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"Reviewers' Pick Awards"

Amanda's Song, "If You Only Knew," recently received these awards.

*Best Female Vocals in Folk, week of 30Jan2006

*Best Melody in Folk, week of 30Jan2006

*Most Original in Folk, week of 30Jan2006

Amanda's song, "Golden Leaves," recently received these awards.

*Best Female Vocals in Folk, week of 27Feb2006

*Best Melody in Folk, week of 6Mar2006

*Best Mood in Folk, week of 27Feb2006

"Amanda Cevallos, Rainy Day- self-released"

Anyone wondering what to expect from local singer-songwriter
Amanda Cevallos’ debut album need only read her helpful list of
influences: Natalie Merchant, Tracy Chapman, Norah Jones, Sade,
Selena, Linda Rondstadt, etc. Cevallos also claims some country
inspiration, but this earnest effort is of the docile harmonies,soothing
six-string strums and introspective lyrics popular with the Lilith
Fair contingent. Cevallos certainly has the pipes to pull off the imitation. Her restrained refrain is soothing and straightforward,
never trying to reach for unnecessary trickery or showmanship. The arrangements on Rainy Day match her vocal
simplicity: Corn Mash guitarist/pianist Casey Schaefer helps fill out what’s otherwise a showcase for Cevallos.

The one area where Rainy Day feels all wet, however, is the repetitious writing. Two songs specifically address
the singer’s literal interior (Dancing Inside is one track title; she’s raining inside,on Golden Leaves); two songs
simplify love as crazy; and two more cover quiet time (she’s Sitting there lying on the bed alone in, Jose
Guadalupe and there again,Now I’m lying on my bed all alone on ,How Could You Let Me Say Goodbye).

Some variation, both in sound and lyrics, would be welcome next time, but with Rainy Day Cevallos displays
something more immediately important: enough raw talent to deserve a follow-up.(Skylar Browning - Arts Editor)
- The Independent

"Sunny Voice, Rainy Day"

Missoulian's Entertainer
Local singer/songwriter Amanda Cevallos will celebrate the release of her debut CD,
"Rainy Day," at a performance tonight. I only got my copy of the disc yesterday, but
a quick listen reveals a string of upbeat, sunny songs that belies the album's title.
Cevallos, a native of Texas, hasn't been a regular performer on local stages; to date,
her most notable exposure has come in the form of an original play that she wrote
and presented as part of last April's Made In Montana One-Act Festival.
But judging from first impressions of her new record, Cevallos has plenty to offer local
fans of folk and country music. Hear for yourself when she performs at the Loft
tonight, Thursday, Oct. 19. Local musician Ryan Bundy will contribute an opening set.
Reach Joe Nickell at 523-5358 or at
- The Entertainer


Rainy Day, Fall '06


Feeling a bit camera shy


Texas born and raised, Amanda Cevallos, singer, songwriter, guitarist, and dancer, depicts her sweet and personal dreams and life events through her folk and country songs. Amanda Cevallos grew up listening to old country legends such as Hank Williams, Sr., Merle Haggard, and Willie Nelson along with rock and roll icons like Buddy Holly. Amanda was also influenced by great female vocalists including Tracy Chapman, Crystal Gayle, Natalie Merchant, and Annie Lennox, but mostly by Selena Quintinilla of whom Amanda was a devoted fan seeing Selena in concert more than 20 times before Selenas tragic murder. In 1997, Amanda wrote her first country song, How Could You Let Me Say Goodbye. Interested in any musical endeavor, Amanda collaborated with Houston underground rappers writing hooks and singing backup. Here she learned she wanted to write and record her own music, "so I knew I had to play the guitar," says Amanda. She returned to her early influences; Her interest in old country music is the foundation for her journey into song writing and composition. Amanda started recording music in 2005 with the aid of producer and friend Casey Schaefer, in Missoula, Montana. Her first recording, "Tell Me," gave her the confidence to bring other songs out of her notebook and give them life in the studio resulting in her new CD "Rainy Day."