Chicago, Illinois, USA

One of the best female DJ's in the game right now, still surprising critics, and making fans all over the land. Willing to travel from Chicago to the UK, and Miami to Ibiza. I am ready to take the world by storm.


Amanda Lux is a Chicago based female DJ. Following a refined and dedicated musical passion for the past several years has lead her to more recently pursue a revelation of sound. Beyond the world of disk jockeying unique selections of electro, dubstep and house, she seeks to emerge in a light so unexpected, it captivates your soul with the very first beat.



Protegé - November 2011
First of the Year - November 2011
Digital Drama - December 2011
Siri Doesn't Like Profanity: Almost Midnight Preview - January 2012
Siri Doesn't Like Profanity - January 2012