Alyssa Faye Sanders

Alyssa Faye Sanders


Inspiring and heartfelt describe Alyssa's writing and delivery style. It's really hard to compare her to anyone. She has style that's all her own. she'll make you laugh and cry at the same time.


Alyssa sat quietly and watched as her father's band set up the stage for practice in their tiny little living room. She was only five then.They lived in a small trailer out in quiet New Ellington S.C. off the beaten path. She had stars in her eyes dreaming that one day, she would be like her dad up there in front of that mic.

Freddie Sanders was his name and he was one the best guitar players in the southeast. He would sometimes let Alyssa get up on the mic. She loved to sing Karen carpenters, " I feel the earth move" .

By the time she began kindergarten, Lisa had written her first song "It's just A Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich." She was waiting for the school bus and sitting at her dad's place at the mic, found a beat and a love that would never leave her soul.

Now 30 years later Alyssa finds her inspiration from her father in heaven and has more fire than ever before.

You can find Alyssa Faye performing her songs in Austin, Texas at the Hill's cafe. In Nashville, Tn she performs at the Nashville Palace across from the world famous Grand Ole Opry and Opryland Hotel, Tootsies and Dixieland on Broadway and The Bluebird Cafe off of Hillsboro Pike. Check out the calender of her upcoming performances.


A Daddy Someday

Written By: Alyssa Faye Sanders

She paid her bills on time
Tucked her baby in at nine.
Washed the dishes did the laundry
mopped the floor
They've been alone now
seven years have passed
the daddy by
He don't come round here no more

She's a strong gentle woman
alone raising a kid
She'd give her son the best
if it was the last thing she ever did
She dreams and Prays
Somewhere somehow Someway
He'll have a daddy someday

This Life that she now lives
wasn't quite what she had planned
But she'd do it all again for the sake
of her baby's chance
She hopes the next time
she gives her heart away
will be to a man that loves
them both and is there to stay

She's a Strong gentle woman
Alone rainsing a kid
She'd give her son the best
if it was the last thing she ever did
she Dreams and Prays
somewhere somehow someway
he'll have a daddy someday

No she won't go out
and search for a man
you see in her eyes
that's not part of God's plan

She dreams and prays...
somewhere somehow someway
He'll have a daddy someday

Uncharted Waters

Written By: Alyssa Faye Sanders/Micheal Colbert

Nothings sure to come for a ship that sits in the harbor
wasted days shall only bring the same today tomorrow

To only dream a dreamers dream
You can't have what you can't conceive
To limit yourself to what you have been told and settle for just what lies in your reach

If you think you cant you wont
Only thinkin bout what could have been
staring at a lifeless map
no wind, no waves, no weather

So haul up you anchor Leave all your doubts by the shore
Brace yourself for the currents change
Look at your reflection upon the water tell yourself you can stand the waves

Go live that dreamers dream
Stake your claim on those uncharted waters
Dont you quit until you have achieved
Make that dream reality

Nothings sure to come for a ship that sits in the harbor
So haul up your anchor and hoist your sails, theres a world across the water

A God In Heaven

Written By: Alyssa Faye Sanders

Always looking for someone to blame
Finding fault with my neighbors ways
Cant sing the song amazing Grace
To ashamed of the mess Ive made

If there's a God in Heaven
Who knows my name
Could you tell him that I need him
I can't show my face
If there's a God in heaven
Who'd look my way
Could you tell him that Im sorry
Im sinking fast Im about to break

What happen to that little Girl
The one that said she could change the world
With her little hands and her big bold heart
Help me find her its gettin dark

If there's a God in Heaven, Who knows her name
Could you tell him that she needs him
She can't find her way
If there's God in heaven
Who can get her back
Wont you tell him that I'll help him
Get her right on track
If there's a God in Heaven
If there's a God in Heaven

Its been several years down this road that I'm on
It's such a long way back

If there's a God in Heaven
Who knows my name
Tell him I need direction
Back from where I came

Forever Ocean

Written By: Alyssa Faye Sanders

There's a place I know where all my dreams are kept
In his hands he holds my future
My mistakes he soon forgets
Though sometimes I feel I'm lost beneath the tide
In the forever ocean

There's a time and place for each and every plan
He just wants us to rely on him use the patience that he grants
For the dreams that I hold dear he'll make a way
Through the forever ocean

Can you hear it calling you
Close your eyes; Feel the wind
He is there; It is him
In the forever ocean

When you've gotten so far from him in your day
And you feel in your heart you have slowly drifted away
He shouts out through the rapid tides
Whispers through the trees
He's calling you from that seashell on the sand

Can you hear him calling you
Close your eyes; feel the wind
He is there; It is him
In the forever ocean

Can you hear him calling you?
Are you lost and confused
Close your eyes; Feel the wind
He is there; It is him
In the forever ocean

That's Why You're Gone

Written By: Alyssa Faye Sanders

I'm trapped within myself lost without a trace
All I can see anymore is the anger on your face
You have stripped me of my dignity
washed away my dreams
left me shattered on the floor while you drown in your whiskey

You know that's how you leave me stranded and confused
Though you know you do me wrong
You confess with your tongue
I could never you still I just whither underneath your thumb
That is why your gone

That is why your gone
Your jealous rage the invisible cage
Those hateful disapproving looks That smeark upon you face
because of you I'm so alone
This is why your gone

As I crumble to the floor underneath your shadow
My worlds crashing down; no more that I can handle
You tell me to hang on you'll change and throw away your whiskey
I have prayed for my last breath
Given more than I can take
but I find that each day passes it's the same you different day
This is why your gone

This Is Why your gone
Your jealous rage the invisible cage
Those hateful disapproving looks
That smeark upon your face
Because of you I was so alone
So this is why your gone
This is why your gone
This is why your gone

I Want To Fly

Written By: Alyssa Faye Sanders

You built me up just to tear me down
Took away my daddys name while you held me on the ground
encouraging words soon turn to dust
I feel just like a bird in cage
While you take my spirit away

The ice did not have time to melt in your empty whiskey glass
As you pour another drink my head falls to my lap
I don't say a word as you raise your hand
I just crumble at your shadow and I pray

I want to fly....
Am I a free bird in your eyes
My dreams they could fill your skys
Set me free...
I want to fly

Society pushes you to take shape to a certain mold
They think they know whats best for you
But my wings wont let me settle for the price they have to pay
When the taxes and that mortgage are past due

I love my friends and family but they don't seem to understand what it is that makes me
My visions bigger than a mortgage and T.V.
I hope they understand
This is who I am....

I Want to Fly....
I'm a free bird in God's eyes
and my dreams they fill his skies
Set me free....
I want to Fly

If I never get the chance to prove them wrong
If I never have the things that they own
If I die chasing dreams in that sky
I hope he understands
I hope he'll say.........

You can fly...
You're a free bird in my eyes
and your dreams they filled my skies
and he sets me free.......

I want to fly.......
Let me fly..........
I want to fly.......
Let me Fly.......................

Lyrics and Music written by Alyssa Faye sanders February 2007. copywrite 2-2007 all rights reserved


1. Somtimes
2. A Daddy Someday
3. Goin' Country
4. That is Why Your Gone
5. A God In Heaven
6. Don't Want to See The Light
7. The Notebook
8. Front Line
9. Shelly Marie Townsend
10. Hear My Cry

Set List

Alyssa Faye Sanders performs 1-4 hour sets and participates in several writers rounds. Provided is an example list of her set- providing an all original music show.

Where are you going?
Astrological Sign
Hear My Cry
A Daddy Someday
Goin' Country
Front Line
Shelly Marie Townsend
Another Heart she Broke
Homerun Girl
The Notebook
That's why you're Gone
A God In Heaven
Don't want to See the Light
Forever Ocean
Uncharted Waters