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New wave country, raw, soulful, spiritual, free, free, free! Amanda Jo Williams has seen an interesting thing or two in her southern upbringing, and puts it all into her songwriting, producing catchy, wise, uplifting, danceable tunes. If you want to dance while you cry, take a listen.


Amanda Jo Williams is a country soul. She was born and raised in Georgia, played with the cattle, rode the horses, and nursed sick kittens. She left home at 19 to pursue stardom; it manifested itself as a modeling career, but after a chance visit to Woodstock, NY, Amanda found her calling in music. She has just been signed by Stereotype Records and is expecting her new album, Yes I Will Mr. Man, to be released sometime early summer.


Army of Love-Demo
Army of Love-General Williams and Sergeant Catfish in the Army of Love
Army of Love-Saves the World Again
Army of Love-Witness to the Monkey
Amanda Jo Williams-Yes I Will Mr. Man

Set List

Anywhere from 5 songs to 25 songs? No covers, all originals