Amanda Gray

Amanda Gray


Think of how hot, melted chocolate felt the first time it touched your tongue. Think of how ice feels on a hot, dry day in the palm of your hand. Fresh + Unique. Amanda Gray.


If there was one word that came to mind when listening to Amanda Gray's voice, it would be unique. But only one word is never enough. Her vocal style can also be described as a mix between the sweet purity of the Classic Country era mixed with the soulfull and sometimes rowdy Southern Rock. She is also greatly influenced by the blues, folk music, rock, and today's indie artists. Development of her vocal talent and style came through hard work and long hours of practice, both of which continue through to present time. Amanda is no stranger to public performances or large crowds, singing our nations "National Anthem" countless times for baseball games and racetracks. She also performed several times in the Colgate Country Showdowns and was 1 of 3 finalists in Chico, Ca "So You Want To Be A Country Star?". Amanda has sang/performed at countless other venues for local paid and charity events, and will continue to do so!

Set List

Typically every venue is going to need a different set list. Is it a wedding? Maybe a bar/ lounge? Whatever the occasion, I can definately meet everyone's needs simply because I have my vocals along with a repertiore consisting of 200+ songs that is constantly added to and updated! I love learning new material, so if clients have special request for parties or weddings, I am more than happy to learn new music! For a full list of prices and an updated song list, contact me!