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"Amanda Rocks"

Amanda Overmyer rocks!
Posted by Donna Reynolds December 13, 2008 1:48AM
Categories: American Idol, Music

I seldom really promote Idols' albums anymore - quite honestly, other than Bo Bice's See the Light, there haven't been many in the past few years that I can say I'm all that crazy about. So, when I heard Season 7 11th place finisher Amanda Overmyer had released an indie CD, I said, "So what."
Man, was I wrong. Solidify is an eclectic mix of thumping guitar, southern tinged rock, with just a taste of metal that makes me bop my head and smile! What's cool is that Amanda was able to put out something authentic the first time out, unlike other Idols whose first albums were totally homogenized (can you say Bo Bice). Yup, this one's a keeper.
My favorites - "Play On," "A Long Time," "Fight Like a Son," and "Fail to Compromise," but there really isn't one track that I don't like, a rarity!
Man, was she out of her element on Idol! No wonder she made faces!
- Donna Reynolds

"Amanda Rockin the USA"

American Idol Alum Amanda Overmyer -
Rockin' the U.S.A.
By Rob Lewis
Apr 12, 2009
Talented rocker Amanda Overmyer is in the midst of a nationwide tour, adding new dates
and venues as quickly as she can book them. On the heels of her extremely well-received
first album, Solidify, she is now selling out dates across the country, coast to coast. On
Saturday, May 2nd, she will stage a triumphant return to the legendary Whisky-A-Go-Go
for the annual Women Of Rock show. Overmyer is a very welcome performer at Los
Angeles' greatest shrine of rock-n-roll, having turned in a rowdy set there last May that
drove her sold-out audience wild, got heavy media attention and was called "the show of
the year."
With performances booked throughout the U.S. from
Oregon to Florida, 2009 looks to be another breakout year
for Overmyer. The sensation of American Idol's seventh
season, she has built on that success and appears regularly
across the country. She is the darling of large biker events,
and still the object of worship at the notorious Idolantagonist
website, Vote for the
Combining her powerful voice and confident stage presence,
attractive Overmyer is more and more becoming the symbol
of the second-coming of traditional rock-n-roll. She has
methodically built an extremely loyal fan base, and has
gained a reputation for turning in a top-notch live show
everywhere she sings.
Ticket information for Amanda's concert and club dates, including the Whisky show, is
available at her website, Her album Solidify is available through
itunes, her website, and retail locations. You can hear her music here at her MySpace
American Idol Alum
Amanda Overmyer -
Rockin' the U.S.A.
The pretty nurse from Indiana that turned American Idol on its ear in 2008 continues her
mission to bring rock-n-roll back to the masses. Her exciting show and melodic growl
are set to shake the walls in a town near you in 2009. - Rob Lewis

"Overmyer Rocks Lafayette"

Overmyer rocks Lafayette

Somewhere in his Los Angeles mansion, Axl Rose's ears were burning.
That's because another Lafayette native was giving her take on the Guns N' Roses classic "Mr. Brownstone" Friday night in front 700 screaming fans at the Lafayette Theater.
The surprise cover came second into Amanda Overmyer's much-anticipated "homecoming concert." It was the 23-year-old's first announced show in Greater Lafayette since she gained national fame this winter and spring on "American Idol."
On "Brownstone," Overmyer danced as if the holy ghost of rock n' roll possessed her during the staccato guitar rhythms of the popular GNR tune. Perhaps it was a tribute to Rose's signature serpentine moves.
The crowd ate it up. It was as if Overmyer was still on their TV sets on a weekly basis. Deafening screams from the middle school and younger half of the crowd filled the downtown Lafayette landmark and during the first few songs, they even drowned out the tight band Overmyer assembled from various veteran local bands.
Dressed in red pumps, tight black jeans and a black tank top, Overmyer started out with "Fortunate Son" to get the crowd pumped. It worked.
While Overmyer at times owned the stage on television, she was obviously more comfortable rocking out in a more traditional setting. This confidence was essential as Overmyer played a string of her own material. "Fight Like a Son" was a patriotic ballad that was followed by two sleek rock tunes.
With her trademark scarves wrapped around the mic stand, Overmyer's interaction with the her youngest fans in the front was interesting to see. Overmyer started out singing in bars and she seems to still be getting used to having a 'tween following.
According to her original songs, Overmyer has gone away from the blues for the most part. When she was first introduced on "Idol," she was 50/50 blues singer and rocker.
Now that ratio has shifted to the rock 'n' roll side. This move should make Overmyer's upcoming CD more marketable, that is if she chooses to have it market to labels.
With Harley-Davidson logos emblazoned on many shirts, jackets and hats at Friday's concert, Overmyer could be satisfied rocking Greater Lafayette on a regular basis. The shot of female rock adrenaline would be a huge presence in the local scene.
It's too early to tell if Overmyer's "American Idol" fame was fleeting or would be able to push her into mainstream rock stardom.
Either way, the audience Friday night was just happy to have her home, from the biker dude to the little girls who made "Amanda Rocks" signs at their school on Friday.
Brouk is the arts and entertainment reporter for the Journal & Courier. E-mail him at
- Tim Brouk

"Amanda Overmyer Interview"

The Amanda Overmyer Interview: A World Exclusive With The American Idol Star Page 1 of 7 11/10/2008
The Amanda Overmyer Interview: A World Exclusive With The American Idol Star Page 2 of 7 11/10/2008
She's SERIOUS about Rock & Roll
The Amanda Overmyer Interview: A World Exclusive With The American Idol Star Page 3 of 7 11/10/2008

The glass is either half empty or half full for AMERICAN IDOL star
AMANDA OVERMYER depending on how you choose to look at it. Being
an optimist, myself, you can count me among the later--as I don't feel that
placing number eleven out of the, literally, hundreds of thousands of
contestants who showed up and filled major arenas across this country
just for a chance at stardom (most of whom never even got the chance to
audition) is all that bad. In fact, it has been the so called ''losers'' of that
show who have consistently been the most successful of them all. With
the exception of the very first ''American Idol'', Kelly Clarkson, as well as
C & W starlet, Carrie Underwood, huge success has come to those who
have not won the competition at all. SIngers such as Clay Aiken, who
lost to winner Ruben Studdard, has had a career that has so much
eclipsed Studddard's that it is not even fair to compare the two. IDOL
winners Fantasia Barrino, Taylor Hicks, and Jordin Sparks have
experienced only a brief fifteen-minutes of fame and, in the case of the
later two, it is more like five-minutes. Meanwhile Academy Award winner,
Jennifer Hudson, along with Kellie Pickler, Bucky Covington, Josh
Gracin, and rockers Bo Bice and Chris Daughtry continue to enjoy
absolutely fabulous careers which are far better than those of just about
all of the first place AMERICAN IDOL winners themselves.
The Amanda Overmyer Interview: A World Exclusive With The American Idol Star Page 4 of 7 11/10/2008
into the
herself as
''A square
peg in a
belted out
a gut
wrenching version of Janis Joplin's ''Mean Woman'' and Creedence
Clearwater's ''Travelin' Band'' at the A.I. auditions, which easily coasted
her off to Hollywood. Once there, she set fire to a blazing rendition of
The Doors ''Light My Fire'' using her totally ''In your face'', no holes
barred, vocal styling's. She also did Joplin's ''Piece Of My Heart'' which,
although very well sung, caused the show's chief skeptic, Simon Cowell,
to advise Amanda: ''That's already happened with that singer
(Joplin)...why pale by comparison?'' Surprisingly, Amanda agreed with
Simon's assessment and immediately proceeded to drop any future
Joplin tunes for the remainder of her AMERICAN IDOL run. As the
contest proceeded, Amanda totally blew America, and the world, away
with flawless renditions of ''Baby Please Don't Go'', and her ever popular
(even today in her live performances) version of Joan Jett's ''I Hate Myself
For Loving You.'' My own personal favorite is her well executed and
refreshing remake of The Beatles ''You Can't Do That''. This song is so
good I continue to listen to it to this very day.
The IDOL experience itself did not end when
Amanda was controversially voted off the
show. In a move that shocked many,
including me, Amanda was sent packing at
the number eleven slot--just one position
away from making the national tour.
Meanwhile, others who, rather obviously,
possessed far less raw talent and ability in
their entire bodies, than Amanda has in her
little finger, remained in the top ten of
AMERICAN IDOL contestants during this past
The Amanda Overmyer Interview: A World Exclusive With The American Idol Star Page 5 of 7 11/10/2008
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"Solidify Reviewed"


Amanda Overymyer’s roots are firmly set in the southern hard/classic rock
genre’s. Amanda is influenced by the likes of Lynyrd Skynyrd and Bob Seger,
right through to Janis Joplin. Amanda also appeard on American Idol and
made her way to the top finalists.

‘Fail To Compromise’ kicks the record off, right away the southern
influences shine through, damn if we had known Amanda last year we could
have included this track on our ‘Rebel Rock and Blues’ CD. It’s got a really
cool vibe and sharp guitars that have an almost Slash tint to the style
which is sharp crisp melodic and subtle. Vocally Amanda’s vocie is strong
and comes over like a mix of Stevie Nicks, Pat Benatar, Donna Cristy and
Sheryl Crow. This song is a good start and has tons of radio potential.

‘Love Me Like You Want’ is anoher good song, a little more funky and fun.
This one comes over vocally like early Heart with some great vocals from
Amanda, even showing some Marianne Faithfull inluences. The song has cool
lyrics and strong playing that again showcases a solod Slash vibe. ‘Hole In
The Wall’ is a really cool song, I loved the whole vibe of this song which
is melodic with a retro feel and cool vocals. Maybe a little 38 Special vibe
going down here crossed with Pat Benatar. Another potential ditty destined
for radio.

‘Play On’ is one of my favourite songs, this comes over like ‘Remedy’ and
‘Hotel Illness’ by The Black Crowes and could have easily been on ‘The
Southern Harmony And Musical Companion’. It is that close, very subtle and
soulfully performed, this song even though subtle is very deep and heavy and
is just striking and top cut for me so far, great harmonies. ‘Call Your Mama’
is catchy as hell and reminds me of so many bands, very strong Pay Benatar
influence on this song. Amanda’s vocals are excellent and really drive the
song couped with the sharp guitar work, maybe even a little Bon Jovi in
style too, fabulous catchy song.

‘Fight Like A Son’ is another fantastic song, very southern and melodic and
had me singing along from the start. Amanda vocals are strong coupled with
deep lyrics, just oozing in class, another of my favoruite tracks, this
kinda reminds me of Jon Bon Jovi’s solo track ‘Sante Fe’ from his ‘Blaze Of
Glory’ album. ‘Lay It Down’ is another classy melodic song that builds and
builds into a huge soaring soulful tune with strong hammond keys and
towering vocals. The vocals are right up there with Heart and Bonnie Tyler.
Whilst the music could in a way be ‘Novermber Rain’ totally lush and huge in
sound. The soulful slant continues with the grand ‘Varmint Rifle’, this is
again awesome and draws in many influences, it’s a fun rocking tune with a
subtle soulful start and has a real fun retro southern vibe, again this
track is from the Bob Seger school and kicks ass.

‘Iroquois Lane’ could almost me progressive southern rock and has a similar
musical vibe to Pink Floyd’s ‘Another Brick in the Wall’, I doubt that was
intentional but the similarities in the music only are slightly there. It’s
another strong song with good vocals and cool hammond keys. In fact I love
this song, the vocal harmonies are really strong as the song builds and
there is a lot of edge and influence to this song, whilst melodic there is
slight ‘Radar Love’ meets ‘Ghost Riders In The Sky’ vibe going down on this

‘A Long Time’ is a huge ballad, very much up there with Bon Jovi’s ‘Bed Of
Roses’. Next up is the tongue in cheek rockin’ fun of ‘Let’s Take It Outside’,
aother cool song that deserves plenty of airplay, again this has a strong
Pat Benatar and 38 Special vibe and is totally rocking. Last song is ‘Pray’
flows with country influences, very subtly acoustic based track where
Amanda’s Janis Joplin’s influences show through. Nice vocal harmonies
making this a lovely end to a fabulous album where each song is diverse in
style and takes a different style without complicating the records style.
‘Solidfy’ is well produced and a totally marketable album.

Check Amanda out at, and keep your eyes on this
artists, I expect big things.

Nick Baldrian
- Nick Baldarian

"Solidify Review by Idol Chatter"

CD Spotlight: Amanda Overmyer proves her point
March 22nd, 2009 Posted in New Idol Music, Amanda Overmyer
Amanda Overmyer
1. Fail to Compromise
2. Love Me Like You Want
3. Hole in the Wall
4. Play On
5. Call Your Mama
6. Fight Like a Son
7. Lay It Down
8. Varmint Rifle
9. Iroquois Lane
10. A Long Time
11. Let’s Take It Outside
12. Pray
I wasn’t exactly an Amanda Overmyer fan when she was a finalist on season seven of
American Idol. I figured the show had a greater purpose than finding America a Janis
Joplin impersonator.
So when I first heard Amanda had released an independent CD on her own label … well,
I didn’t rush right to her Web site and start downloading music.
But this weekend rolled around and I needed to feature something in CD Spotlight. No
new Idol albums have been released. And, heck, I reviewed Sanjaya Malakar’s “Dancing
to the Music in My Head.” How much worse
could an Amanda Overmyer CD be?
Bottom line: I decided to bite the bullet.
Amanda bit back.
Seriously, Solidify is a solid rock album, much
better than I expected, easily one of my favorites
among the Idol-linked CDs I’ve listened to
Amanda kicks things off with the hard-charging
“Fail To Compromise,” and the guitars keep
wailing, the drums keep pounding and Amanda keeps growling through the most part of
11 more songs, all written and arranged by Ms. Overmyer.
The highlights: “Varmint Rifle,” with its final line “I’m gonna shoot you,” which is a
whole lot more playful than it reads; the cleverly-crafted “Hole in the Wall;” and my
personal favorite, “Iroquois Lane.”
The songs are genuine and gritty, almost certainly not the type of music Amanda would
have wound up recording had she won Idol and been forced to release a first album under
the tutelage of 19 Entertainment.
You can listen to six of the songs free on Amanda’s MySpace page. You owe it to
yourself to check them out. The album is now also available through CD Baby and
The lowlights on the CD: There aren’t many. I don’t care for “Let’s Take It Outside.” On
the other hand, I bet it’s a heck of a crowd-pleaser played live.
Which makes me think back to Amanda’s days on Idol. Remember when Simon
suggested she sing a ballad as a change of pace?
Amanda’s response: “Ballads are boring … I
figure I have a minute and a half to show
America what they would see if they came to my
show and bought tickets to see me … I want
them to say, ‘That chick looks like fun. I want to
go to that show.’”
On “Solidify,” Amanda has about 47 minutes to
win over an audience.
Mission accomplished, Amanda. - Idol Chatter

"Solidify Review by Blog Critics"

Music Review: Amanda Overmyer -
Written by The Other Chad
Published March 25, 2009
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Amanda Overmyer was, simply put, one of the most interesting contestants on the
seventh season of American Idol. Her bluesy, Joplinesque wail provided an authentic
blast of retro-rock on a program dominated by more technically polished voices.
Upon her disappointingly early departure, I wondered what kind of album she would
make if given the opportunity. Solidify answers that question with a resounding fullfrontal
assault of old fashioned, in-your-face, ass-kicking rock 'n' roll.
Overmyer sings the holy hell out of these twelve songs, all of which are her own
original compositions. For all the "ballads are boring" bluster she displayed on Idol,
there's a nice mix of slower tunes to compliment the rowdy stuff. In fact, album
highlights like "Play On" and "Lay It Down" might've been exactly what Paula Abdul
had in mind when she expressed a desire to hear Overmyer tackle a more tender,
nuanced song. Her voice is always at the forefront, and she digs in with the fervor of
a soul possessed by the music. The songs aren't all riff rock shouters, either. "Fight
Like a Son," a proudly pro-military anthem, is a well-constructed pop tune with a
strong hook. "Iroquois Lane" is an intriguing story song with an evocative lyric. The
album closer "Pray" is a low-key bit of folk pop, with Overmyer accompanied only by
acoustic guitars.
Her backing musicians give the album plenty of authentic rock bite. Producer Rocco
Guarino cooks up a tasty stew that manages to stay mostly rooted in southern rock,
while still sounding contemporary. Cozy Johnson, who used to drum for Black Oak
Arkansas, sits behind the kit for most of Solidify and is a driving force throughout.
On "Varmint Rifle," he downshifts dexterously from the hard-swinging boogie of the
verses to the swampy, molasses-thick chorus. Brian Bundy handles most of the
impressive bass work. Justin "King" Richard and Bartek Michael contribute most of
the incisive guitar leads. In short, this isn't homogenized 'modern rock' with ACcrossover
potential. This stuff is the real thing.
The reason I watch American Idol is for the rare occasion when someone who
doesn't quite fit any conventional label manages to break through. When exciting
talents like Taylor Hicks and Bo Bice make it all the way to the top, they are
immediately hampered by the Idol production team. Albums are cranked out very
quickly that generally remove the elements that led them to success. Amanda
Overmyer deserved to stick around much longer on the show, but the good news is
that she made an album that fails to compromise. I truly hope she continues making
music for a long time. Solidify is readily available on iTunes as well as through her
official website. - Blog Critics Magazine


"Solidify" Chile Records 2008



Amanda Overmyer, driven, ambitious, soulful. Beginning her love for the sounds of classic rock at a young age, she developed a passion and incomparable drive to continue the legacy of Rock artists before her. Influenced heavily by Lynyrd Skynyrd, Bob Seger, CCR and Janis Joplin, she produces a sound true to the roots of Classic and Southern Rock with the infliction of her own unique style and sound. Recently, she appeared on American Idol, and being the first contestant of her genre, still made her way to be one of the top finalists. Refusing to be moved, she gained the reputation of being a wild card, with a mid-west humility and a fearless ambition to stay true to herself and her sound.
Successfully, she made it through the fast pace world of Hollywood, unaffected by televisions attempts to dilute her. With no outside writers or co-writers she developed the new album "Solidify" immediately after the show's end. Recorded amazingly in 9 days, "Solidify" is the product of the grass-roots approach used by many before her, that keeps the spirit of Southern and Classic Rock alive. Down-home is absolutely a word to be used for her and her organization. Starting her own record label, Chile Records, she made the decision to head up the entire operation herself with the help of her producer, Rocco Guarino, of Glendale, CA. They began the production of the album in California, however, needless to say, Amanda moved the project to her home, Indiana. There, she used local musicians with whom she had played for years, and was able to make it home every night to her beloved husband, Casey. Through the whirlwind of the past year and its content, one thing still remains the number one priority, her home and her family.
Now, with her band in tow, she is making her way across the states to show America her music and her sound. Priding herself on her live performances, she has received rave reviews of the live show and the album. She is quoted saying "The live show is what it is all about, performing these songs for a crowd is what I dig most, we're coming to "Solidify the Presence of Rock and Roll!". And that, she does.