A Main Street Marvel

A Main Street Marvel


I'm Jethro, a 20 year-old songwriter/musician. Music is my passion. A Main Street Marvel is a collection of my songs and compositions. I write and produce everything you hear. 5 of my good friends help me play live to bring the full experience on stage. Hope you like what you hear


I was raised in the missionary field in Mexico. I Started playing piano every night for the traveling church group at the age of 10. Almost immediately music became a big part of my life. At 14 I moved to El Paso TX with my family since constant traveling interfered with finishing school. There I began writing my own music and teaching myself other instruments. I officially started A Main Street Marvel during high school after being encouraged my some friends to perform at school events and small cafe's. I recruited a couple friends to help me play full-band shows. Eventually I went on to record my first EP "Exclamation! Concentration..."in Juarez, Mexico in 07 and released it the summer of that same year. We also toured Texas and part of the south that summer upon the release of the EP. during 2008 I continued writing and playing and in late 2008 I returned to the studio to record the full length "Expensive Tastes". Which was released early this year on-line only. A Main Street Marvel has been featured on radio stations such as 95.5 fm KlAQ in El Paso TX, Orbita 106.7 fm in Juarez Chih, Mexico, and CFOU 89.1 fm in province of Quebec.


"Exclamation! Concentration..." EP

"Expensive Tastes" LP

Set List

Our set list is flexible depending on the event. All original music