Amanda Homi

Amanda Homi


A sumptuous musical journey around the globe. Infectious grooves, memorable melodies and songs that tell stories.


London born Amanda Homi's music is a reflection of her own musical travel adventures. At the age of seventeen she set off to see the world and a year later found herself singing Greek songs in the most popular bouzouki club in Athens.
Over the years she has written and recorded Reggae songs in Jamaica, studied Sabar drumming and dance in Senegal, played Brazilian percussion and Capoiera in Bahia, and learned to bellydance and play the doumbek and finger cymbals, inspired by a memorable performance she witnessed in a tent on the Egyptian desert. She has sung and danced round the campfire in Spain with reknowned Gypsy Flamenco artists.
She has just completed the first episode of a documentary TV series about women in world music, where she traveled to Colombia with Cantadora Toto La Momposina.
Her solo CD Drumgirls features a stellar cast of musicians from around the world, and the songs reflect her respect and love of the music from the countries she has visited. She lives in New York City and performs regularly with her eclectic ensemble, sporting a variety of colourful hats she has collected on her travels.


Drumgirls the CD available exclusively through my website
single Alibaba's Bazaar on the compelation Oriental garden vol.3 Soulstar
single Drumgirls of Dadgad on the compelation Harem's Secret Soulstar

Set List

typical set is from 45 minutes to an hour and a half depending on the venue and situation.
I perform my original songs