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The best kept secret in music


"Interview with Amanda"

MM: Background info?

AP: I was born and raised in South Florida; I lived in Boca Raton until I was 15. Then my mother and I moved to La Crescenta, CA for my second year of high school.

I am the youngest of 5 children, 2 brothers and 2 sisters.

My musical education is pretty sparce. I've been mostly self-educated; I just play what I feel, what I hear in my head.

I sang in the chorus and played Clarinet in the school band when I was in middle school. I had a semester of beginning guitar my junior year of high school. We learned some finger picking and open chords, really basic stuff. I took that little bit and ran with it. I started putting a lot of the poetry I'd written to music and just continued to work on my guitar skills independently.

About 5 years later, when I found myself living in New York for a year, I studied voice with a wonderful teacher named Judith Ferris. I returned to Los Angeles and about 2 years later enrolled in some music composition and recording classes at my local community college. I am still going to school. Right now I am focused on attaining a business degree, but I plan to continue after that is finished and get a degree in composition and one in recording engineering.

MM: When did you start writing/performing songs?

AP: I started writing songs when I was a child. Actually, when I was about 10 years old, I remember getting to take a brief intro to piano. It was a short 5 week sort of deal through a local college program. I think they were learning to teach music and this was one of their projects or something. Anyway, when it came time to pick a piece to play for the recital, I informed my teacher that I had written a piece of my own. So, that was the FIRST time I had performed my own material. Once I had my guitar, I started writing and performing immediately. I've been doing the singer/songwriter thing since I was 16.

MM: Is there a "message" that you are trying to convey in your music?

AP: Some of my songs stem from actual experiences, some are completely imaginary, some seem to be gifted from the universe. I usually get melody, lyrics and some arrangement all at once, but each song is different and I like to let them create themselves organically. I don't impose any kind of method or anything. I am prolific enough that I don't feel the need to do that. I just let it come naturally. Usually I finish a song and am absolutely amazed that I just wrote it.

MM: Where does the majority of your material come from?

AP: Much of my material is about heartache. Maybe because that feeling is so familiar, it's easy to access, and often needs purging. But, I tend more toward the empowering, or ironic side than the woe-is-me sort of stuff. I think I just have a different way of looking at things, and it comes through in my music. But, I think people can still relate to what I'm saying. Everyone feels the same sort of things, I try to keep my lyrics as emotionally honest as possible. At the same time, I hope to inspire people, either lyrically or musically. If my music can make someone feel like they aren't quite so alone, or inspire them to face their fears or create something beautiful in this world, then I've really accomplished something great.

There are a couple of phrases that I sort of live by and they definitely find their way into my lyrics: "Carpe Diem," and "This, too, shall pass."

MM: Give some insight into your creative process.

AP: When I'm writing a song, I just let things flow. I close my eyes and listen to what is going on in my head and do my best to emulate that on the guitar, or with my vocals. When I'm working with other musicians, I tend to sing their parts or talk about what the instrument should be represnting in a particular moment.

If I'm in the studio producing I get more specific and technical. I'll tackle one track at a time while keeping in mind what I've planned for the rest. There is a balance of planning and inspiration that goes on in the studio. Most importantly, it's about listening well and being objective about what you've created. As an artist, I'm never completely satisfied with what I've done, but you give yourself a deadline and just go with what you've got.

MM: Artists’ who have influenced you?

AP: I'm influenced by everything I hear for some reason or another. I don't model myself after anyone. I just am what I am.

MM: Upcoming shows? Albums? Singles?

AP: I am really good about posting shows as they come. You can always find out where I'll be next by going to You can also E-mail me from the site to join my mailing list.

I'm working on new tracks and hope to put out another CD soon of both live and studio recordings. Be sure to join the mailing list to receive word when it is released!

- Eclectic Inck

"The Best of H.M.D 2003"

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From the Basement - EP


Feeling a bit camera shy


Amanda's lyrics are a personal reflection of her perspective on life and love. Her melodies are unexpected yet familiar. She is a true songwriting gem... a diamond in the rough.

Her influences are many and varied, ranging from Ella Fitzgerald to They Might Be Giants, from Janis Joplin to Heart, The Beach Boys to Dave Matthews Band, No Doubt to Sarah McLaughlin, classical to classic rock n' roll, and everything in between.

Each song has its own spirit and Amanda strives to be true to that philosophy. Her goal is for each instrument to play an intimate role in telling the story.

When on stage, Amanda envelopes her audience with the emotion of her music. She sings about universal truths and experiences... the pain and heartache, the hopes and dreams, and the lust and desires of men and women everywhere.

She'll makes you tap your foot, even dance. She'll make you think about love-- had and lost. She'll leave you with the memory of her music to swirl in your head... to hum later with a smile.

Her lyrics transend cultural and gender barriers by touching the hearts of anyone within earshot. Her passion and honesty is conveyed with every note and every word.