Amanda Morrison

Amanda Morrison


Take a haughtingly beautiful melody and weave it into a heavy wave of rock and what have you unforgetable sound experience. Amanda is still trying to find her melody and as such her output is varied and experimental.


Amanda's story is the classical "rag to riches" tale where a nine year old girl is busking at the local markets and is discovered by a renown producer. Suddenly she finds herself on a stage in front of the world singing solo in the final countdown of the new millenium at the Woodford Folk Festival.

The story doesn't end there....Two years later she is chosen from all the schools in NSW to sing two solos on the stage of the opera house in front of a choir of 700.

At 13 she won a competition in which she was featured in a Dolly Magazine advertising campaign.

At 17 Amanda is not ready to retire, but to begin her career. With a beautiful voice described as "breathy and arabesque" and song writing skills beyond her years, Amanda is ready to take on the stars.
Amanda has the X factor. She lights up the stage and makes you feel you are up there with her.

She has recently teamed up with David King, a talented producer and song writer and they are working towards their first album.


Music Video "Chasing" An artistically motivated satirical video. Not really Amanda's style, but she was willing to support the project.

Only in my Dreams. Amanda's first single release.

Set List

Currently working on first album.