On the sexy cusp of electro house meets pop underground. The music is about the girl and for the girl. Unbelievable rhythms make you dance, heartwarming melodies, floor-pounding kicks & break beats, hi-tech synthesizers and deep electro bass lines.


Electronic musical producer, singer and Dj, aM22 a.k.a Alexandre Marc a.k.a Mr.22 is an elegant, chic European looking guy with a cool funky New York attitude; his ways and charm captivate instantly. His exciting, electro-rhythmic style is on the sexy cusp of electronic music that always takes his audiences like a storm. His compositions range in style from deep, high-energy, underground house and techno to new style electro house. “My music is a timeline of my life experiences.” says Alexandre. “It’s been inspired by beautiful women and partying with my entourage”. He is on the dance scene all over the States and Europe, partying it up and electrifying dance floors when he plays and performs his music.
For Alexandre, his favorite thing to do is spend long hours of the night laying down tracks to evolve a new song. “Just grab a drink and start playing” he says, in his Chicago studio. Alexandre was born and grew up on New York’s Upper Eastside. His European parents, a Swedish super model and a French jet setter gave him his trendy and educated style. Learning fast on the streets of Manhattan he was clubbing and bar-hopping by his mid teens. “I would wear my sunglasses to get my ‘cool attitude’, then look in the mirror and lip sync. I wanted to be a famous artist.” This is when his taste for underground dance music developed. He began to dj at underground raves and house parties in New York, California and Florida. He has also played his music in Europe during several trips to Amsterdam, Paris and Ibiza. At the same time, a natural wiz in Internet dot com programming, he made enough money to allow himself an easy life, punctuated by fast cars, fast girls and fast fixes; but his musical focus remained constant. I had nothing to lose, but everything to gain.” Alexandre says of that point in his life. “I made several albums for my own satisfaction and it’s thanks to all my friends in my neighborhood that the word is out. They’re the ones who made me succeed.”
“I create music I feel,” he says. “I don’t care about boundaries, I want to pass them and create new styles and sounds.” Come Together, Feel Da Vibe, and Cummin Up are an expression of pure, electronic synthesized music. “It’s Groovealicious.” Says aM22 “In other words, it all ‘came together’ partying with several girls in sunny South Beach until sunrise, when we suddenly ‘felt the vibe’ and now we’re ‘coming up!’”.
Take a Ride with Me, Look Into My Eyes, and Come Be With Me are the product of an infatuation with the beautiful brown haired Foxy. These tracks are being pushed by big name Djs such as Psycho Bitch and Teri Bristol from Crobar and other renowned night clubs. Do Me Right and Don’t Stop were produced as dance floor heavy-hitters. “Birthday girl is a track I produced for a girlfriend’s birthday party in a huge loft with 500 people attending. It was totally private and wickedly crazy. I came out during the middle of my track and laid down the sexiest birthday rap for her.”
“I don’t know how long I’m going to be on this planet. So while I’m here, I might as well make the most of it; the most important is to make the floor bang…”


Look Into My Eyes

Written By: Alex Marc

Look into my eyes babe
common tell me what you see
I wanna get down with you babe
common and take a ride with me'
I'll show you warmth I'll show you love its not a dream its reality
we'll touch the moon we'll touch the stars we'll get down to fantasy

Look into my eyes and tell me what you see it's a love for you baby
I wanna make you crazy
Tell me what you see it's your heart upon me I wanna keep your motor runnin and I got you comin

take a look at me babe do you like what you see there more to me than meets the eye look down underneath cause I'll free your soul your lose control no explanation no disbelief our minds connect you can eject love don't stop do you agree

take a look at me babe

tell me a good lie make me happy make me cry and common give it to me baby make me feel crazy come into my my home take it over im so alone come and fill my day with laughter and then make me sadder

set me free

so what are you thinkin now baby?
you wanna get off with me i hold you in my arms and im feelin strong it in you eyes can't see?
I loved you then and I love you now huh would you agree its the same for so let's get down and kick it let's make that fantasy


The Pain EP, Tell Me It's For Real, I WIsh, What Do You Feel?, Dreams for the Moment, Rabbit Hop, Body Langauge, I Love U I Hate U, Cyberlife, Dont't Stop, Crazy Ways, Come Alive, Ridin' Hot, Orange Blossoms, The Freshness, Ganesha, Night Owels, Negative Impact Vol1 & 2, Greed (Lots of streaming play in Scandanavia), Virus, Come Be With Me, Robo Dreams (Lots of Play at Crobar, SpyBar, SoundBar)

Set List

Typical set is 30mins to 2hours - but I can go longer -

Take a Ride With Me
Look Into My Eyes
Tell Me It's For Real
High Tonight
Robo Dreams
We Wanna Party
Rescue Me
Feel You Feel Me
Crazy Ways
The Freshness
The list goes on.. just depends how I program it..