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Birmingham, Alabama, United States | SELF

Birmingham, Alabama, United States | SELF
Band Rock Blues


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"Interview with a Future Icon Amacio Favor"

“:And much in the fashion of other pioneers such as Living Colour, Soundgarden, Lenny Kravitz, bringing together American rock with a soulful edge, enter Amacio Favor. ”
— By Alex Ferbeyre, ARKETIP - ARKETIPO 187

"Interview with Future Icon Amacio Favor"

Jazz, blues, country, bluegrass, rock, Motown. All as unique and ingrained in the American cultural contribution to the global village. The cool wind breezing through your hair as you travel Route 66 on your Hog, the howls of the coyotes in the Arizona dessert during the pitch black nights or the sweltering heat from the deep south of Louisiana basin – these are the breeding grounds for some of the most prolific musicians in all of history, not only of American culture, but of the world.

There’s a unique byproduct of American cultural history that has shaped a lot of the genres that are globally enjoyed today. Jimmy Hendrix, Billie Holiday, Elvis Presley, and Johnny Cash just to name a few: All icons and all pioneers of American music.

And much in the fashion of other pioneers such as Living Colour, Soundgarden, Lenny Kravitz, bringing together American rock with a soulful edge, enter Amacio Favor.

An indie singer /songwriter with a passion that comes from the gut, the kind you can literally feel as you hear his tracks, Armed and partnered with multi-talented producer Ben Trexel. The two plan on bringing their creations and “music straight to the people with no filters.”

**A move I embrace as an indie record label owner myself and a lot of other artists are taking as an approach.

Amacio Favor – “So Beautiful”

AK187: Where are you originally from, and where do you currently call home?

I’m from a small town called Falkner, Mississippi. Home is where I am at that moment in time.

AK187: How did you get into making music and what would you say your most earliest influences are?

I started a relationship with music early on in life. My dad had a lot of records locked away in his closet. I would sneak and just look at the album covers, we were raised in a Christian home and secular music wasn’t allowed. The first album I can remember seeing is Al Green’s Soul Survivor. He had on a leather jacket and gold chain, I said to myself this is coolest man alive. To this day, he is still the one artist I think is hands down the best singer ever.

AK187: Are you a singer, songwriter or both? Do you also program and produce your music?

I am a singer and song writer. My producer is Ben Trexel. We are a team and we work well together.

AK187: Is this your first excursion into making music professionally? Do you have any prior works published?

I have three songs published with crucial music. One will be on my upcoming album and it is also the title of my album Express My Soul.

AK187: how did you and Ben Trexel connect to work on this new album?

Ben was a producer that I had heard about in Birmingham. I was actually working with several. When we got together, he got what I was going for immediately and we hit it off musically right from the start. The songs have come rather painlessly which tells us that we are definitely on to something that is real. We are not forcing it.

Amacio Favor

AK187: What is your process like? Which comes first — a riff, an idea, a concept , lyrics…

(Amacio) I really can’t describe it, sometimes it’s the words or melody first, then other times I get the music from Ben and I write to it. It’s weird sort of magical (laughs).

(BEN) After I’ve had a chance to spend time with the artist, in this case Amacio, I have the ability to catch their vibe and what is going to be the right track for them. I am also very careful to not repeat myself in my work. I want every song to be a truly original piece that stands on its own. My philosophy has been to make sure that if a listener only hears that one song, that he will like the artist on the merits of that one song. Some songs I start with a drum or rhythmic idea and others I’ll start with a riff or a chord progression.

Amacio Favor – “Crashing and Burning”

AK187: Are you currently touring or performing anywhere? Where can we can Amacio Live next?

Not on any tours yet, but I’m open and ready so any booking age - ARKETIPO 187


Amacio Favor performs his original music, Rock music Cover songs and Blues music cover songs.

Album: Breakout


~ Breakout
~ We're Rock Stars
~ My Back Against the Wall
~ Got Me Going
~ Breakout
~ It's Over
~ Desire
~ Crashing and Burning
~ The Greatest
~ Breaking Me Down
~ Stop Turning Me On
~ Sex Drive



Amacio Favor is an emerging rock vocalist based in Birmingham, Alabama. Influenced by both hard rock and soul, Favor brings a unique approach to the world of modern rock, fusing the energy of Living Colour and Soundgarden with the soulful inflections of Al Green and Paul Rodgers. Currently working on his debut album with producer Ben Trexel, Favor invites you to listen to a few tracks.