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Adrienne Mack-Davis

New York City, New York, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2013

New York City, New York, United States
Established on Jan, 2013
Solo R&B Hip Hop





I challenge you to find anyone else who commands your attention the way Adrienne Mack-Davis does. Adrienne’s voice serves as both a gift of healing that echoes the triumphs of survival and a prose that unmethodically and unapologetically tells us where we should be going as a collective.

Just try playing the music in front of an audience of students whose first language isn’t English and they almost always have questions about how different every sound is. In this age of globalization where children hear just about everything on the internet, their Iphones and from their TV sets, from Lady Gaga to Jay-Z and Kanye West, its surprising when there isn’t any comparison that one makes to the voice that streams the room when Adrienne’s “Let Go” is played or “Soul Up,” is repeated. Both are cuts from her first album “Music: Me In the Process.”

Beijing got an earful of New York love when we played it to our young audiences and we sent it over to our friends in Thailand, who were there via Oakland, California. All we got in return was an affirmation that it did bring healing and was indeed “smooth and soulful,” as one Chiang Mai resident put it. That love was enough to role out another timeless piece from her world premiere single, Echo Back, which besieged our minds with the depth of her lyricism and made us question why we couldn’t find love like that.

What indulged us as we listened and learned from the truths to her song “Echo Back,” was that there was freedom in truth and she was there to deliver it. But we were not alone in discovering that we’d found a voice that allowed us to discover a greater freedom beyond the fabricated truths that were fed to us in our beleaguered societies. That truth was Adrienne Mack-Davis and her voice might just be the clarion call that will wake up an entire generation. - Society Hae

"New Music: Adrienne Mack-Davis - "Musical Androgyny""

Adrienne Mack Davis, a beautiful vocalist from New York, just released a new track produced by Mike Fresh and featuring the hip hop styles of Phaze Future. The track is one that definitely has movement and incorporates house, soul, groove and hip hop all into one. Stream and download the track below and stay updated with Adrienne on Twitter @amackdavis. Also a huge shout out to executive producer feleciacruz for keeping me hip. Follow her as well @feleciacruz on Twitter - They call me Ayo

"Adrienne Mack-Davis – “The Process” (Free Download)"

Adrienne Mack-Davis called from a noisey hall outside her artist loft in Brooklyn, NY. I should have known what she was saying, but the slamming doors and crackly reception made me ask 3 times, “You studied what?”

“Oper…” she said.
“No opera. I studied opera.”
And that makes sense. Anyone who has ever seen her live can attest to that. Adrienne’s voice has the volume of the opera and the tone of a song bird. It’s powerful.
With a degree in Studio Composition Adrienne’s making her first solo stretch into the lime light. It’s rare that a freshman release would illicit such coverage, but the product’s far from mediocre. This girl has a degree in performance. “I love like the process of sitting down with a producer and writing to a beat. I love the fact you can put a beat to anything. It’s like really versatile, that’s what I love about hip hop.”
Listening to the 9-track album it’s evident the girl’s got skills that set her apart from the crowd. She’s a legitimate vocalist in all aspects of the word. Hell, she’s got a college degree that says so, but even she attests that this is ground zero – the launching point for things to come.
Adrienne’s doesn’t have an overwhelming online presence. Normally, in this day and age, that’s a bad thing, but she does have substance, ambition and an album up for free download.“I would have been sitting with my face in a computer at school and I didn’t want to do that.” In a way it’s a testament to the grit and grime roots of hip hop. Yeah, being online is essential, but type-hype can only take it so far. Making real moves takes it further, faster.

The album launched from the cozy, vibrating walls of Ella in NYC’s East Village along with a thumping line-up of the city’s best up-and-comers. MizMetro was kicking-off her European launch and Kosha Dillz his “Doo Doo” video (which is much better than it sounds).
The album definitely fits the Rhythm and Hip Hop bill, but not so acutely the Blues. The music is pop in the sense that it’s fresh and familiar. It covers the ground of our lives tackling love, soul and our mistress Mary. It flows from slow and careening vocals to rhythmic and hand-clapping head bobbers.
Adrienne stresses that it’s just that kind of release. There’s no limit to the sound, just the mission to be positive. “There’s a revolution that has to happen within people right now. This world is fucked up…” she said. “I want to change the world … and not on any arrogant or conceded shit. It’s just all I know is how to do is change myself.” An opera singer since age 12, Adrienne fell in love with hip hop following her move to the streets of Brooklyn at 19. Now 26 she has the tool kit to dismantle generic stylings and push in whatever direction she wants.
It’s not like she’s been riding the bench during her time at school. Her other group True Theory – towing the lines of soul, jazz and their own signature of R&B – have been cranking out a fluid stream of notes with since 2007.
From her work with both titles you get a glimpse at life through Adrienne’s eyes. She’s sensitive, spiritual and loves nature. She won’t settle for less, but does the best with what she’s got.
“It’s shocking being a sensitive person. It’s like a culture shock.” Adrienne loves the hip hop culture and it’s appeal, “How gritty it can be and fresh it can be. Everyone can relate to that.”
Is it redefining a genre? Probably not, but it’s putting style into hip hop and impacting the world one syllable at a time. As far as the future for this young MC it’s largely up in the air. She loves the popped collars and enduring nature of the genre, but won’t limit herself to a single sound. I guess we’ll just have to keep our ears open.

- The Music Tip

"Good Music For The Free | Bandcamp Edition"

I happened to click on this one just because the cover art intrigued me. Though I have no ink of my own, tattoos have always interested me. I’m waiting until I get a chance to cop one from the homie Miya Bailey @ City of Ink one day soon. The contrast of the red and orange flower petals in it, coupled with the artwork on the wall in the background, the Royal Blue blouse Mack-Davis is sporting and her racially ambiguous facial features (not that it really matters) compelled me to click the link. Plus there was something about her eyes that also subliminally told me I wanted to listen to her vocals. So I obliged and was quite impressed by
I’m not very familiar with producer Mikey Fresh but I most certainly can appreciate his musical sensibilities with this one as it fits AMD‘s voice to perfection giving her a sound that instantly invokes a relaxation vibe. The likes of which that it could easily be played while vibing with friends or as I usually do, on a Saturday morning while making sure my domicile is up to specs. For more of an example of what I’m referring to, check how it’s showcased a few tracks further in the form of which convinced me to officially add this gem of an LP to my regular rotation. You should do the same and take a moment to see about Adrienne‘s musical process. - The Soul Reservoir

"Adrienne Mack-Davis: All For The Love"

Adrienne Mack-Davis, a classically trained vocalist from Rochester NY, is an artist in the truest sense of the word. As explained on her website’s Manifesto page, “she believes that the superficial pedestal of fame needs an evolutionary kick in the ass.” While in person she at times seems reserved and pensive, much more comfortable as a fly on the wall, on stage, Adrienne lets her emotions .... read more - IXIIV Consulting

"Adrienne Mack-Davis - Echo Back"

Like Leonardo DiCaprio with his top and Joseph Gordon-Levitt with his loaded dice, Booth newcomer Adrienne Mack-Davis has developed her very own method of determining whether what she’s experiencing is real or just a dream: as the up-and-coming singer/emcee explains in her latest single (a Booth-exclusive world premiere!), real words always Echo Back. Of course, keeping oneself firmly grounded in reality often means facing up to some uncomfortable truths – in this case, the fact that the man she loves is no longer by her side. Over Spills lush, electronically-accented string/brass production, the Rochester, N.Y. representative laments that, determined as she may be to move on with her life, she still can’t get a certain fella out of her head; in the process, she showcases both strong vocal chops and (in her rapped verse) a vividly poetic lyrical sensibility. As poignant as it is relatable, Echo Back is just one of many fresh cuts to be found on Adrienne Mack-Davis’ forthcoming Fighting for Futures Presents: For the Love street album, scheduled to hit the ‘net February 15.
- Dj Booth

"Adrienne Mack-Davis – A Slightly Fictionalized Portrait of a Rock that Rolls Even When its Idle"

“It used to be so simple.”

The mind is still tired but the body must rise against her will.
Elbows and knees and every conceivable joint
ache from sleeping on the hard wood floor.

“I dunno, I just feel so far away.”

The sun shines dim through the red brick lined windows of the Opera House building. The street is still—passersby are silent with their steps. The world seems to be in some other place. The walls unwilling to let her just be within her environment, the concrete streets an extension of her unnatural place within this space. Yet, she knows she is natural. But, now she has no time to be. Now, she had to go. Before she could be wild like one should be, like one is, before she could belt her voice against the bricks of a Brooklyn bar—each brick containing an hour of sacrifice—she has to do what she has to do in order to eat, in order to be inside on a rainy day, in order to live unnaturally so that she could afford her freedom when the street lights more
- Kevin Patrick Nelson


Still working on that hot first release.



Adrienne Mack-Davis was raised in a household built on classics and soul music, from Ella Fitzgerald to Sting, Adrienne encompasses an eclectic mix of style and influence. Classically trained she has studied at the world famous Eastman School of Music as well as acquired a degree in music composition from SUNY Purchase. Her skills have been sharpened, grounded, and strengthened to build the foundation for a strong and lasting future in the music industry.

"You can hear her coming a mile away". If you want Adrienne, you just follow the voice" say those around her. Since Music and Me: The Process, her first project was released in 2010 she has been gaining steady momentum. Landing everything from a spread in YRB magazine to opening for such artists as Skyzoo and Luke James to being a featured artist on SOB's Sol Village hosted by Eric Roberson. She has also collaborated with Dead Prez's M-1, Jared Dietch and Jupiter Ace to name a few. "She sang us from A to Z", commented Swizz beats after her performance at MTV Viacom's Black History Month event "The Beat".

Adrienne believes "That to whom much is given much is asked in return" and represents Fighting for Futures an organization that travels the world in aim to inspire and assist they also spread awareness around the threat of human trafficking. As an official artist under Fighting for Futures Adrienne has been on the Van's Warped Tour for summer 2011 & 2012 traveled to Mexico, Guatemala, India and Nepal spreading knowledge and music to communities all over the world.

Currently, Adrienne tours full time with The Perpetual Tour performing 108 booked shows from October 2012 - October 2013. She also just finished speaking as an official panelist at this year's 2013 A3C Hip Hop Festival in Atlanta, Georgia. She looks forward to performing full time with her band out on the road this coming 2014 they consist of a DJ, sax and hype! There is so much ahead for this young woman, keep watching.

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