Alyssa Sommers

Alyssa Sommers


My sound I think is considered "pop country" with a rock feel


I am a 16 Year old female vocalist from Baltimore Maryland with an experienced song writing team. I am currently working with a very good manager and some of the best musicians in the world. The players on my CD are some of the same players you hear with Brooks & Dunn, Reba, Daryl Worley, Garth Brooks, Mel McDaniels to name a few.My influences are Alanis Morrisette, Lots of female country artists, Avril Lavigne, Jewel, Evenescance. Besides my main website :, I have sites on and Myspace (there are links on my main website)



Written By: Alyssa & Charles Sommers

Remember when I was 2 and I sang you that song?
My hair was all frizzed out and the words were wrong
I'd wake up every morning then without a care
But now and then I call to you but youre not there
But I dont
I dont know why
Why couldnt you try? Just a little more
Sometimes I think about you when its late at night
I know I shouldnt worry about you but thats alright
I know the things that you have done were so damn wrong
And thats the reason why I went and wrote this song
But I dont
I think about the years gone by
I think Im gonna spread my wings and fly
Why couldnt you try?
I dont know why
Why couldnt you try?
I dont cry
But let me wipe my eyes



I have just released my first demo..self-titled

Set List

My set is 45 minutes and may include a cover or two depending on the situation