BandHip Hop

Hip Hop in it's purest form, intertwined with gritty soul, street savy, and knowledge. My music can be appreciated by the founding fathers of Hip Hop along with the younger generation of hip hop fans.


Amadaye rose to prominence on the Hip Hop scene by
dropping lyrics
that feed the heart, mind and soul of its listeners.
Born Ramsey
Brown on October 1, 1979 in the Dundee Village area of
Maryland, being humble is the best way to describe
his beginning. A member of several groups before
branching out on his own in 1994,
Amadaye long ago gained a reputation as a hardworker
and engaging
performer. By taking the road less traveled and
choosing to delve
deeper for subject matter, he hopes to be able to tap
into that market
that values lyrical content over sensationalism.

A mature soul, Amadaye aims to make music that "talks
to you like an
uncle that has been through a few things in life."
The lyrically
conscious MC has never been afraid to expose his
heart, mind, and
vulnerabilities on a track. After performing in a
seemingly infinite
amount of freestyle ciphers, open mics, talent shows,
and various
venues in and around the city of Baltimore (as well as
a mini-tour
that reached Florida), he set out to make a name for
himself as a solo
performer. Having lent his smooth-flowing raps to a
variety of
musical projects over the years, he has gained the
respect of those in
the burgeoning mid-Atlantic music circuit. 2004's
Wire Mix tape
helped to generate a regional buzz and thus heightened
anticipation for his full release.

Winter 2006 marks the release of Ghetto Soul, his
debut LP. A culmination of his artistic abilities,
Amadaye displays
the incontestable versatility and raw talent that sets
him apart from
the rest. A genre defying compilation, Ghetto Soul,
plans to recapture
the love that many of the true Hip Hop enthusiasts
have lost over the
years as the quality of the music has declined. A
fusion of jazz,
spoken word, live instrumentation, and Hip Hop, the
synergy between
the sounds makes for a unique, genre crossing musical
Comprising the spine-tingling harmonies of the title
track, "Ghetto
Soul"; the relentless, rapid-fire punch lines of
"Starving" and "Still
I Rise"; the unabashed wit and comedy of "She Says",
and the
breathtaking beauty of the true story "Inspiration",
the CD shatters
the mold of conventional hip-hop, taking the music to
the levels that
many aspire, but lack the fortitude to actually
achieve. Influenced by
a diverse range of artists – Sade, Curtis Mayfield,
Gil Scott, Common,
and Nas his own style is reflective of such, a melting
pot of styles,
perspectives and sounds. Going back to his music
roots, the resulting
product is reminiscent of the 90's when hop veterans
like P-Rock and
CL smooth, Gang Starr would infuse equals amounts of
spirit and
harmony with their banging Hip Hop beats. The
ever-changing MC
displays a "genuineness" that is refreshing when
compared to the
pretentiousness that seems to be so popular today.

Combining emotion, God-given talent and artistic
innovation, Ghetto
Soul is set to awaken hip-hop with a distinctively old
world sound.
Following the words of the teacher, KRS-1, "Rap is
something you do,
Hip Hop is something you live", the multi-talented
artist breathes new
life into a dwindling art form, taking the reigns in
the pursuit of
the dream that once represented Hip Hop. "Hip Hop is
part of my soul".


"Late At Night"
"Think Of You"
"She Says"