Tobo, Uppsala, SWE

Rough and distinct, yet dreamy and elegant


Amaliel is a singer/songwriter who finds inspiration in almost everything and everyone in life. With an intuitive musicality and a great desire to express himself Amaliel creates lyrics and music that can be described as rough and distinct and at the same time dreamy and elegant.

In the studio, he plays all the instruments himself, on stage hes accompanied by a number of talented and skilled musicians who share their great passion for music with Amaliel.

Amaliel has always been a big fan of strong melodies and this really shows in his music. Long swirling and twisting melodies that captures you and forces you to keep listening, thoughtful and profound lyrics with a lot of heart and all this wrapped up in a sound scape of exquisite harmonies and fantastic vocal parts.

Amaliel has played pretty much all over the globe as a freelance musician. Hes been performing a great deal in Denmark through the years. Hes also toured in the UK and USA several times with 'New Politics', and has recently toured in the UK, Ireland, Belgium and Canada with the Danish folk big band 'Habadekuk'.

Now its time for Amaliel to bring his own music to scenes, festivals and venues all over the world.


The self titled EP Amaliel, is available on spotify, Itunes, amazon and more

Set List

His Name
Before you Condemn me
The good is yet to come
Torn between now and then
Hanging on
Move forward
Life is now
Speak & believe
The Monster
In & Out