Hi, I'm AmandA. My music is indefinable. Fans have heard this statement and it made them sceptical at first, but when once they actually listened to it they've told me that is exactly what it is. Indefinable. Unique. Original. Amazing.


I believe in achieving what i love. I believe that everything is right there in front of me, i just need to take it. I'm not conceited; by no means do i think I’m the most amazing thing to set foot on this earth. I’m saying that I have great potential as an artist and given the opportunity, i have no doubts that i would make someone very proud.

I'm a hard working amateur vocalist/music maker. Every single thing around me inspires me to make music, and everything you hear comes straight from the heart. There's always a new song being created in my head. I believe in doing the best i possibly can with what I’ve been given. I don't give up, and i am optimistic no matter what gets thrown at me. I'm an easy person to talk to and a great person to work with. I look at everything through my own eyes define my things the way i see them without pre-mature judgement.

I have a goal in life, and that goal is to make music that people love to listen to. I do it for the enjoyment of others and to make other people happy.

Set List

Why Should i Wait, Take Me Back, Sing For You, Everything is Moving, Question Mark, What Is She Really Like, Don't Need This, Why You

(All original songs)