elite music program [who] form bonds of friendship, creativity, and romance while turning their passion into their profession.” See a trailer below. - Entertainment Weekly


Like most music lovers, I enjoy discovering new artists and tunes. They can be found suggested in streaming services like YouTube or Spotify, and also found performing live near you. Local, unsigned, seasoned, on the charts, or making a comeback – there’s a lot of great talent and diversity out there.

1) Alyssa Baker

Alyssa has been performing music and live theatre across Vancouver almost her entire life, starting to sing at the age of four. Keeping busy with acting work on YouTube and television, Alyssa has nevertheless found time to release two EPs and play many live shows, even touring to other parts of Canada and the U.S. Her latest EP, Undone, was released just over a week ago and signifies an evolution in her musical and performance style. While her previous work has dealt mostly in an indie-pop format, Alyssa’s new work contains elements of electronica and dream-pop. All pretty impressive for someone who’s not even 20 yet!

Must-hear: “Spark,” “Invisible Days,” “Timebomb” - The Permanent Rain Press


Cafe Deux Soleils is a lovely little venue in the heart of Commercial Drive, with an all-vegetarian menu and a damn fine cup of hot cocoa. It has the perfect stage that doubles as a children’s area when not in use – ensuring everyone can “play” in this space when needed. Seeing a concert in this coffee shop is always cozy and wonderful. The lineup on Saturday, March 8th featuring Twin Bandit, Ben Everyman, and Alyssa Baker was no exception.

The female duo Twin Bandit hit the stage right after 9 PM. Hannah Walker and Jamie Elliott brought a calming, almost retro element to the show. Listening to their soft harmonies of original folk melodies made me feel as if I was back in time listening to Joni Mitchell or Joan Baez, perhaps curled up in a small cafe in the heart of the 1960s. Even their simple stage outfits and overall appearance flickered an essence of serenity to the entire audience. They were truly a beautiful warm-up act, and someone I’ll never forget. Seeing them in a small cafe on a rainy Saturday night was truly a memorable and soothing experience.

Next up was local country singer Ben Everyman, performing solo with a guitar and harmonica. His stage presence was memorable before the show even began, as he was accompanied on stage by the top half of a female mannequin with his name written across her chest. His set was short but memorable, accompanied by stage banter, jokes, and catchy satirical songs. Ben has the feel of any young country singer playing at a festival, but adds the bonus of his humour and small stage.

Last in line was the headliner Alyssa Baker and her accompanying band. Alyssa’s self-titled EP had been released the same day, and she had been greeting and signing CDs for the audience all night. At only sixteen years old, Alyssa conveys a musical essence of happiness, elation, and a promising future. Her voice is absolutely lovely with a soft vocal range that compliments her upbeat melodies. While giving each of her band members stage time to show off their skills, Alyssa displayed a variety of solo talent. In addition to her beautiful voice, Alyssa demonstrated her abilities on the guitar and piano. She even played completely solo on a couple of songs.

Alyssa’s original songs are upbeat, catchy, mature, and demonstrate a unique personalized blend of Alyssa’s life and interests. Her first single “I Like You… Or Something” is a fun live song featuring quirkyness and awkwardness – somewhat relatable to many teenagers. Another of her notable songs is “Timebomb,” a somewhat sadder melody based on one of Alyssa’s favorite books, the tear-jerking The Fault In Our Stars.

What was perhaps equally if not more so impressive in the live show was Alyssa’s choice of covers. Her first one was the high-energy “On Top of the World” by Imagine Dragons, a crowd favorite. She later took a softer route and played “1234” by Feist – one of my personal favorites, and a perfect choice for Alyssa’s image and blend of music. One of her final songs was a solo performance of Toto’s “Africa” on the piano – quite an ambitious cover, and something that completely blew me away. It was unexpected, unusual, and perhaps the best song of the night. Alyssa’s voice worked wonderfully in the rendition, and it was absolutely astounding to see this live. The audience noticed it, too – it seemed Alyssa truly blessed the rains down on not Africa but Commercial Drive that magical night. - The Permanent Rain Press

"Meet Folk-Pop Songwriter, Alyssa Baker"

Meet Alyssa Baker, a 17 year old Canadian cutie who is taking the music world by storm with her unique storytelling. Alyssa’s self-titled EP was released last March.

We adore Alyssa’s self-titled EP because it’s super quirky, each song showcases a different phase of a relationship, and together the songs tell us a story. We sat down with Alyssa and discussed all things songwriting, life, and where she finds inspiration.

the Lala: We love your new EP! Can you tell us a little bit about how you came up with the concept of it telling the story of a relationship?

Alyssa: I’m so glad you like the EP! So nice to hear! It’s actually kind of funny because I find that I naturally gravitate towards writing songs about relationships, so when it came down to choosing the best 4 songs for the EP they all happened to be about relationships. It turned out really well because they all communicate different aspects of a relationship and when I was picking the order of the songs I realized this. I decided to order them in the way that strung together the songs to tell the story of a single relationship.

the Lala: What are some of your musical goals for 2015?

Alyssa: My musical goals for 2015 are to promote my EP which was released on March 8th, to release two official music videos for my recorded songs, to release a Christmas single in the winter, and organize a tour for the summer.

the Lala: What is a typical day in the life of Alyssa Baker like?

Alyssa: A typical day in my life is like this: I’m a full time grade 12 student, so I wake up, get ready and head to school at 8:56. I have a full day of classes and usually after school I head to a music or dance class, and then do homework. I end up missing a lot of school for a variety of music opportunities such as recording, interviews, video shoots, performing etc., so I often find myself playing catch-up. When I get the chance, I hang out with friends and family.

the Lala: Wow, that’s quite a busy schedule! Where do you find inspiration and what does your songwriting process consist of?

Alyssa: I find inspiration from everything I observe in life. Some of my songs are about myself and some I make up, but they all capture feelings that I’ve felt before. I find it most natural to write about relationships. My songwriting process usually begins with chords or a picking pattern. Next, I start singing different melody lines and try out different lyrics to go with it. Once I find something I like, I build from there.

the Lala: What is the most memorable experience you have had while playing a show?

Alyssa: The most memorable experience I’ve had at a show is the whole evening of my EP release party. I had a sold-out house and it was amazing that so many people came out to support me. I was so shocked and overwhelmed by the turn out. It was one of my most successful shows and the first time I’ve played live with a band, which was a great experience. It was incredible! - The Lala

"‘Lost & Found Music Studios’ Cast Perform Ariana Grande Medley With Kurt Schneider!"

Our current obsession? This AMAZING medley! Kurt, who’s been known to collab with some of our all-time faves, teamed up with a few cast members of “Lost & Found Music Studios” a.k.a our current Netflix binge-watch! The talented artists put together a must-watch medley of Ariana Grande’s biggest hits and we’re pretty sure you’re going to LOVE it. Watch right here:

Amazing, right?! Don’t forget to follow the talented bunch on Twitter so you can stay connected! :)
Kurt: @KurtHSchneider
Alyssa: @AlyssaBaker
Alex: @HavelinOfficial - POPSTAR!


Vancouver singer-songwriter Alyssa Baker is the latest to be featured in our 2016 “Local Band / Musician of the Year” spotlight! The emerging artist released her EP, Undone, in July, and continues to be seen on the small screen in Family Channel’s Lost & Found Music Studios. Read our co-founder, Chloe’s, words on her exciting year - and then vote, of course!


Alyssa has had a whirlwind year. She made her acting debut as Maggie in Family Channel’s Lost & Found Music Studios, perfecting the portrayal of a talented young songwriter finding her own voice in the prestigious program—while dealing with boy and friendship drama, ah teenagers. On the music front, Alyssa released her EP, Undone, this past summer. Finding her niche with a blend of indie pop, electronica, and warm acoustics, the new release carries a maturity and quirkiness in its sound.

Take “Dancing With Giants,” its reflective themes accented by the use of charming keys, while “Pretend Some More” dances between drum, jangly piano and whistling notes. Along with her L&F co-stars, Alyssa held her own in YouTube covers including Kurt Hugo Schneider’s Ariana Grande Medley, and The Chainsmokers’ “Don’t Let Me Down” with Madilyn Bailey. A visit to her own channel is a fun one, filled with covers of popular music, original songs, Q&As, and more-so lifestyle videos with style tips, her roommates, and a cookie dough recipe.

Our outlet has been familiar with Alyssa since 2014, and finally got the opportunity to chat with her in June. She’s no longer based in Vancouver (now living in Toronto), but it is so wonderful to see her succeeding back east. What’s immediately striking is her bubbly personality, kindness, and constant interaction with fans online. Musically, I’m quickly drawn to the expression in Alyssa’s tunes, her soft but peppy vocals a spark in the always dynamic melodies. Can I mention that she also has a killer love for the cutest vintage clothes? It will be a pleasure to watch Alyssa continue to grow as an artist and in the entertainment industry, we can only hope that she continues to share love for her hometown back in Vancouver—I’m sure she will! - Permanent Rain Press


Self-titled EP, released March 8, 2014

Undone EP, released July 1, 2016. 



Nineteen year-old Alyssa Baker unveiled her sophomore EP, Undone, on July 1st, 2016, to fan praise and welcoming media. Undone is a follow-up to her successful, self-titled, debut EP, released in 2014. Undone showcases Alyssa’s evolution as a songwriter and a new, more mature sound, described by Alyssa as, “moody dream-pop, with hints of electronica”. The five tracks featured demonstrate Alyssa’s lyrical strength and unique voice, and highlight her move away from her indie, folk-pop roots, towards a more alternative sound. 

Undone was produced by long-time voice coach and mentor, Andy Toth, and co-produced by Alyssa. The first track, Invisible Days, inspired the EP’s title and is Alyssa’s favourite of all of the songs she has ever written. Fine, track #4, is often compared to Lana Del Rey; the catchy hook and nontraditional pop vibe make it a fan favourite. Alyssa’s debut EP was released in 2014 and lead to amazing opportunities. Most notably, Alyssa performed on the historic Broadway strip in Nashville, Tennessee, and completed a 10-city tour of British Columbia. 

Some of Alyssa’s most recent successes have included multiple trips to LA to collaborate with well-known YouTube musical sensations. A collaboration between Kurt Hugo Schneider, Alyssa, and three other artists, has surpassed 2 million views on YouTube and was featured on the popular online entertainment news source, Entertainment Weekly. Alyssa has also collaborated with Madilyn Bailey (834,000 views), and Christian Collins, also known as WeeklyChris (647,000 views). 

In 2015, Alyssa was cast in the role she is perhaps best-known for. She plays Maggie, a driven, multi-talented, somewhat complex singer songwriter in the new TV teen drama, Lost & Found Music Studios, which airs world-wide on Netflix, Family Channel and CBBC. A spin-off from the sensation The Next Step, Lost & Found tells the story of young musicians participating in an elite, after-school music program, as they struggle to make it in the music industry, navigate the challenges of being teen-agers, and struggle to find their authentic voice. Popstar! online published a feature on Alyssa for her work in this role.

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