Birmingham, Alabama, USA

Amacio is a talented Soulful Rocker from"The Magic City", Birmingham, AL. He has embarked on a musical
career to establish a distinctive style that would allow him to shine above the rest. Amacio was able to craft a
unique Alternative Rock/Soul/Blues sound that is paramount in attracting new fans.


Amacio Favor is an emerging rock vocalist based in Birmingham, Alabama. Influenced by both hard rock and soul, Favor brings a unique approach to the world of modern rock, fusing the energy of Living Colour and Soundgarden with the soulful inflections of Al Green and Paul Rodgers. Currently working on his debut album with producer Ben Trexel, Favor invites you to listen to a few tracks.


Amacio Favor performs his original music, Rock music Cover songs and Blues music cover songs.

Album: Breakout


~ Breakout
~ We're Rock Stars
~ My Back Against the Wall
~ Got Me Going
~ Breakout
~ It's Over
~ Desire
~ Crashing and Burning
~ The Greatest
~ Breaking Me Down
~ Stop Turning Me On
~ Sex Drive