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Mainly rock-based original instrumentals with a focus on melody and mood.

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First day

Written By: M Langan

First Day

Light comes to the darkness
New ways from the old
Time for the children
To find their way back home

World turns ever faster
Understanding comes so slow
Journey's just beginning
Where it's ending heaven knows

Where are the rhymes and the reasons you lived by just yesterday
Where do you look when your treasures and truths are all blown away
Who do you look for for comfort when you're feeling lost and afraid
Whose are the hands that will lift you to your feet again

First day has come
It's written when all are forgiven a new day will dawn
First day has come
Walking together from this day for evermore
First day has come
first day has come
First day has come, come again

Time for the children
To find their way back home


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