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A.M.A.B./2 Sidez

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The politically conscious lyrics of "A.M.A.B." combined with the energetic, often humorous raps of "2 Sidez" makes "For A Common Cause" a well balanced compilation of genuine hip-hop by two of Savannah, Georgia's finest. [CD for sale at www.cdbaby.com]


Aware of the need to get their material heard, "A.M.A.B." (All Men About Business), pronounced [a-mob], and "2 Sidez", two Hip-Hop acts from Savannah(Georgia), united with a talented young producer to record a compilation album, one that would promote the art of all three parties. The album, thus titled "For A Common Cause", accurately reflects the evolution of the crew's music, giving each artist their time to shine.

On one hand, the Haitian producer from DaHz ProduXionZ did his duty in providing high-end production with all original hip-hop beats incorporating elements from a wide variety of genres, leaving you guessing as to what's coming next. On the other hand, A.M.A.B. and 2 Sidez deliver creative lyrical performances you can feel are true to their character. Moreover, they each bring a distinctly different flavor to the table, making the blend an interesting part of their music.

Having completed their first record, they now have the task of promoting it. As a result, "A.M.A.B." and "2 Sidez" are planning a set of public performances that will be followed by their CD release party in Savannah, Georgia, home to most of the members. To find out more about the individual artists, please follow the link to our official website.


"For A Common Cause" - by A.M.A.B./2 Sidez

"Fly As You" - by 2 Sidez (Listen to it here!)
"That's How I Wanna Live" - by 2 Sidez (Listen to it here!)
"I'm Alive" - by A.M.A.B. (Listen to it here!)
"Menace" - by D.I.O. (Coming Soon)

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Set List

Our sets can last from 30 minutes to an hour depending on the venue's budget.