Amanda Bocchi

Amanda Bocchi


Tom Waits inspired jazz/pop composer. Playfully dark themes sung mellow and sweet. Amanda Bocchi is a jazz guitarist/pianist.


Born 7-16-1986-Amanda Bocchi is a modern pop/jazz composer. An eight year veteran to Atlanta's "singer / song-writter" scene, she self-released her debut solo album, "Cereal Box Murder" in December 2006. After continued praise from local and internet communities including spotlights on local radio Amanda plans to release her second album, The Tuxedo Affair" in 2008. This album will expose Amanda's brilliant arrangements for piano, drums, bass, turntables, and others.



Written By: Amanda Bocchi

Hot little bomb shell baby.
Slide my legs 'round you.
Feel the sweat running down my breast this cigarette is smokin you. I ain't got the bottle but I sure as hell have got the blues. This time my lipstick passion is gonna end in a flaming fashion. Feel the heat and you feel the burn, just don't rely on what you've heard. 'Cause I need your reservation. Dizzy Biting aggravation. No reason not to leave. Except this love in which we seize. Coat tails, tall tales, Minks and men. There they go staring again. Lazy lovers turn unkind when they're hearts are on hold they're love becomes mine. Feel the heat and you feel the burn, just don't rely on what you've heard. Chorus. He's got that cabin fever and that mad cow disease. It's getting hotter and it's harder to breathe with your breath escaping from my lips and my lungs. Chorus

Cereal Box Murder

Written By: Amanda Bocchi

Cereal Box Wisdom every man should know. It's outlined in detail beneath the cross word puzzle. The cure for the dangerous man. Is the power of an angry women. To tear that man's world apart.
Oh there was a Cereal Box Murder on Elm ave. It spawned the sort of legend that turned children into fishes food. One evening on the Ides of March there was a knocking at his door. Her eye was tearful and her breast was heaving it left him wanting more. Can I please come inside there's crime out on the street. The Cereal Box Murderer is comin' after me. Why yes you can come in here, there's safety on this chair. Move over the playboy magazines and make yourself comfortable. She stepped inside and she felt the air so stale and so thick. A cigar slept next to a glass ash tray where she noticed a watch her ex lover used to wear. Where'd you get that watch, it's so handsome like your self...ha ha. The watch was hard to come by, but the man I got it from now has no need to tell the time. Suspicions confirmed he was the man who killed her lover so dear. A smile shattered from her lips so red and she revealed her velvet handgun. I know your alias Mr. Lucky Charms and I've seen my lovers blood stains on your hands. That foolish grin and that dimpled chin they don't fool me at all. So now it's time for you to collect your mind 'cause I'm gonna blow it to bits. I suppose you and me are one in the same, but I'd do a lot more if it weren't for consequences. So with one sweet smooth shot Mr. Lucky fell to the floor and blood dripped from his ear. By the time the police arrived, Ms. Floweres had already disappeared. There's a killers dance and there's a killers way. there's a killers romance and a killers saying it goes.....


Cereal Box Murder- Dec 2006
Live tracks/interview from Kiss 102.7
Internet radio tracks/interview Owlradio

Set List

Original material normally fills up my repertoire.
Covers occasionally:
Jimi Hendrix
Radio Head
Fiona Apple
Tom Waits

and jazz standards. (Chet Baker, Ella Fitzgerald, Louis Armstrong...)