Amanda Ashley

Amanda Ashley

 Rochester, New York, USA

Original sound, original songs, powerful vocals and heartfelt lyrics.


Singer Songwriter, artist from Longisland, NY
Amanda Ashley, raised in Holtsville, Long Island, began playing the piano at the age of six, learned guitar and also studied violin for eight years. Her parents became wise early on to her musical talents, and influenced her to pursue her aspirations in music. Among her influences are Elton John, and Billy Joel, Mary J. Blige, Madonna, Mariah Carey, Bach, Beethoven, Ella Fitzgerald, Fiona Apple, Mozart, and Alicia Keys. She began writing and composing at the early age of fourteen, and was performing solo by the age of sixteen in local coffee houses. She continued to write and perform on and off campus while attending Fredonia State University in upstate New York. Amanda graduated from Fredonia with a Bachelors degree in painting and drawing in May 2007, and soon after moved her life to Rochester, New York.

Formerly the singer/songwriter and front person for Rochester Alternative/rock group Reviving Ivory, Amanda Ashley currently is in pursuit of a solo career and can be found frequently performing in the Rochester area. The newest member of Couch Money, Rochester's underground hip hop phenomenon; Amanda joined Couch Money in early January of 2010. A continuous challenge to her musical capabilities is on the way as she is continuing to write for the group, and contribute to the groups music.

Plans for a solo cd release are set for late December 2010 which will feature 12-14 original songs. Couch Money demo release TBA. To learn more about this artist and to hear some of her music check out her original music posted at, and at



Written By: Amanda Ashley

The challenge is on
hope your game is tight
hope you're gunna give me a run for my money
got my cards, my chips, my lingerie

rule 1: anything goes
body parts may be exposed
what will happen?
baby who knows
bout to give you the ride of you life

All bets are on
got my money in my bra
your turn, let's roll the dice
Don't expect any playin nice

Feel the hunger, got an appetite
not gunna be an easy fight
I don't bark, but baby I bite
gunna give it to you, how you want it, just right

Let's play a game of truth or dare
I dare you to pull my hair
followed by a game of hard you'll get
hope you wore your bathing suit, I'm about to make you wet
Let's play, I'll hide you seek
follow my trail of clothing
you'll find me beneath the sheets
why don't you crawl into bed with me?

if we're gunna play, then you play fair
take off your underwear
oops look, well tag I'm it
he tagged me from behind didn't see him coming
I'll give you a count, I'll count to three
watch out, now I'm coming
he left me heavy breathing
he threw me for a loop, he's a man with strategy

I see that you're a problem solver
if you're looking for the solution
I know how to resolve it
lets resolve it properly
Rule 2: you do what I say
lets play kings, now I'm your queen
we're gunna play this game my way
it's a little modified for our pleasures sake
turn up the heat, spin the bottle
close your eyes and feed me your tongue
I'm about to give you mono
play at your own risk, that's my motto
I'm a little competitive
get off on a little challenge
gotta keep it interesting
gotta keep it interesting


Bet you didn't think defeat could feel this good (feel this good)
Could feel this good (feel this good)
everyones a winner tonight

Bet you didn't think defeat could feel this good (feel this good)
Could feel this good (feel this good)
everyones a winner tonight



Reviving Ivory EP 2010

Music being played on Long Island's Cyber FM, and Sorethumb Radio, Rochester's WBER local show.