Amanda Bon & The Outskirts

Amanda Bon & The Outskirts

 Ottawa, Ontario, CAN

Amanda Bon and The Outskirts is a 4-piece acoustic band. No drums. If you threw country, folk and bluegrass into a blender you end up with something that sounds like us. Original songs (some up tempo some ballad) with lots of strings, 3-part harmony, touching lyrics and tight arrangements.


Amanda Bon is an up-and-coming Ottawa singer/songwriter. In 2010 she assembled some of the city's most seasoned players and together they recorded and released their debut album, Juniper Weekends (2011). Reminiscent of Alison Krauss and Union Station, the band brings together elements of country, folk and bluegrass. Its members include Amanda Bon (lead vocals, acoustic guitar), Danny Artuso (guitar, pedal steel, background vocals), Ken Kanwisher (upright bass, accordion) and Gilles Leclerc (mandolin, background vocals). Recently having adopted the name Amanda Bon & The Outskirts, since appearing on the scene this band has been enjoying the support of local radio stations and music listeners, finding themselves at Ottawa Bluesfest 2012 and sharing the stage with Jenn Grant as part of the NAC Presents concert series. They recently released their second album, Down The Road (2013), another collection of entirely original songs, this time featuring some exciting guest musicians. Whether youre looking for a chorus you can tap your foot to, impressive instrumentals, strong lyrical content or catchy melodies, youll like his band. Theyre fun to watch and they bring a clean, refreshing sound to the stage.


Let Me See

Written By: Amanda Bon

Let me see / what shall I do / I need a foolproof plan and I need it soon / I’m drowning here won’t someone throw me a line / I just can’t seem to get over you / I got you bad like some kind of flu / my body aches and my temperature’s running high // And I long for the feeling that I’d get when you’d hold me in your arms / hold me in your arms / your sweet loving arms / it’s warm in your arms // I go out and I talk to folks and most everyone’s spent some time in this boat / there isn’t much that’s new here under the sun / but still we write our songs of love / and our songs of loss and hearts star-crossed / I’m not singing anything that hasn’t been sung // Still I long for the feeling that I’d get when you’d walk in the door / and I’d see your face / for the first time that day / your beautiful face // I long for the feeling that I’d get when you’d walk in the door / and I long for the feeling that I’d get lying around with you on Sunday morn / just laughing away / I miss the days when we were okay

Lady Luck

Written By: Amanda Bon

Some people in this world get lucky every time / even at the grocery store they find the shortest line / there’s a parking spot waiting exactly where they need it / there’s a lucky star above their heads and they don’t even see it // Then there are those among us who just can’t catch a break / they get back up on the horse at least a few times every day / they make a list and plan ahead so nothing can go wrong / but all the planning in the world won’t help you draw the longer straw // Do you think it all works out in the end / does the one who loses really somehow win / do tables turn / do ships come in // We’ve all met somebody somewhere along the way / who married their sweetheart from back in their school days / they can hardly remember ever feeling alone / cause a life that’s full of love’s the only life they’ve ever known // But heartache has to lay its heavy hand somewhere / and it seems to me some get more than their share / there are folks who leave this world never having felt / that they ever really mattered much to somebody else // Lady Luck how does she choose / how does she decide / who she’ll take under her wing / and who she’ll deny

Shorter Goodbyes

Written By: Amanda Bon

Have I gone and lost you / could this be the end / is it too late now for us to make amends / we’ve been down before darlin / but this feels brand new / and you’re not looking at me the way you used to // The flickering light is gone from your eyes / there’s a tone in your voice that I don’t recognize / we say colder hellos and shorter goodbyes // I care for you darlin / so much that it hurts / I care for you darlin / care for you more than words / these things don’t come from out of the blue / but sometimes we only see the things we want to // The lights’ll come up / and the credits will roll / and that big ol’ curtain will fall / so put your hand in mine cause we had a good time after all


Written By: Amanda Bon

Saturday last weekend / a family affair / we all came from where we live to be there / we met in Mount Kisco / small town New York state / with overnight bags and furrowed brows cause sometimes it’s too late / and it was the most beautiful autumn day // We were all together / earlier this year / at the cottage down by the lake where the water’s so clear / but that’s another story / and now here we were / dressed in black with heavy hearts in a group outside the church / on the most beautiful autumn day // Lucy she moved to California / she seems to like the life out there / and I’ll always remember the smell of that autumn air / and how my mother / she ran her fingers through her hair // Some of us are lucky and others not so much / some people live with a pain you can practically touch / once upon a time a young man tried his best / and once upon another time that man was laid to rest / on the most beautiful autumn day


Juniper Weekends - September 2011
Down The Road - May 2013

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